Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Recent Advances in Mind Control of Temporal Awareness

Another case of longtime habit disruption/cum mind-fucking. I "somehow forgot" to shave the mustache portion of my face today, again, something that has happened only since the harassment started up, and about two years ago when they could first fuck me out of this part of my daily routine.

A five minute trip to LD for toothpaste only turned into a nonstop freak show from begining to end. It all began when I had just readied myself to go out and my in-town brother "happened" to call about moving the last of my belongings from his place. That necessitated a call to the building manager to unlock the storage area before I headed out the door. Regular readers will know the the microphone pickup of the phone serves as a surveillance device, as do all sensors, in remotely assaying one's energetic activity (both mind and body scalar energies, IMHO).

And while talking to my brother, "I" (as in mind-fucked me) mixed up the words 'yesterday' and 'today', which has never happened before, proof to me of mind control or else a severe clinical impairment that the doctor chooses to ignore, take your pick. I did not "notice" that I made this "mistake" until my brother pointed it out to me. This mind-fucking at this level is a new advancement and may well represent an increase of the perp's ability to fuck my speech and syntax in greater degree than ever before.

The theme of the perp stunts for the short shopping trip to LD was white and blue colored clothing; all white, white pants, white hat and same color sweater as my teal blue vest, white and black. And also, the mid blue of jeans, with a shift to light blue clothing when in the LD store. Listing the constant gangstalk freakshow events in bullet form:
  • a palette jack gangstalk, the operative crossing the street on a no walk signal with a palette jack in tow, and then turning 90 degrees and crossing the same street I was, paralleling me, he crossing behind a silver grey Volvo wagon at the traffic light,
  • the male buddy act, both in late 50's with white hair, bumping into each other and almost holding hands passing me, yet again, at a sidewalk constriction,
  • a "just sitting there" (sentry duty) dude all in jeans wear opposite a constriction in the sidewalk where his deep red metallic red bicycle was located with his same colored helmet,
  • a "just standing there" act at the top of the stairs, this 50 y.o. dude in the same blue clothing, but not jeans wear, and not even the cigarette break cover story,
  • three MIW, men in white, the "staff" of a new bakery that is next to a supermarket (unbelievably), three of them, loosely clustered outside their store to force me to walk between them,
  • two more gangstalkers ahead of me, one with a same colored sweater as my teal vest,
  • two more gangstalkers erupted from the LD store, seemingly together, one in a wheelchair, representational of the handicapped demographic,
  • a white haired male in a light blue color dress shirt and a large gut (aka fat guy) which was seen in profile schleps in ahead of me, then he slows down in the entry area to "peruse" the newspapers,
  • two more "staff" come at me as I am on my way to get toothpaste, one wearing the same light blue colored dress shirt as the fat guy,
  • at least two more faux customer gangstalkers pop out from behind a pillar as I am on my way to the checkout,
  • at the check out the fat guy (above) in a light blue shirt is still at the newspapers, putting on the bend-over act in "deciding" which newspaper to select,
  • another light blue shirted male staff member cruises by, 8' away, while still in the checkout line,
  • a large woman in black sneaks up behind me to putz with the magazines 2' from me, also doing a bend-over behind me, as an ostensible staff member, though not in blue,
  • as I finish up at the checkout I get a "customer" standing in my way, and I get zoned out on dealing with my change from a $20, one of which is a $5 bill, also in light blue
  • I get out of the store and there is a large woman in brown clothing on the cell phone blocking egress,
  • another elderly woman (a certified demographic) gangstalker comes at me to then arrive in a walkway constriction point where a manekin is placed on a chair outside a clothing store
  • then the non-jeans wearing but same color of blue dude on sentry duty (above) has decided to gangstalk me at the corner,
  • the wheelchair and "friend" act (above) who should of been long gone as they exited the LD store when I entered are putzing about on the walkway, and appear to be engaged in some mindless stunt, all smiles,
  • once I get near my apartment, a male with the mental and physical handicap act "happens" to be entering the door ahead of me, ("meeting" there for the third time in as many weeks), wearing the hated white pants with a black colored coat on (an open-mouther act too),
  • there were a few more freaks enroute, and in the LD store, and I cannot recall the remainder.
My brother came to drop off the last of my belongings that are stored at his place; he stretched this out to arrive at the time I would ordinarily be making lunch, to extend my gangstalking exposure time without having a recent meal (only breakfast since 0830h).

