Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Rare Early Morning

The perps got me up at 0620h which is up to three hours early going by past get-up times. I was another abnormal normal breakfast, shower, shave and dental hygeine routine, nothing too spectacular in the way of stunts and mind-fuck games.

They are still scrambling the order of what I complete in the bathroom, and create the "need" to get my pills consumed when not having finished dressing. As usual, they are still noisestalking me over pill ingestion, but of late, they want it without me being fully dressed. Plus, they force another back and forth to the bathroom, and it should go without saying, but needless extra trips to where one was is one the the perps biggest mind-fuck plays.

And even if I cleaned my glasses again from the overnight smudging that I get, I am getting more vision impairment fuckery much earlier in the day now, possibly the reason the assholes got me up so early. But like any sleep deficit they create, I will not get overly tired or have any other adverse reaction. This is much different than the past before they got into overt harassment.

And I suspect the assholes will have 100% mind control by month's end, as I rarely get thought stalked unless a "left field" thought comes through. Same for my recall; there has been a sharp increase in the betterment of my recall of perp stunts and oddities of my past, and that must mean the perps are running my recall better than I do myself. Much of the negative opinion I have of the assholes in my self-talk has abated, and to me, that spells mind-control again. And it is not a good thing, as it perturbs my sense of reality. My life has been invaded by psychopathic juvenile delinquents with god-like powers, including mind-control, and they have been nothing but total thankless assholes in their progression of mind control research over the past five years. And now, they have perverted this sense of outrage, and fair minded opinion of their behavior, to accept their transgressions as benign and almost sympathetic. It is fucking outrageous that I cannot maintain my opinion of their behavior in light of my adverse and storied experiences with it.

So in other words, very little of what is being crafted here is genuinely mine; it has been programmed with all the parameters of my thinking patterns which have been progressively gleaned by the perp's thoughtstalking. And it seems, this is not good enough for them, as they are continuing to noisestalk me over the various themes and objectives that I have detailed in these two blogs, A and B. And it should be noted, they just love me to perform the Windows functions of select, copy, paste and link activity, as it gets noisestalked with both squeals of faux seagulls and vehicle brakings, as well as thunderous rumbles from above that purport to emulate sliding glass doors being moved (the loudest ones ever, and are always overhead with a hyperactive manner).

And also, it should be noted, that the above copy, select, paste and link activity was preceded by a forced pee, a routine that has become all too familiar of late.

As always, my movements and activity is covered with plasma and maser activity; this is now to the point of being endemic, and I cannot now trust what I see at first glance as it gets changed on me when I have a second look. And four repeat typos to spell a common word in the previous sentance should be enough to convince most that blatant and high handed mind-fucking is operational to the level of controlling one's fingers, down to keyboard "blunders".

The perps pulled a rain for today; this weather system began within five minutes of me getting back in from my storied short sortie to the grocery store yesterday. This is nothing unusual to have weather changes timed to my comings and goings. I have articulated some of the most improbable cases to my weather savvy in-town brother and all I get from him is an avoidant smirk. On with the show, as the perps deem me to that important. Perhaps the perversity of sending out the street sweeper on Sunday mornings was getting tired.

Though, the rain could be considered a street cleaning operation in advance of the parade tomorrow. It is a huge thing in this city as it is a statutory holiday, and many fine high school bands come up from Washington State as "warm up" for their holiday next weekend. And given that the perps have been obessively relentless in attempting to understand the energetics interaction of people and the substances of concrete and ashphalt, I suspect the weather will be cooperative in having a parade, and that the perps will be monitoring a substantial portion of the parade participants to see if they can accomplish their objectives.

A car alarm is going off, and as I was reading a film blog, the overhead rumbling started up and then a simultaneous zapping which severly pissed me off. This fuckover stunt was done to me last night, within two minutes of getting to bed. One more time assholes, I fucking hate getting zapped and will see to it that any involved perpetrator gets zapped constantly. I fucking hate getting zapped -is that clear?

I am getting the on/off overly loud running water noise of putative neighbors; first, no one uses their water in that way, secondly, it would never come in as loud as it is. And there at least another 20 reasons the noise is from the perp's projected noise machine, but I believe I have covered the basics of this planted noise. This same noise has followed me for the last five locations I have lived, and before that, I never heard anyone else's water movement in the pipes in the apartments I have lived in.

