Sunday, May 06, 2007

Extended Siren Games

Another siren event, though it remains "out of sight", but should be viewable for how loud it was. This is the usual downtown games that are put on for my benefit, and they started last night while keeping me awake in bed, putting on one to two second long siren chirps, a new feature in the practice of the supposed LEO's (Law Enforcement Organizations). As referenced often in these blog postings, this is some kind of projected sound, as no such vehicles are apparent.

This is a result of whatever plans are in place, and it seems that adding a light misty rain into the deal, is part of the equation, the same as yesterday's occurence at dusk onset, surely one of the prime witching hours for perp activities. And note, as of Thursday, three days ago, the forecast was for entended sunshine through the weekend to Monday (tomorrow), with only a 10% chance of precipitation. Just another variation of perp centric activity in my view, and I don't like to speculate on the long past and the various weather systems that "happened", as there is a long trend of curious coincidences. Never mind what happens elsewhere in the world as well, the recent tornadoes in Kansas are tragic, though interestingly, it was at Greensburg where they have a world class metorite collection. Another aspect of tornades I learned is sometimes they get intense enough that a green plasma field accompanies the vortex, and regular readers will know how frequent that phenomenon is in my circumstances; every waking nanosecond, and then some. If anyone knows of a good tornado research site let me know, I have heard of strange juxtapositions of object can occur; e.g. wood embedded in a pane of glass for instance. As this is some kind of vortex (aka ether) energy, it does not surprise me from what I have seen been encapsulated in a heavy magnetic field all the time (measured in 2002 at > 200 Gauss), and this is theideal environment to control plasma and magnetic beams, which I see all the time.

I am getting an early pickup to aid driving my mother to Walmart, the store that I least like, for her to develop photographs. Not that she is much of a photographer, and I suspect that she will always be a film camera user, as she has at least 3 decades of adverse technophobia invested in this technology, so why complicate matters with digital photographs that have even more abstract technical qualities?

Anyhow, I have made a pointless visit to the LD photo counter with her before, and as I see this, it is just another harassment excursion where there seems to be something important about how we each identify colors, movement, and whatever associations we each have with visual appearances, in the photographs. This could be the perp's reason, or it could be something to do with all those photo developing chemicals that would be nearby.

Some bullshit humming "arrived" outside my door, and also "somehow" penetrated my hearing protection, even if there was no difference in the effort being made. The point being is that my earmuffs and what volume I hear all these planted noises is totally controlled, and any protective device can be immediately dispensed with.

This will be a short blog today, as I am due to go onto the Feral Family for dinner tonight, and watch the two central contributing quislings (aka parents) move their feet together in unison, apparently independently as they are viewing the television, or otherwise play with their feet. My father specializes in the latter game; removing socks, changing into slippers, taking them off, putting them on etc. There is something the assholes do not understand about feet and its energetic interactions, likely with floor or ground surfaces such as concrete and ashphalt. (And as I typed the last "c" word, some tinkling glass noise "erupted" from the hallway, not unlike the last residence location, the putative rooming house. I think this new concrete apartment block will need a new title before long). This may explain why the assholes are gangstalking me at building entry and exit so often, even posting their operatives to stand behind the door while I am opening it. Fucking weird to be sure. Then that same behind-the-door fucker from the rooming house "shows up" at the grocery store in one of my first days after move-in to this new location. The perps are also keeping me wearing the same footwear and socks; the runners with the heavy wool socks, which are also handy for distributing small wool "dust bunnies" around my place, this and the last one.

Another grinding day of "street noise", with the addition of near continuous church bells, as I am closer to the cathedral, and their sound may even be legit. The bells were ringing May 01, and yesteday, May 05 as well. As stated in past blogs, creating noise and physical object vibration simultaneously is the holy grail of the perp's energetics research, of which I was consigned to take a central role, without being asked, and being held captive to this abusive venality all the time. If someone had told me that large billion dollar per year clandestine organizations operate in total violation of the law (of all Western democracies at least) for every second of their existence, I never would of believed them until all this shit reigned down on me five years ago and is still continously applied. It is fucking sick and depraved what they are doing, and I know so little about it.

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