Saturday, May 19, 2007

An Abnormal Day Like Any Other

It is a normal day for harassment activity, but abnormal for anyone to be constantly fucked with, even to the point of creating typos as this gets typed. Every so often I need to calibrate to what normal really is, instead of this color coordinated Potemkin Village of excessive ambulatory gangstalkers, clustered vehicles of the same color (red, white, silver grey) and amplified noise all the time. That is just the starter set, as when it comes to a prosaic event like picking up an item, it "comes with" excessive noise and clanging that is not due if conventional physics were the only governing reality.

In making lunch, the perps added some extra chicken meat (I think) to the cutting board to what I was about to cut up, and it was decidedly darker than any I have ever seen. And "somehow", I lost my curiousity to investigate it more (arriving unseen with the chicken meat that had I cut from the bird), and I also lost my sense of judgement in proceeding to use their supplied meat, as I should of chucked it out. Which are two more examples of my life not being my own, as I would never of knowingly included perp supplied meat in making the regular chicken quesadilla dish.

While making lunch I also got olive oil mysteriously splattered on the stove top, a strange accelerated cooking of the edge of the tortillas in the frypan, an inundation of brown crumbs, laterally flying tapenade as I flicked downward on the fork to remove the remnants, and the umpteenth mind-fuck in "forgetting" to turn off the broil element immediately after using it (for cheese melting). And that does not cover the forced farts, the noisestalking at key moments (for the perps), the internal head noises of no known source (pops, loud swallowing and other), extra noise of placing or picking anything up and a few more intrusions that don't come to mind. And that is considered to be a low level intrusion, "normal" in this warped enviroment I have been cast into and contained in. Worse can be expected anytime, especially on weekends like today.

I ventured out for shopping and getting a newspaper more to stave off cabin fever more than anything. And even a 2 minute walk to the grocery store is eventful. I had my elevator rushing dudes lined up, the assholes attempting to get in while I am getting out, and the first one hid the second one wearing a dumbshit crimson ballcap.

I had my swarm of at least 10 gangstalkers arranged for me at the controlled traffic crossing one of whom was an Asian with an open tray of paint, as if he had been using a roller to apply paint nearby. This is the second such gangstalking feint in two weeks; it was the building manager's "job" to paint an outside wall last week, One of the silver-grey colored vehicles in the intersection pulled ahead of me and parked on the street. The woman driver made an extra and unneeded loop to walk toward me, then cut through the parking lot she somehow knew was full, and then paralleled me into the grocery store. I had my all male guard of three gangstalkers in position when getting a shopping basket, and started my shopping beat.

And one of the first gangstalkers in the grocery store was this same woman driver/gangstalker who was on me when outside, and then she parallels me again when I was at the freezer cases. Then I went onto the tortillas where three gangstalkers were closely loitering, onto the cheese where at least another five gangstalkers were posted, and then deal with two aisle blocking gangstalkers in succession with the ever ubiquitous "excuse me", as if they didn't know they were being so idiotic.

Then out of there to the checkout where they put on a fucker ahead of me with a horrid orange colored anorak, with some orange cheezies on the checkout conveyor belt. Then the lug behind me at the checkout starts handling my items on the conveyor belt until I asked him to stop, and he "somehow" knew when to quit, because he did without looking at me. His contribution to the color scheme was to place his red tomatoes (not bagged) on his tub of yogurt.

Then when my groceries were being rung up, another gangstalker woman in a light blue fleece jacket was pacing back and forth on account of having some recycle items for the cashier. Anytime I pay (by debit card) I can now be assured of some kind of banter going on around me, as this is the method the perps use to stimulate neural processing of emotional content so it can be accessed for energetics activity in real time. Then when walking back my lead-ahead waddling male gangstalker decided "somehow" that he didn't like me evading his visual blocking of the pink fleeced gangstalker ahead and wandered laterally to block my view, and then wandered back again to block my evasion of his gambit. This same waddling male act preceded me once last week on this same stretch of the street.

Anyhow, when back at the apartment building lobby, a ponytailed male in a brown leather jacket erupts from the elevator and we cross paths, this being a demographic that is deemed unfavored. Then "I" decide to get my mail and the crimson ballcapped fucker (above) reprised in exiting the other elevator, and was effectively reversing the gangstalking routine as to when I was outbound.

I can be assured as the distance between the grocery store is so short, that there will likely always be this intensified gangstalking.

Then when I got back and had tea and chocolate; I now find that the perps have governed the flavor down some more. That is, they dynamically delimit my taste responses to chocolate, just to rob me of much of the pleasure of its taste. And yet, they still mind-fuck me into buying good chocolate when I don't want it, and cannot afford it. This planted chocolate "addiction" is plain fucking nuts, and all the more so when they have mind-controlled me in the past to not even liking its smell. The real story on chocolate is that they want me to eat more brown colored food as part of their investigation as to why and how I am so adverse to this color. It is not my problem, so why am I being constantly hounded over it?

This morning at breakfast, as another stunt related to their brown color games, the perps caused my fingers to be mucked up with extra peanut butter after the fact, to allow them to remotely assay this color of brown while I was eating chocolate, obviously a different color of brown. This was my first 100g bar of the day, and the second one is consumed in the afternoon with tea. I never had this much of a chocolate "need" until all this harassment started up, and this is how it has stayed for over four years. It is fucking nuts that someone is driven to buy and eat foods they don't want for a party that won't show its face and explain what in the fuck is going on.

I am getting regular vision impairment as I type this, and it is time for me to blog off for the day.