And I am getting typo sabotage again, the transpositional fuckaround, where the correct letters of the word are keyed in, but "somehow" get jumbled. And very often for frequent words, the assholes have me make the typos in the same incorrect manner. The perps are still harassing me over the word "the" for chrissakes, and I have had 2.5 years of it so far.

Now a tapping noise has begun, as if someone were tapping a long nail into a wall in this concrete building. It is not enough to have the elevator clanging away all day, unlike any I have known. And don't forget, there is still hallway banter that "happened" just after the above rant over the zapping I got from the perps. Another improbability.

I suffered the usual food flicking games when making lunch earlier; the chopped chicken just upped and fell of the edge of the cutting board, all by itself. I got mindfucked into leaving the broil element on again, always a joy for the smell that the perps create and effectively assign to that cause. Cutting the torttillas in quarter section is still a big noisestalking event, as it the distribution of tapenade and the chopped chicken, and so it goes. More olive oil got flicked about, and the latest is to flick it onto some bare plaster on the wall that is beside the frypan. This way they can have a series of olive oil flickings over time, something they cannot get enough of as I clean up their fucking messes as a rule.

And a steady rain, continuing as I type, though I expect it too stop soon. I see that the parked vehicle stalking is now over a half block away, which suggests that the perps can figure out my color reactivity from a distance of 300' or so. They have two white colored parked vehicles in file with a light brown metallic colored vehicle. The whites and silver greys vehicles, with black less common, serve as a color reference. There are no end of white litter items where I go, and they also love white clothing labels to "fall" outside the garment when on. The perps also put on white milk buying gangstalkers ahead of me in at the grocery store checkout, and often these fuckers follow me out with it in one hand holding it by the handle with no shopping bag.

Now the overhead pounding and vibration noise is coming on with leg only jerk thrown it for good measure. Again, I cannot possibly imagine that anyone can physically pound 4" of concrete and steel unless wearing specially weighted boots. And theoretically, they have carpeted floors like I do. This emulates what has "happened" in past concrete apartments, except there is more of it here. I was likely deluded by a planted mind-fuck to think that I would have less noise here than the last location, the putative rooming house.

I am getting more overhead rumbling as I begin this; what is amazing is that the sudden coughing in the hallway act, the daily staple of the past putative rooming house residency, has now come to coughstalk me here. As I was reading the name of "Micheal Moore" in a book review, the coughing noise erupted outside my door. More improbable events.

More web putzing and bookmarking. For a further trip down the path of inanity the perps are fucking with what I copy from the paste buffer. They sabotage the action and place the contents elsewhere.

And while I have been doing this the fuckers have kept up a sustained pain in my right finger, the mouse button pressing one. Why this now, I have no idea.

I am getting the heavy monitoring and harassment; the knee torquing torture on my left leg gets enacted each time I think of something off the mind-fuck script. A knee twist for my thoughts perhaps. And the "neighbor" water usage noise is coming in louder than my own use of the kitchen faucet. Amazing.

This is the post mealtime fixation period that the perps have, and I see brown dressed gangstalkers some 120' away, as well as brown vehicles further than that, with a rotation of neighboring vehicles for color interaction games, something which is frequent of late.

Earlier today, the church bells were ringing, which is legit for a Sunday, but they have never been very consistent each time.

And this is the dusk witching hour for the perps, and they will be going without the reflection games tonight, as there is still a cloud cover out.

I am attempting to read online, and after a minute or so I get a maser sitting in my central vision attempting to stay exactly where I am looking. This can also "happen" for books, where the maser is established exactly where I am looking and attempts to sit on the very word as I am reading it.

The maser and plasma activity in this apartment is of a considerable level that one can see a greyish wispy filamentous maser/energy wave travelling over all major surfaces, e.g. walls, table, floor etc.

More light and fluffy reading seemed to "solve" some of the vision impairment harassment going on, though it is not going away. Very often the vision impairment is simultaneous with overhead floor whacking, outside noise (usually faked vehicles), and specific keywords, often celebrities or other prominent names.

Sometimes the vision impairments will occur when I am handling something of specific interest; dishes (being cleaned), flicking the shampoo bottle to get the last of the conditioner to the spout etc.

More noisestalking, but time to call this a wrap for a shut-in day of extended length, getting up two hours early.