Friday, April 28, 2006

The Noisescape

There are planted and controlled noises wherever I go, designed IMHO, to stimulate specific attention processing regions of the brain. When I am on-line, I can expect these consistently created/planted noises to occur simutaneously with selecting a new web page, selecting text, reading specific words (nouns, proper nouns and verbs), fixing typos (incurred by mind-control in the first place), password entry (e.g. Yahoo), select, cut & paste mouse actions, bookmarking web sites, saving files etc. Or even off-line, doing basic functions such as drinking water, stepping on something (usually perp planted), yawning (usually perp invoked), writing and fixing handwriting errors (caused by mind control), eating specific foods, changing my clothes etc.

This I call the "noisescape" and the noise can be categorized as the following types of Sound:
  • transient, (a one of noise)
  • transient with a backbeat (a follow-on harmonic or softer sounding repetition)
  • repetitive (beeping car alarm)
  • continuous (within reason, say 20 seconds or longer)
  • protracted (longer decay time, e.g. loud engine heading off into the distance)
  • human voice noise (coughing, talking, exclaiming)

Which I believe, is to incurr at least two specific types of Human Processing/Accomodation to noise:
  • background noise (more of a cognitive accustomization where one doesn't "notice" it),
  • attentional noise (noticed as unusual and decode)
Examples of the noise sources that are continually created (or "happen") to fulfil the perp's objectives in the above classifications are as follows:

loud (buzzy or "performance") mufflered vehicles (3 - 5 times per minute sometimes)
loud two cycle motorcycles, e.g. Harley Davidson (3 - 5 times per minute sometimes)
high revving four-stroke motorcycles
improperly mufflered vehicles
vehicle horns (unusally common)
heavy duty truck traffic
sirens (rarely an actual emergency vehicle)
excessively squealing brakes of heavy duty vehicles
overhead "squeaking" of concrete floors (they don't squeak anywhere else but here)
unusual water consumption noise from putative neighbors (often alternating between E & W sides)

I live 60' from a 3 three lane one way road wher traffic moves at less than 50 kph as this location borders the edge of downtown. The created/planted traffic noise is as if I'm living next to a high speed 10 lane freeway. And I can even stare down the noise by deriding the perps of the obvious discontinuity between visible traffic and the noise created (by them). There are plenty of buildings that would attenuate the sound as there is only an alleyway through which I can see street level.

Anytime I undertake an activity or exercise my recall or like retrospective mental activities, I get noisestalked. That is, from the above list of common noise sources, a purposeful noise is created or coordinated simutaneuosly. As currently, "I was struggling" (read mind-controlled dithering) to keystroke a previous word and a vehicle horn sounded. I placed some papers in a shelf, more noise. So it goes all day long, "coinicidence" beyond "coincidence", noisestalked.

And not just here in my rabbit-warren apartment, but outside too. I open the car door, and a nearby horn goes off. While hiking there will be a continuous procession of light aircraft miles from any established flight path.

All this has commonality with the new voices that occur in my posting on the rage shows they put me through. Any ideas as to what this is about, especially you gangstalkers?


Okie said...

I just stumbled on this blog and backtracked to the first post as per the profile indication. I must say, I find the idea very interesting although a bit hard to swallow.

After all, how do you distinguish between intentional Targeted instances and random behavior in nature? Where are you able to distinguish the line between paranoia and actual targeting?

AJH said...

It is relatively easy to do if one compares the frequency of occurences compared to "normal", before all this began. And yes, there are some "not sure" events at first.

But now that I realize that I am gangstalked/noisestalked all the time, I don't bother to make any distinction; it is all arranged. Only on the very odd time is the activity around me "normal", as I once knew it.

And I do ask my family sometimes if it is normal to have, say, six deep red metallic finish vehicles around them, and they confirm the same thing. I do validate my own observations to those with others.

I agree, it is hard to believe there would be this much focus upon one individual, but there are some books written on this:

Suburban Spies by Anthony Brina

So it appears that I am not alone.