Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Suck Trucking

I see another vacuum truck is sucking out the drain pipes in the street some 250' away. The presence of these type of city maintenance vehicles is at the level of 2 to 5 per week up from rare before overt harassment began five years ago. And as the perps constantly arrange vacuuming or other air/vortex sucking events around me, I suspect that the never ending street drains sucking activity is also related to their quest to quantify all energetics that have influence on me, no matter how far away. Their gangstalking practices indicate they are moving some of the color coordinated vehicle configurations farther away, and there has always been a distance dependent component to their games.

Another night of more vivid dreams, though nothing too perturbing. It strikes me that the perps might be using planted dreams to evaluate the psi energetic component of these events, separating it from conscious awareness, i.e. the awakened state. And it is no coincidence that these planted dreams replicate or are variants of past events, even long past events that I have little recollection of, e.g. early childhood. It is also quite clear that dreams are taking on a more vivid and longer duration than ever before, as well as dipping into obscure events that I rarely recall. Yesterday's discovery that the perps can fuck with my autonomous bail-out protections (i.e. awakening) from too vivid or disturbing dreams remains the most concerning aspect of this fuckery that has taken on greater prominence in the past week.

And more imposed weirdness; some kind of "mental zapping" where I get controlled into applying extra attention momentarily over a commonplace word as I am reading. It is similar to a startle reaction, except it "happens" when looking at their planted props. This is also applied visually when I am looking at their gangstalkers who are in "pose mode", making themselves to be extra obvious by standing around streetside with no apparent engaging activity.

Another 0630h get-up time, and the curiousness this raises with what agenda item it serves. Apart from a more oblique early sun angle that reached deeper into my apartment, and warms one of my feet as I am typing away, I don't know what the perp's interest is with respect to solar illumination. Whatever it is, they expend huge amounts of effort to arrange direct and indirect sunlight everywhere I go, and is one of the central drivers as to conducting their harassment and energetics assay activities. They arrange faked reflections as a matter of course, and that included one side of my face while shaving this morning, as this odd reflectance had not occured before in the bathroom that is totally artificially lit.

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