Friday, May 04, 2007

Finally, a Refrigerator for My Apartment; minor 05-05-2007 updates

I am having a relaxed afternoon, deserved following this morning's disruptions. One being that I got a fridge finally, though I expended almost an hour cleaning it. The final fuckover was to mind-fuck me into not understanding how the bottom drawer fitted, and then making me enraged over this insult.

By then, in the perp's book, I was "readied" (aka stinking annoyed) to go outside and walk half a block with a box of cast-offs to take to a local charity. And for this they put on one of those 8' yellow plastic tarpaulin covered U-Pak units outside the apartment building (north side) where in addition, one of this morning's shiftless in-building gangstalkers was on sentry duty, just standing there. As it so "happened", there was an overnight arrival of another yellow U-Pak on the east side of this building, viewable from my balcony.

When I stepped out of the building, I had my parallel gangstalker on the other side of the street, and there were at least three white colored vehicles passing by, or were parked and then started up to proceed down the street. One of the departing gangstalking vehicles didn't bother with pulling into the traffic lane, it drove through all the street metered parking stalls that "happened" to be empty, about six of them, so to parallel my path from the street parking stalls area.

Another brown dressed ambulatory gangstalker was on me at the donated goods drop off, seeming coming from nowhere and having no apparent motive to be there (no donations in hand), and he was doing a facial scrunch-up, and in the process, putting on the perp routine of having his mouth hanging open for within-mouth energetics analysis (IMHO). Then I got back to the street to walk the half block to my building, and then the perps put a waddling male on lead-ahead ambulatory gangstalking, he of the navy blue cashmere 3/4 length coat and with blue jeans on. A fucking absurd getup for weekday daytime, even for this town. It's either suit, hikey-bikey or the in between casual like many cities in the Pacific Northwest/Cascadia, and not a combination. This infernal waddling gait the fuckers take on is also a dead giveaway, if they aren't swinging their arms like soldiers that is, though that is typically the women gangstalkers gig.

And when I stepped out of the building for a second time to get groceries in my teal wind block fleece vest (has Gore-tex, a teflon derivative), there was a WIB (a Woman In Black) across the street in an ambulatory parallel path, and she had a ridiculous hat on that was the identical color of teal blue as my vest. Her black colored getup was a flat black full length raincoat, and there was no hint of rain today. Somehow, she must of stalled her gangstalking some, as when I crossed the road to her side, she was at the intersection corner and within 6' of me when she turned 90 degrees and headed off again. I stayed at the intersection until the the traffic controls allowed it. And another rude awakening was that I was not allowed to know that this was the gig, the color combination with black, until later in the evening. There was a time when I would not miss the perp's context for any of their color, gangstalking and harassment games, and now "I" am routinely fucked over so that only hours later does the information get made availible to me. The perps are the most thankless assholes, every one for situationally depleting my knowledge and my perceptions.

A noisestalked afternoon, but not as bad as last night, after I had gone to bed. The perps kept me up for over two hours so I could be forced to listen to the noise of diesel pickup trucks, one after the other, as if this were occuring at >0100h. There are not that many diesels in the vehicle population to begin with, so in all likelihood this was more projected noise for me to hear, and there was plenty of forced head turning from one side to the other, like all these late stay-ups.

One move-in greeting was from a helicopter that was in my sight from my balcony area. It was likely a mile or two away, and northbound. But from its underside where they usually keep the radar gear came a greyish black toroidal pulse/energy wave and it came right at me, taking a second to travel the distance and was eminently visible. I assume there may have been other such beams fired into my apartment, as for some reason I didn't bother to look at it any more.

And in a round of strange coincidences is this story. (Chelsea vice-president and son killed in helicopter crash on return from match). First some background; this building is named the Chelsea, though it has a numeric street address like most buildings. And there has been considerable exposure to helicopters in the form of news, (unfortuneate war incidents usually) and sightings (per above). This is detailed here, a blog posting that offers more background. This news story came out the day I moved in and combines the term "Chelsea" (a UK soccer team) and "helicopter" in reference to an unfortuneate incident of a commercial crash. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I find that the juxtaposition of these two terms/words most curious on the first day I moved into the Chelsea building. Just one of those oddities that I cannot fathom as to why they keep re-occuring.

I was allowed to resume the normal cooking of the TI diet tonight, and to my surprise there were no major hiccups/"events" that erupted. Most often the perps create extra harassment when undertaking routine activities in new circumstances just for maximizing their games and remote energy assay. They had me placing the dish soap bottle in the tray for the scrubbing pad tonight, something I never do, and somehow "I" was made to be unaware of what I was doing. There have been many of these events of late, and I am surely getting pissed over being fucked like this. Especially the clinical community sitting on their hands; it is either a very serious neurological degredation of function and habit, or else unabashed mind-control.

I predicted that the fuckers would screw me over in doing day-to-day tasks over three years ago, tasks that have been done the same way for an adult lifetime, and it has turned out to be so. If one can predict a future behavior and scenario then it cannot be an organic condition.

Another stunt tonight was to have me type up a letter for a change of address; the fuckers had me key in the wrong street address in the letter, and I was fucked into being totally unaware of it at the time, and was allowed to catch it to force another printing of the letter. It is fucking abusive that I cannot be left alone to correctly type out change of address letters when the fucking assholes create this excessive relocation game in the first place. Getting my new address wrong has never happened before in my life, so why now?

Enough said on that topic, and I now get the "siren-ade" at this dusk onset time. The "feature" of this apartment's east facing aspect is a view of at least three other towers, plus some of the treed city landscape which is a bonus. And at this time of day, there is this curious high degree of reflectance of sunlight off the tower windows into this very apartment. Funny how this keeps happening.

And this morning another "brown on brown" event that the perps arranged. Apparently, as I learned this morning, my toilet wasn't bolted down even though I used it, and the building's handiman was to fix it. It so happens this handiman is East Indian, and he came to put the seal in as well as fix the tank valve. As the perps have an utter obsession over all things brown colored, vis a vis me, it wasn't too surprising that they had a brown skinned person working on my toilet where other brown colored events are going to occur. (See this two day old blog posting for their opening toilet/shit stunt when I was just moved in). It almost goes without saying that the perps are totally obsessed with shit, in all its colors, and that includes multiple single day instances of splattering dog shit on the sidewalks. Anyhow, just an observation that affirms the general state of their juvenile minds.

the vision impairments are getting stronger later in the evening, something that has become a regular occurence and takes the steam out of a final blog entry.

So I am going to call this a wrap and blog off before anymore typo sabotage occurs.

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