And as it so happened, some of the more useful items came in this load, two garbage cans, the toilet cleaning brush and the almighty plunger, the most needed item of in dealing with the shit games the perps keep planting on me, as past blogs have detailed.

Moving the belongings from his van to the the door was the usual gangstalked event; one of the fuckers was in a white varsity type jacket with white leather arms and a dark blue torso portion. He was firstly on his cell phone outside the building, and then joined us later for a ride in the elevator. The children from the putative daycare on this floor were in the hallway sleeping in their stroller, and later, the daycare operator was walking the same stroller outside near us unloading boxes. And by dint of fluke, related to the current perp innudation of the color orange everywhere, the child's blanket was orange, and it was clear I was to see it in the hallway under artificial lighting conditions, and then again in daylight. Other shiftless males walked by, and then reversed direction within a few minutes to come from the opposite direction, especially the brown skinned dude with his mouth hanging open.

As I was busy humphing boxes, I cannot recall all the gangstalking action that was coursing about, but I did note that my brother parked beside the curb gutter puddle again, the only instance of a puddle within many blocks, as the water was not sourced from any recent rain. Fortuneately, there were no puddle dumping games, even if we had to work over top of it, as he parked further away from the curb this time.

Then after moving the boxes into my apartment, my brother has a "sudden" liking to my office chair, and uses this as an excuse to sit in and try it out. Of course he passed on the offering of an identical free chair last week, as he took it to the local charity for me. This was a feint for him in his brown coat to sit in it and provide the sickos with some brown color energetics assay possibilities as I don't have such a colored garment. He also go into his sunglasses again for no reason, as he was in the shade or inside the building. It is the second time he has put on shades midway through moving my items to my apartment. Naturally, he was evasive as to why he put them on, and had them slipped down his nose for the elevator trip up. The operatives wearing shades even on rainy days is nothing new, all part of the sick minded freak show that the assholes have cast me into.

The unpacking of boxes is also an excuse for the perps to put things back in that they have stolen previously. And it so "happened", that the fuckers who stole my car speakers and CD deck from my parents' place only the week before I wanted them installed in readying my vehicle for turnover to my daughter, put these items in my boxes. There was no way any kind of mistake was made, and my mother was "attempting" to understand how these items went missing from her house at the time.

Related to this, the installation of these items could be a birthday present for my daughter who is now driving the vehicle. And her birthday is three weeks hence.

And part of the arrangement in my sorting through my belongings is that I truck the unwanted items to the charity a half block down the street. I made three trips to accomplish this, and there were perps and gangstalkers all over me each time, trying out new colors of clothing, and vehicles passing by in the street, just ahead of me crossing it.

And the gate to the charity was closed, but a woman in crimson red, down to her tights, was on duty (more like, was arranged to be there), and I called out if they wanted three loads of items, and she walked the 40' of driveway to let me in. I saw this as another case of slow distance dependent testing of a person in red, as other red garment shows came on in the elevator, as well as five at a glance deep metallic red vehicles posted nearby. Anyhow, I got all the moving done; tossing out a whole lot of stuff, and keeping books that are germane to this ongoing harassment fuckery.

As part of that, some "new" books also showed up in the boxes, and they might well be perp planted. Because they can now fuck with my recall at will, I cannot be absolutely sure if I purchased them or not. That will make for some reading material on hand, but the same provisio may apply, I won't be able to understand the contents thanks to the perp sickos who have impaired my learning abilities since birth. This has been documented since 1960, and also in 1998. Though, I also suspect that they dynamically fuck with what I learn in realtime, as the number of "don't get it" episodes has gone up since they began their overt harassment in 2002.

