Friday, May 18, 2007

Faux Rumbling

My scheduled visitor cancelled out on me, and this may be another area of perp research; I once had a job doing software demos for the director's "business associates" and at least half the time they never showed. All that tension and angst of preparation was expended for a no-show, which is not nearly at the same level now thankfully. As a run-up, the perps put on the gentle whining noise for at least 10 minutes before I got the phone call, something that belies the apparent story I got over the cancellation rationale. In the past, I have mentioned "dashed expectations" as one of their bigtime setup games, usually in the form of creating a "need" in mind, and then finding the object unavailible or unneeded. This is the equivalent, only in person.

I got a total fuckover this morning; my breakfast and morning routine was totally disrupted and done nearly backwards and "I" wasn't let in on this jerkaround until the end of it. I always do the dishes immediately after breakfast, and then go shower, shave and then dental hygeine. "Somehow", I "forgot" a basic process of 30 years habituation and was mightily pissed to find that the dishes hadn't been done once I exited the bathroom. As before, if this is not a serious neurological condition, then it is blatant mind control writ large. Take your pick, but any regular reader will know where I stand on this one. My understanding of neurology is that if this problem had a organic clinical basis then the "patient" would have a very difficult time in even crafting a paragraph. As far as I know, I pass the test.

The perps started my morning before I got out of bed with a jackhammering roadworks operation nearby, and it continued past breakfast and until I had my shower. As before, I get the sense the perps have a very difficult time mapping one's energetics while prone, to that of sitting or standing. Hence this noise to neurological energetics mapping by sustaining the same noise over this transition period, and during breakfast, as they also have energetics problems related to food digestion and the color brown, which is prevalent in the foods they have me eat then.

And I suspect that the perps also benefit substantially from the vibration of the jackhammer as well; this would perturb the vortex energies of the ether (IMHO), and permit more interactions with my energetics and that of their operatives that could serve as intermediaries. And don't forget that some of the operatives are past roommates, swim club colleagues or college thought-to-be friends, all in the service of this depravity of over five years running. And all have extended close association time, or in perp terms, energetic interaction duration, and judging from the continuation of reprising gangstalkers, this is mighty important. Yesterday's blog remarked that all the regular gangstalkers of the last residence location, the putative rooming house, have made at least one "showing"/gangtalking since I moved a half mile away. Even that ridiculous brother (my out-of-town brother) act with the wig and ballcap "showed up" yesterday, only a half block from my apartment, the second time for this fucker since I moved. To me, it is plain obvious that this fucker has been prominent in my past, as why else would they re-use him, and plant him in scenarios where it was clear that he did not live in the rooming house as purported. As always, I see every gangstalker as one sick asshole who should be dipatched into the spirit world forwith; I have no time for anyone who fronts for or is involved in trashing the living shit out of my life, especially when this depraved fuckery had been in covert mode since birth. Been there, done it; get yourselves out from behind that control panel.

I just had a left eye vision assault; a stinging sensation developed and was sustained for at least three minutes. The right eye went into a flutter mode, and lo, if I didn't see red flashes until this piece of fuckery lapsed. And what were the coincidental factors? I was reading a story of a young woman who has many paranormal experiences, and her brother has a long history of attracting trouble. As I was reading about how her pictures of her brother always failed to capture his eyes for various reasons, (a classic perp stunt, creating physical events to thwart one's intention), this left eye assault started up.

From my perpective, it seems like they are being hounded by the perps and aren't aware of this covert entity that trashes people's lives. She wrote a book to describe these experiences and is here in download or physical form. As her book discusses abductions, I can only assume that she has come to know that she is being followed to some degree, and may know of the harassment operation as part of this.

The faux rumbling of an overly loud sliding door overhead started up; the hyperactive "neighbors" with a bum sliding door like my last neighbors in an apartment building, har, har. And for good measure, and extra loud thump and rumble "happened", and I don't know of any doors like that. Sometimes I get a body zap from it too.

A rage over more vision impairment fuckery; dithering my left eye on and off for some kind of game. That is in addition to the assholes changing the text and font of every window I have open, mashing text tighter and also adding on extra weighted lines to make the text appear blob-like in places. And as soon as a new web page is accessed, the fuckers crank on the vison impairment games.

I am getting this no-reason "need" to shutdown the PC, just after filling my head with conspiracy stories about 9/11 and chemtrails. The vision impairment games have also been active. Now, a group of street hollarers outside, or a facsimilie thereof.

Time to blog off, and call this a dull shut-in day.