Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weather Engineering, Starings and the Color Yellow

What I am suggesting is outrageous but you can employ a firm to do just that for one million dollars (link). And it is a good site to catch more understanding on the energetic principles that are universal, not just for weather. Such as harassing the living hell out of innocent citizens (me), controlling their minds and behaviors (me) as well as fixing the weather which they seem to do (this city, Victoria, BC, Canada's gangstalking capital).

Even my perp-helper brother had to admit he had no answer by way of his goofy smirk of a response when I told him that when exiting a certain perp-entrained grocery store, Save-On Foods, it was no fluke there was a light rain on exit only, four visits in succession over two weeks. We never had this fairy-rain before where it is on/off very light rain for hours. Here, before harassment began, light rain meant heavier rain coming or else it would stop and become sunny. Now, as the harassment criminals keep up their activity, there is a considerable amount of this rain type/style coordinated with my activities.

And today, a repeat of an earlier event, the perps kept the rain on my vehicle, and mine alone! That is correct; a fairy-rain over my vehicle when in an orchestrated traffic crawl for 15 minutes in Langford, post-hiking, a very favorite time for the vehicular gangstalkers. The gangstalk vehicles around me had very little, not enough to need intermittent wipers which I did. The big move was to have a yellow tractor with a white trailer as the only vehicle in the opposite lane as I came down the Highway 1 entrance ramp. The perps have been big on yellow of late, as the wild (and invasive) broom plant is flowering all over, including closing in the trail under the high voltage power lines. And there are more yellow backhoes ferrying down the thoroughfares these days, anytime I am on the road, and preferably, near a traffic constriction (created for the occasion).

When driving back on the Highway 1 from my hike, there was the usual cavalcade of 50 to 100 vehicles in color and size coordinated formations, headlights on if in the oppostie lane, and probably some 1000 vehicles in total as there is an obstruction train ahead of me and behind me all the time. This way, they can arrange themselves to be parked beside, behind or ahead of me at the traffic controlled intersections.

And they had just laid down some new asphalt, with no active paving happening; the crew was in stand-around, sit-around (almost street theatre mode), admiring their new paving it seemed. Even the compactors/rollers were stationary, with operators stock still at the controls. One 18' greybearded operator (or shill) pretended to be deep in thought, as if puzzling over something profound, against the green colored paving machine. It was bizarre to say the least, but only one of some six bizarre events that unfolded for this constriction/go-slow play the perps were working on. And I gather, the on-me-only rain was to enhance whatever energetics they measure off me, via a vis everyone else.

They had a yellow backhoe nearby (next lane) working on filling a dug trench with 2" crush, and another standee/operative banging the day-glo orange plastic lane markers accidentally-on-purpose when he wasn't giving me the stare for no reason. (I was not mouthing off as the perps have me do when alone in the vehicle, and he had no reason to look at me more than anyone else).

The same at that perp-palace Save-On Foods; one seeming naval officer gives me the stare by turning back to look at me as he was making a turn away from me. Again, I did nothing to draw attention to myself, but this is happening more often now, an near daily event when some perp/sicko lines me up to be stared at. (Later, when I got back to my apartment, the perps told me telepathically that the "naval" officer was in fact a morphed-over (aka shape-shifted) swimmer I once knew from the swim club who has joined the sickos, as it is the only gig in town paying half decent with government having squeezed down over the past few years (IMHO)).

And no question, the perps have been one huge employment trolling net sweeping up behind me. There are at least 12 people I have known from decades ago who are "showing up" in this city in gangstalk mode. Usually they are morphed-over to some degree and I don't recognize them for certain at that moment as 1) the perps maybe dithering my facial cognition abilities as they have been up to of late or 2)the perp operative is facially or corporeally modified in some way and 3)they may wear hats to disguise their facial features along with some "extra" shadow modifications, like Betty Maurice sitting at the doctor's office yesterday, having arrived before me, and still there when I exited.

It is the Victoria Masters Swim Club that has been the most fertile ground for new operative sign-ups; at least six departed to "go back east" for a year, and then return with some half-baked reason, replete with the smirk that goes with knowing my personal circumstances more than I do. Some became more active and took to running me into the lane ropes or smacking me with their ringed fingers in mid-stroke in the pool. Others did a "psycho job" and pulled a seeming fuck-you and swam down the middle of the swim lane not caring they were constricting the two-way flow. Others were tipped off for those nights and didn't show. Other "returnees" put on the pretentious air and declined to be as friendly as they were when they left.

Little did I know that I was the central reason for these dudes who had no seeming day jobs, or the others doing their disappearing act and then later returning to swim with the club again. And too, all those new cars, jobs, Masters degrees and renovations (as payments) were carved out of my hide and still are.

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