As part of the moving boxes to the charity or my storage locker exercise, one of the elevators was shut down, and this served as a reason to pack the elevators with more gangstalkers and for longer wait times. Also, the elevator serviceman come by for two gangstalkings, which might relate to the fact that he was at the bottom of one of the elevator shafts for energetics interaction. He was dressed in a "safe" color, navy blue.

The sickos were also trying out less favored colors on me. I mentioned the lady in all red above, but they also packed the elevators with two operatives wearing the same shirt color, burgundy red, appearing to be separate parties. On my last trip outside to donate my belongings, they put a woman in a red leather jacket some 60' ahead of me.

Before that, a blonde man in a varsity like jacket of white leather arms and a navy blue wool torso portion was hanging around on sentry duty outside the apartment building on his cell phone. He then disappeared for one box load into the building, and then "showed" up in the elevator beside me. This may have attempted to leverage their earlier games with white and blue on the earlier trip to the LD store, per above. By my estimation, the perps are sucking wind bigtime in getting their colors, gangstalking genders and the rest of their vile energetics fuckery quantified. This doesn't stop them, they just keep fucking me around all the more; five years of this and counting.

The typo fuckery has been increased of late; sometimes the perps have me go through four attempts to spell a given word, enough to rile me up and vocalize my complaint.

And the overhead hyperactivity has started up; the rumbling noise that purports to be the sliding glass door. Not so, it is directly overhead when it should be 8' away, the constant use belies any normal "resident" behavior, and lastly, it would not come through anywhere as near as loud through concrete floors/ceilings. It is another projected noise from the endless database of the perps and their thankless jerkaround that continues.

Last night they got into unabashed needle like jabbings; while taking a pee, the fuckers jabbed me in the leg for no reason. A few minutes later I changed out of my clothes, and when horizontal in bed, the fuckers jabbed me in the same place on my leg. As best as I know, that is a blatant pain to neural energetics test in the vertical, and then the prone position, a fishing expedition looking for the neural energetics correlates of the two positions, along with correlating that to the urine they would of been assaying also. It never ends; this thankless sadism after being covertly fucked with for 47 years. Now I am getting masered in the eyes again, as they attempt to bring their fuzzy zingers to follow my central vision.

Another outbreak of hyperactive rumbling overhead was started as I was reviewing my journalling above; the fuckers go hyperactive when I am editing my work. Any noise that is vogue will do, no matter the apparent absurdity of the cover story, even if there is one.

I am still pissed the perps won't let me bend down the way I want to, which is always at the knees, and not at the waist as all their fucking operatives and gangstalkers do. Only after three weeks in this apartment did they even let me be aware of my own habits, never mind the clumsy and stupid manner in reaching down that they have imposed upon me. I reckon this planted "awareness" is to create more friction and annoyance more than anything. The trick of letting me in on how I am being fucked with, so to have me vocalize more.

More overhead rumbling as the absurdity of this projected noise without a plausible cover story continues. Now a car alarm has started up, and I get at least one per day now.

There has been an increase in the number of red plasma flashings of late; they will plant them anytime I close my eyes or blink, but of late they have been putting them in my peripherial vision either as an augmentation of the color of an object similarly colored, or else a blatant "in my face" blast of red. Yesterday there were more red flashings sitting in front of me sitting above the sidewalk. In the past, they have bombarded me with red plasma flashings, and it is extremely disorientating. While walking in dappled shade, the perps also put on red flashes in a stroboscopic manner, as if this were "normal" passing through light and shade.

After doing some Bookmarks broken link maintenance, the perps decided to crank up the vision impairment fuckery in both eyes, so that was the end of the noble effort. There is a decided interation of the noise events; the overhead rumbling, the loud motorcycles trailing off into the distance, the bus noises (now louder, and with a turbo whine), glass bashing, and then it repeats again, likely culminating in the vison fucking to end my activity for the day.

Time to call this a posting and blog off, and pardon the typos and other syntax problems, as I am being mind-fucked out of editing my work.

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