Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Early Day

Whenever I, as in the mind-controlled sense, am allowed to get up early, I sense there is an ulterior motive, as it is so rare. Today, it was about 0630h, some two hours sooner than the imposed "normal". It could be all about getting the early sun, or having the last two hours of highly changeable sunlight conditions coincident with amplified street noise, forced fartings, plasma and maser displays and the rest of it. So far, there has been three noise events of a street sweeper, once a common Sunday event at my last residence location.

One of the street sweeper noise incidents occured at breakfast where I had a direct view of the street, but what my attention was directed to was the dark clouds in the horizon and then the ambulatory gangstalker on the street running for some reason, and it wasn't the bus, as she had ran past by the bus stop by then. This little vignette played out for some five seconds or so before I got back to eating breakfast. It constantly amazes me as to how much effort is devoted to keeping this freakshow going all around me for the shortest of durations, and the thinnest of reasons. As this was about 0630h on a Sunday morning, I cannot imagine why a well dressed woman would be running outside a subsidized rent apartment tower. She was dressed in a light brown jacket and black pants, and that perhaps the entire deal was all about early morning "brown color testing". It was fucking absurd to say the least. And who knows, it could of been someone I know in morph-over form.

The local cathedral's bells are getting plenty of overtime this morning, even if it is Sunday.

Another outburst of banter in the hallway, post shit. It was back to the usual treatment; block the toilet, force a shower, and this began since the toilet plunger was acquired from storage four days ago, when there had been no problem for the first three weeks of residency at this apartment. Hard to call that a coincidence.

I braved the gangstalking swarms for another short trip to the stores; there is this choreography at the entrance to LD as outgoing and incoming ambulatory traffic meet, and then the perps throw in gangstalkers ahead of me, "cutting through". This time the kid with the humungous dark green backpack entered via the other entrance about two seconds ahead of me, and after not finding what I wanted, he exited the store simultaneously, not having purchased anything, just like me. It is simply amazing as to the gangstalkers replicate what I do.

I also had the deliberate "tail me" stunt, where the woman gangstalker was walking toward me, and then pulls a faux recollection act beside me, which serves as the pathetic excuse to change direction and follow directly behind me. I get one of these "backtrack and follow" stunts at least every week. She was in pink pants and a white jacket, and it is likely the fuckers were attempting to calibrate these colors outside the LD store.

And I set off at about 1430, so the perps had plenty of "warm up" time all morning and half of the afternoon, and they had also three brown crumbs on my cheeks for the preceding two hours. And they did go silly on brown ambulatory gangstalkers as well as vehicles, but first putting a string of three deep metallic red vehicles in file, with two more coursing past.

As the perps have me in a blah state all today, I am not surprised I am giving enough supportive detail, but this will at least serve as a record of some of the strange goings on.

More overhead clunkings and a simultaneous zapping. Just like the last place, and the one before that where overhead "residents" lived. And too, more outside loud mufflered vehicles, about three every five minutes at this noisestalking primetime.

And more adversity in making the same old dinner day-in-day-out for four years, by mind-fucking my preferences out of me. And then the leave-the-burner-on fuckover stunt that the sickos are pulling on me for over 4 weeks, ever since I moved in here. This sudden "lapse" of recall has erupted here only, no other previous location.

The post dinner noise assault is in the form of an loud and boomy stereo overhead, via the putative neighbors, also known to hammer the concrete floor upstairs with simultaneous zappings. As above, the same act follows me over many apartments in many cities.

An overhead rumbling noise came on with a significant zapping; I was pissed enough to yell at the sickos for this one, as the zap startled me, unlike the zappings to my limbs.

Another siren show; this is at least the sixth one today, and they began shortly after I got up, around 0630h, on a Sunday no less. As mentioned many times, I lived in downtown Seattle for two years and I never heard this many sirens per day in this substantially smaller city. I have checked to see if there is a real emergency vehicle associated with the siren noise, and most often there isn't. And it is no surprise this noise is following the above rumbling and zapping. All part of the fucking game of total intrusion and governance on everything I do.

A very long day of doing squat is coming to a thankful end. In all my years I never thought I would say something like that, as I never had enough time. Now, thanks to nonconsensual human experimentation, I am mind-jailed to do fuck all, except eat the same food for four straight years while these assholes play juvenile stunts and color gangstalking games on me.

I was led to an interesting site on psi energies, which is what I think the perps are monitoring and measuring around me, and of me at every moment of my existence. If you are into a more technological explanation of what the perps are up to, this fits the bill. From my perspective the chapter on electromagnetic fields (ELF) isn't too important; the perps seem to use these energies as leverage in their quest of understanding quantum brain energies which they manipulate from afar. And as part of it, I learned of another eminent physicist and mathematician, Adrian Dobbs who was making headway in understanding the physics of the mind, by postulating quantum particles called 'psions'. And it so happened that he had an "accidental" early death, the curse of any physicist who makes serious progress on understanding mind and matter and the unifying basis of Newtonian and quantum physics. I have mentioned the premature deaths of other esteemed thinkers in past blogs.

I have been rendered to be bummed out tonight, and should call this a posting for today. I have been getting plenty of voice-morphing today, -the perps like their gravelly variant the best, and I don't care for it, as they also slow down my verbal processing as if I have a cold at the same time, which I haven't had for years.

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