Friday, May 25, 2007

Distant Chainsaws

It is morning time, and the perps are running the chainsaw noise for the second day in succession. It is a noise that is long familiar to me, from running them, including large models for chainsaw milling, to rural land ownership where someone seemed to always running one from a distance. And so, these planted noises of the past are being utilized again, possibly to associate and correlate my energetic signature from a distance. That is, from wherever the chainsaw is located to the apartment location I am at. Taking on the impossible has not bothered the perps any, given that they are hounding me over red and brown plasma flashes for over five years, all to remediate the trauma based neural associations they created in my development years, IMHO.

It is not like they have a deadline, as these are the assholes who make them for everyone else, and that just might include the capitulation of the US Democratic party's wish to impose deadlines for the government's involvement in the wretched and needless morass of Iraq, where sustained insurrection was guaranteed by not securing the armories until three weeks after invading. That is my understanding of how much of this began, and I could well be incorrect on that account. So perhaps the Democratic Congressional leaders got a visit from the MIB's, or whatever form they take in those quarters, with a threat to comply or else. This Iraq War, the entire Bush cabinet rationales, and now the Democratic Congress backing off doesn't make any sense except in light of some other kind of externally imposed order and objectives, IMHO. I could be fairly accused of being excessively dark and conspiratorial about this, but has anyone got a plausible meta-model for the fabrications, strange behaviors, the utterly senseless hubristic cowboyism, fawning Democrats and the intractable inability in the face of public opposition to end this pointless debacle? Not that I am aware of, and I did get noisestalking as I typed up the above word "war".

I just got a zapping with the overhead rumbling noise, and was obliged to rant out loud over that, as the perps make sure the impact is unsettling. They have started up the chainsaw noise after lunch again, likely to keep me noisetracked from the before and after lunch continuity perspective.

My ex-wife came to pick up the CD deck and speakers for my car, now my daughter's car. These went mysteriously missing from my parents place and "showed up" in a box two days ago that had been packed before the above mentioned stereo components went missing. How the perps managed that I don't know, but it did happen, and occured before they could fuck my recall at will, which became a issue in the latter part of 2006, and continues at present. So, in essence, the vehicle turnover readiness work I had intended for this time last year, was allowed to be completed a year later when these car stereo components "surfaced". And it does strongly suggest that the fuckers had this little feint all planned over a year ago. And futhermore, that my daughter became eligible to drive in 2006, turning 16 y.o. at the same time as I needed to get rid of my vehicle owing to financial considerations, which suggests even more long term planning of my affairs, even going back to the starting year of overt harassment in 2002.

The reason I mention the perp's planning likelihood (above) is they were chasing me all over the place for the four years I owned the 1982 Volvo 245 from 2002 to 2006, and their objective appears to be quantifying all my energetic reactions to the road surfaces of ashphalt and concrete as well as the tire rubber compounds and attached plastics. So who better to assume ownership of this much studied vehicle than a family member as a my surrogate? That is how I see it, as I am quite sure she is getting monitored as much as I am, but I remain the vehicle for their leading edge human energetics research as they are constantly jerking me around and inundating me with noise, gangstalkers, aggravation, strange phenomenon and the rest of their sick games.

Time to give this invective a break as I am getting more vision impairment fuckery in concert with jabs in the ass.

My time spent bookmarking movies was ended by a one, two jerkaround of unwanted Flash images that Ad Block Plus cannot remove, and then right eye vision impairment fuckery which is still persisting.

The perps fucked me into a two hour nap this afternoon, post tea and chocolate, so that took care of any notions of going anywhere. After an extra hour of sleep last night, their doing, I was in now way needing a nap, especially of that magnitude. And in their wisdom, they send me into a blitzed tate post-nap, a "slept too much" wastedness that is still playing out, even after dinner. Maybe it is time to read a book, though the vision impairment fuckery won't end as they will revel in the comparison of testing that activity for like vision impairment games.

And the outside noise is increasing in volume; the putative noises of 2 cycle motorcycles, unmufflered vehicles, heavy duty vehicles etc. are now noisier for each instance, or at least immediately following dinner. They were coming on at two per minute, but are now rendered as being further away. These are projected noises from their ability to plant noise anywhere they feel like it, even if there is no conventional causal activity.

I see that the perps have also brought a navy blue colored dumpster into the empty lot that is across the street; and after planting another yellow UPak container on the street (the fifth one since May 01 when I moved in), and their abandoned yellow schoolbus in the same empty lot, the dumpster is now filling up with yellow colored signs or like "toss outs". There is no plausible cover story as to where the debris is coming from to fill the dumpster, but as I have mentioned before, they are caring even less about an ostensible source. As mentioned in yesterday's blog, the navy blue color seems to be a "safe color" and they are attempting to "introduce", in the color to energetics interaction sense, the loathed yellow with the "safe" color.

This was apparent yesterday when they put a navy blue dress operative beside me in the Strength Training session with a brown dressed operative on the other side of me. I also note that the perps are dociling me such that I don't have the instant venomous outlook on their obvious operatives and the rest of the fucking gangstalkers. The planted mindset is that "I" now tolerate them coursing around me which would not be the case if left to my own devices and predilections.

Another forced switch in task, and the noisestalking starts up again, as if there isn't enough of it. The perps are fucking my vision again, intermitently introducing white fuzziness and then backing off. Plus, they like to have my head bob and weave to "avoid" the fuckery which usually abates, though they can apply this noxious harassment as I am moving my head. They like to set up these "reaction" games, and govern how I respond, if not overdoing it sometimes. Currently, there are three loud mufflered vehicles a minute "going by", a ludicrous amount of traffic for this area and time of day, never mind the absurd volume level at six stories up.

More of the same, plus feeling floaty again, the hackwork of the perps de-energizing my temporal lobes, something they have been consistently fucking with for the last year at least. And as a "floaty" session comes on, so does the vision impairments and loud road traffic noise simultaneously. For doing realtime brain research, all those coincidences add up to looking for specific neural energetic signatures as to what I sense, see, know etc. and the attempt to correlate them to the objects that I see or hear at any given second.

Some rare peace and quiet for the last half hour; more on-screen games and plasma moving about, often filling in the white spaces on the LCD display. I am getting hammered with typos, so time to call this a wrap.

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