Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mysterious Internet Access Blocking

A mysterious shutdown of my internet access at this time; everything seems to be connected and yet no access. And as I "troubleshoot" the backup beeping has started up and the senseless vehicle horn is beeping over top of it. Just another start to the day, plasma and maser debris in my field of vision is not optional. The entire reason could be to have me make a blog entry in Notepad as I am doing, as the perps have no end of fun with Windows Select, Cut and Paste games.

The perps like my focus and attention energies when I am "trouble shooting", as they pour on the noises at this juncture. The deal is though, everything is sabotagable, and I don't care anymore if given a choice.

As it turned out, there was a forced shit, a shower to cleanup, a technical services phone call, and then the internet connection problem "magically fixed itself". Most TI's are aware that all microphones, camera sensors and nearly all electronic devices are co-opted by the perps to be used for their nefarious energetic purposes. In this case, the device in question is the telephone, and in this case, I was "readied" by having another shower and then getting on the phone. I was expecting to leave a message, but instead, I got a real technician to talk through the problem in all its possible aspects, and thereby, more telephone time.

The perps are still holding out on my toilet plunger; "somehow" it remains "left behind" at my brother's storage room, and it seems to fit with the energetics problems the perps seem to have with rubber compounds, and include automotive tires as a prominent member. Later today should be a major gangstalk event, as I will drive the highway to take my parents to the airport. But so far, in a total change to their normal toilet function sabotage activity, I haven't "needed" the plunger in the two weeks that I have lived here.

There are too many coincidences and sudden changes of behavior, including mine, and yet no one else adds up the collective improbability that all this could happen to one person.

The perps are now back to their regular Monday night stunts of keeping me awake for hours before sleep is permitted so to hear their noise inundation games. Last night it was an overhead pounding and vibration, as if someone were re-crossing the concrete floor overhead in weighted boots, as no one can physically make that happen. The bogus sliding glass door rumbling noise was also added in, and the fuckers zapped me while this was going on, enough for "me" to vocalize my complaints at these sick minded assholes.

And then another early morning awakening to hear the new noise they have created for this building; a clanging of some kind of sheet metal, with the putative cause being the elevator. As it so happens, the elevator would not be that busy at 0500h, and I have never heard of such as selective noise coming from that source in any other building. Then other "street noise" was layered on to complete the cycle of early morning noise when partially awakened. It is just like the last location, another instance of "show me" more noise at odd hours of the morning. Nothing new, just a new noise source.

The perps have me on an extra short fuse today; the planted reaction to the harassment over removing their brown crumbs from my lunch plate was especially angry, and all the more curious when I hadn't been like that since breakfast at 0800h. One's reactions to any and all harassment is not my own I have come to know, and I am programmed down the last breath. Even the operatives are putting on little mini grunts at the slightest suggestion of effort. I assume this noise requires more emotional attention, and that is what the perps want to fuck with next.

Glass bottle bashing seems to be a popular noise today; there are at least two sources within a block, and then they added the recycle garbage pickup this morning.

I am back from taking the parents to the airport, a part highway drive, and an extended jerkaround in getting a bus back, as the fuckers had jigged the schedule with two buses in succession that prematurely terminated their run. This latter episode took double the time to get from my parents to this plasma den. Between these "public" events, the perps must have put on over 2000 gangstalking vehicles, in their formations by color, front rake angle, and vehicle type. It was fucking absurd. The finale was having the five operatives sitting around me on the bus get off at the very same stop as I did, and they made sure I didn't know about this until I afterward, as I could of faked them out for an extra stop. One fucker even nudged me as I was going out the door of the bus. This was one of a pair of Asian red dressed assholes, one in crimson red, the other in a pink red with same colored gloves on. And it was on a hot day no less, almost time for the absurd parasols they bring out then.

As I figured, it was a huge day for gangstalking and jerking me around, and they had me cranked to go into instant rage at every affront. The short fuse fuckover games, as normally I am not this bad, but somehow, the fuckers are keeping me this way.

It is dusk time reflection games, and the fuckers put on the flashing light show as I was typing the above paragraph. This is another case of "it happens to me only", where the adjacent towers reflect the setting sun and the reflection "happens" to be cast into my apartment, and flashes on my wall.

I am getting a barrage of vision impairments and noisestalking from above in this apartment. Not that the particular noise makes any sense, and it also just happens to be identical to past apartment building's "upstairs neighbors" who have made the identical sounds. The big exceitement was for the perps to have me reading more about psi energies and its possible locus in the brain's pineal gland, the one that controls the endocrine system.

In the lead up to the onset of overt harassment in 2002, the perps had me as a amateur neurological researcher, as I was focussed on Attention Deficit Disorder then, and there were many connections to what the assholes seem to be pushing me into now. This time they are riding my back and fucking with what I see, percieve and cognitively grasp.

As usual, the plasma beams and masers are flipping about, and even from thie LCD display as I read or type.

The perps put on a load of wood to gangstalk me with in a trailer pulled by the dark red colored vehicle in front when I was driving my parents to the airport earlier. There were also three red vehicles behind me, and I assume, they were to measure some kind of red response from me, or whatever the assholes keep hounding me over. Recent red vehicle action has been significant, and I saw eight at a single glance in a intersection of two, two lane roads. This was about 50% of the vehicles there, and they were all variants of red color. They have taken to putting different kinds of reds together, either as vehicles or as gangstalker clothing.

I am still at a loose end with the ongoing vision impairment activity; every so often there is a noise flurry with constant distant motorcycle noise (2 cycle, akin to Harleys), a rumbling noise that is to suggest sliding glass doors, but they don't make half that volume of noise from proximate "neighbors", never mind the hyper nature of it, and now, hallway banter, which again, "happens" outside my door. The perps cannot give that one up, having established it at the last residence location, the putative rooming house.

More reading, another targeted individual named Barbara Hartwell, who appears under the perp's thumb, but with quite a different background, as she was CIA and got squeezed out in a nefarious force play. Then she got saddled with physical disabilities, and the final screwover was to deny that she ever worked for the CIA, and thereby thwarting her right to Social Security benefits. Fucking outrageous. She is one smart person though, and her situation is dire. I have no idea if she is mind controlled, but the pattern of activity suggests at least covert surveillance and directed energies in impairing her physical health.

My theory on the CIA is that they are the perp's front organization, and that most of the operatives (unknowingly) are monitored and guided in some way for the perp's objectives. My short take on Barbara Hartwell's circumstances is that the perps decided she was "too dedicated" and loyal and would not enjoin in the sicko's depredations. So, they outed her, and turned her into a Targeted Individual for research purposes. Tragic, to say the least, and utterly outrageous what they have done to one of their own.

Anyhow, I am going to blog off; I am getting "beamed" with energies that are demotivating me in describing today's gangstalking antics in the detail it deserves, along with my parent's odd behaviours (again), so this is it for today.

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