Saturday, May 26, 2007

Half a Chicken Run

Avid readers will recall that my shopping and purchase of a cooked chicken is a huge event for the gangstalking operatives and other shills. Now that I live only 2 minutes from a supermarket, their on-street gangstalking time is limited. Likewise with shopping; I am usually done in less that five minutes owing to the constant parade of gangstalkers in the store. Today was the day to buy a new hot cooked chicken, though the game was changed some; They had at least three gangstalkers on me, and the perps prolonged the shopping time because I was looking for a whole chicken when all that were there were half chickens. The store has two lines of this product, one a greasy and soggy mess, and the other, a preferred free range cooked chicken. Anyhow, these two types were intermingled and only the price and label is the sure determinant of which to buy. Somehow I got mind-fucked in all this, and ended up with a half free range chicken for the price of a whole chicken. Not a big deal, but yet another example of perp juvenility in jerking one around on petty items.

On this shopping trip, I bought coffee, the dark roast, and by the time I got to the checkout, the blend was the Columbian organic kind. That is correct, and in-basket switch of my shopping selection, though it is not the first time. It so "happens", that this is the same coffee blend that I am currently finishing up, and it is likely the perps want a same blend continuation. The brown color of coffee still remains as a significant perp interest, and I still get the "Coffee Corps" gangstalkers on the streets; those carrying coffee out in front of themselves, often in vacuum mugs, and even through residential areas to compound the absurdity.

I was fucked out of getting chocolate on this shopping trip as there were two sentries on duty there and the mind-fucked "me" didn't want to go there. The mind-fuck coralling again. The dishsoap was not allowed either; it was in mind, and then a "foget" fuck came on me when in the grocery store. I was also treated to at least two male gangstalkers wearing ugly red shirts, one of whom was in the checkout line with a single banana to purchase. The moment of paying for my groceries was noisestalked with some excessive female banter, though that too is nothing new, as the act of payment is still one of the most significant noisestalking events going. Other phenomenon may also "erupt" at that time; declined payments, three or more "glitches" in the debit card payment system, loitering customers, flashes of light purportedly from passing vehicles and a few other feints that don't come to mind.

More pounding overhead; it is as if someone is taking a hammer to the concrete floor above and comes on the heels of me thinking about the perps when reading a mind-control forum. I was mind-fucked into yelling at the assholes as well; this degree of annoyance and assertiveness does not come naturally to me. And in any event, my yellings at these deliberate intrusions is usually in a different voice each time, so there is a decided planning over "my" vocalizations. And funny how this repeats near identically from residence locations; I always get overhead hammering from my overhead "neighbor".

I still have not determined if this apartment block is populated with real life individuals or if it is empty of them, like the last apartment block was. I see plenty of gangstalker action in the lobby, and sometimes in the elevator, but so far, I cannot be sure if operatives are living here or not. In 2004-2005, I lived on the top floor of a stick built apartment block, and the residents conformed to a typical demographic population with some exceptions, but later in my tenancy, my floor neighbors moved out, and even the manager next door. I suspect the level of irradiation had increased to the level that they would cook my neighbors, so they were moved elsewhere. From there, I moved to the first concrete apartment building, and there were so few people around, save deliberate gangstalkers, that I was quite sure all 140 suites were empty, save mine. An early am fire alarm stunt caused the building to empty, and there was only about 30 "residents" on the street.

I am getting the boomy stereo system noise as I compose and send an email to a TI. This is only one example of being under the microscope, but this is typically noisestalked event. As before, it is patently absurd that such a noise would reach six stories up.

The post-mealtime onslaught of loud motorcycle noise is upon me; about two to three per minute, now 10 minutes afterward, and this may last another 10 minutes, and the sounds are progressively quieter.

A cell phone conversation has just "erupted" outside my door, a follow-on to the continued (and amplified) noise of vehicles outside, which has not abated much since reported above. The "neighbor" water use noise has also been apparent, coming first from the E. side (kitchen) and then from the W. side (bathroom). As noted in the past, some of these "neighbor" water use noises are louder than if I ran the water myself in this apartment. There is plenty of maser and plasma action in front of me, the former are very active in zinger form (tight grey balls) and in formation. This is also the perp's witching hour, as dusk onset has begun, and this has been a period of persistent fuckery, games, and color object stalking. I even got a white plasma flash in my face as a unbidden thought came to mind, and the "sparklies" of a bright point source array in front of this LCD panel has also been featured in the last 30 minutes.

As I am reading about the wave-particle duality of photons, the noise flurries are starting up, along with ass jabbing. My chair also takes on properties of being unstable in a minor way, likely to facilitate chair movement. The overhead thumping is also begining, as mentioned, there is no way anyone can physically shake and pound cured concrete in the form of building's floor by tromping on it. Yet is a regular occurence, and a "habit" of my last "nirghbors" upstairs. The perps ability to project sounds and vibrations is incredible, and this is only a single aspect of it. I also get squeaks and clunks from no ostensible cause, very often timed that an unbidden thought or association comes to mind.

And while the dusk time continues, they get more frenetic about their noise variety and coincidence, as well as the content of what I am reading. They like me to study the quantum physics and psi energy interface, often conveyed as the "intelligent universe" where energy is imbued with conscious energy. This is a big one to swallow, and I cannot get a mental grasp as to what is meant, as I am only name dropping here, and don't have any understandings of these proposed extra conventional physics. I have long assumed that I am really reading about the consciousness physics interface for the perps reasons, not mine. I have been long stripped of the ability to understand anything conceptual, a learning disorder known to my parents in 1960, and who have strangely never mentioned this. Confirmatory testing was conducted in 1962, and I arranged testing for myself in 1998.

And now, for stretching plausibility, a hallway vacuuming has started up, this being a Saturday no less. And a mysterious knock on the keyboard tray erupted.

I am getting screwed with vision impairments again, making further progess impossible. Time to call it a wrap.

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