Monday, May 21, 2007

Uptown Coughing and Hacking

This apartment block is decidedly more uptown than the putative rooming house that I lived in for the past seven months until May 01, 2007. But, the same noises are resurfacing, and the latest is the "vagrant's coughing jag", an extended coughing fit from poor health "erupted" in the hallway that belies the kind of tenant that would live here. The only reason I can afford to live here is that I get a subsidy on the rent, though in fact, that doesn't stop the vagrant class from getting one too.

This noise, like nearly all of them, are either continuations of the noise of the last residence location, or ones before that when I lived in a concrete building, like this is. I was introduced early in the overt harassment campaign with feigned coughing that erupted anytime I was proximate to the planted fuckers at the hospital where I was illegally incarcerated for five months.

My theory on the constant coughing and hacking that erupts anywhere in my proximity, from yoga to malls to the grocery store, is that the brain must process this sound in an region of extreme interest to the perps, as they conduct their realtime mind-control energetics study on me, as well as applying the results to me, their backtest subject of first resort.

Today is a nation-wide holiday, always a long weekend for Victoria Day. And in this City of Victoria they put on a substantial parade through the downtown area, with many of the marching bands from Washington State, who are readying themselves for their long weekend, next week. Which means that most of the downtown streets are blocked off, and that the traffic around this apartment, only two blocks away, should be light. But, going by the noisescape, one would think that I live next to a freeway for all the high speed like swishing sound of road traffic.

As usual, I got the overhead pounding and rumbling noise within a minute of getting to bed last night; this has been consistent since the first week I moved in. Again, it is physically impossible for someone to pound and vibrate the 4" of concrete that separates one floor from another, and yet it goes on all the time, sometimes in rapid back and forth sequences.

After three weeks living in this apartment, I am now allowed to bend down the way I would normally, which is at my knees, as I am flexible enough to do that, nor overweight. Imagine that, not being allowed access to one's normal modes of action, but instead, get fucked into the old folks method of bending over, from the waist. Which is exactly what the gangstalkers and operatives do all the time in public, their "bend-overs", pretending to be extremely interested in something on the aisle displays. For three weeks, I have been aware that this is not the way I bend over, or reach something lowdown in the fridge, and yet I was fucked out of even knowing what my normal habit is. Fucking sick to say the least.

Now that the parade is over, it is back to full street noise, per amplified and projected noise games. A total barrage of motorcycle noises and loud mufflered vehicles accompanied the last PC shutdown, movement to the kitchen, making lunch, eating lunch and then doing the dishes. That is about 10 minutes straight, something they don't ordinarily do for lack of cover story, but today, it doesn't matter for some reason. Which suggests that they wanted to cover my neural energetics from this activity to lunch, using the same noise type, in the expectation that they could track the same thoughts and actions they don't yet control between the two activities. That is my take on it, and to date, I haven't found any new information, and no one has offered any.

This is a bell ringing moment; the one block away Cathedral bells are ringing on a Monday afternoon no less. Past readers will know that there is a considerable interest in the perps creating noise and vibration, hence the ubiquitous clanging and banging of objects, and judging from the last residence location, church bells are an ideal item to have vibrating, as even this will perturb the etheric votices, which in turn, offer more likelihood of quantifying those around me, especially as they relate to mind-control.

At lunch, my visual field was constantly filled with maser and plasma activity; it is a virtual constant not only where I live, but any place I frequent. Very often, the maser zingers will jump into my view while I am turning a corner to change the direction of my walking, usually at a right angle.

I went for a short shopping trip on this long weekend day, and I got skunked by the crowds the perps put on. I haven't had one of these in three years, but today, there were long lineups at every availible checkout. So I put down the black plastic shopping basket and bailed out, though not before two of the same orange wearing males were my ersatz sentries that I was compelled to walk between. And the usual head swivelling routine, stopping in the middle of the intersection of two aisles and pretending to be unaware of it. Even for that five minute exercise, which includes transit time to and from my apartment, the perps put on plenty of the selected gangstalker demographics. And they even put on someone doing the left-hand drive walking routine, walking exactly in my intended path toward me, which happens nearly every time I am outside.

And that five minute episode was likely the big event of the day, as they had me cooped up, and noisestalked for all the preceding hours since I got up.

The maser action is constant, even as I look at anything, and it is not only in my peripherial vision like they usually do. The walls have these filamentous wispy trails gliding along the surface, and any imperfection in the surface is a new place for these to emanate from. And there has been additional dents and bumps in my walls since I arrived, and the odd greyish graphite smudge like additions.

This must be the pre-dinner time excitement moment for perp research; I have a very active noisescape with sirens, 2 cycle motorcycle noise, overhead pounding and vibration, birds chirping (though none to be seen) and overhead tapping. And the masers are coming straight off this LCD panel as I type this, adding to the perturbance.

I am getting jabs in my right eye today, after getting the same in my leg, near my knee. I reckon this is more neural energetics response testing in conjunction with my thoughts, observations or actions. The eye jab erupted the very same instance I was reading the email of TI involved with activism, so the perps might be looking for some kind of correlative energy if they are monitoring the TI at the same level as ragging me every second.

I just got nailed with a faux reflection off the tower some 120' away, and this now serves as the "reason" a retina burn (actually a plasma incursion), is staying in my vision. Never mind the absurdity of the how the offending window could reflect down when the window is tilted upward. Wherever I type I get this grey image, and if I look off-screen, I get a bright green image in its place. It is like no reItina burn that I have ever had, and it is very likely that all have been plasma incursions. This time, they have substantially less regard for faking reality, and are less hidebound by conventional reality as they make their own.

More of the knee torquing torture tonight, but this time it is mated with simultaneous vision impairments, punching rumbling noise through my earmuffs, display of web pages etc. The whole combination of incursions and disruptions, touching as many senses as they can at onces. These fuckers are on one serious ego trip over their outlandish objectives, and they have enough sickos lined up to rotate them through and move them on to other Targeted Individuals, as my life has been rendered as dull as it can get.

Enough for a post, the vision fuckery is getting bad in both eyes, and call this almost shut-in day over.

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