Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend Shift Change

That is, the shift change of the sickos, though pure speculation on my part. But they do have a slack time about 1400 to 1600h in the afternoon, and then they seem to come on hard later Friday and the rest of the weekend. Then they get back to the weekly grind on Monday.

After an afternoon of gardening, taking the city bus freakshow back from the First Feral Family home, then stopping in at LD to get chocolate and other items, and then getting back to this apartment, where it seems every floor is now swaddled in poly plastic sheet for catching paint spills. Then I had to cook dinner rather than eat leftovers, and lo, if they didn't rage-ify me some 30 times while making dinner, eating it and doing the dishes. And I am talking about extreme rage from extreme provocations; objects that move by themselves, getting mind-fucked out of following my usual efficient habits, getting sent to the wrong cupboard, getting fake touches applied to me "from objects" that are 5" away or more, geting extra noise created anytime I handle and object, (e.g., the clattering of picking something off a countertop will continue while the item is in mid-air, and not in contact with the counter top), and temporary vision disruptions (e.g. striated plasma beams, double vision and misted up vision). Needless to say, my "reactions" aren't my own, and after eight years of been witness and the subject of this insane abusive tyranny, I would ordinarily be used to it, and wouldn't be perturbed except by something new and threatening. But I am not allowed to be me, but am rendered into this screaming wreck state by relentless harassment, and then they back off for a while. When I go to the kitchen again to make tea, why, it starts up again.

An afternoon of gardening work at the First Feral Family home, replete with the SAC bombers overhead (at least two, or noise thereof), the escalated traffic noise (throbby trail motorcycles were playing big), and the ongoing wind with a pinging noise added into it of no ostensible cause. The next door neighbor did at least three loud and deep coughs, springing them at opportune moments, like shifting tasks, and there were the now usual lawnmowers and gasoline leaf blower noise with that characteristic whine.

In the morning, I sorted out family books for donation to the once per year gigantic used book event. These were my father's books, he now doing the senile act (it seems) and cannot read. The sickos do like me to handle books from many different sources, though they haven't let me go to a library since spring 2004. They don't let me read books very often now when I have all the time in the world to do so, as it seems to be yet another highly governed event. And it seems, they want their Fuckwits to be reading books in my proximity instead; I have never seen so many idiots reading while walking before. There are also the book readers at the bus stop who never look up but somehow don't miss the bus, as they would if they stayed stuck to their seat and didn't indicate they wanted to board the bus.

Yet again, starting on digging roots up begat an immediate escalation of the arranged noisescape.I dug over a patch of ground that was to be seeded to grass later. The adjacent patch was dug up some four months ago and re-raked since, and then raked again today. So it would seem that the Fuckwits want to compare the energetics of the grass seed and the entire growing duration on adjacent plots of ground, one where it has been dug over long in advance, and the other, dug only immediately before seeding. After the digging and raking, I begat another round of noise escalation when handling the grass seed and its included mulch and fertilizer components. This is the grass seed that can grown on concrete apparently. The perps have a big interest in all seeds and nuts, so grass seed isn't too different than say, macadamia nuts for consumption. Even back in 2007 my in-town brother has had me do grass seeding at his place, and it was a mickey mouse project, and at the time it made me wonder what it was all about as he doesn't give a rats' ass as to how his property looks for the most part. And on the last project at his place in March, rebuilding his wall that came down, he was going on and on about re-seeding the adjacent grass when he had no idea how much it was damaged as the protective tarps (blue colored) were on top of it. I worked late until 1800h or so just so I could get his grass seeded and end his obsessing, the small patch that wasn't protected. And still I wonder what it was all about, his going on about the grass seeding.

Like at my in-town brother's place, my mother arrives just as I had finished up doing the grass seeding today. I had raked it in, and was watering it by hand when she came back and propped herself in the window in the house. Strangely, when she arrived she didn't even come out back to see how the project was going, but instead, went to her window seat while I was outside watering. Most odd that the pair of them arranged the same arrival timing when I was working on grass seeding at their respective properties.

And onto the city bus freakshow; the same 1702 #28 bus, from the same interim stop as two days ago, as the fucking bus was 8 minutes early, and so I missed on its N. bound leg. The #27 runs counter cyclical to it, sharing the same tertiary artery in suburbia, and I got it S. bound to the interim bus stop to then catch the #28 bus after it had circled back to then travel S. to downtown. I am fucking pissed that this new salvo/jerkaround of buses now running 8 minutes early has started up. They were running up to 4 minutes early, so I began to arrive early, only to have the buses then run late, for the sickos to have me hang out at the bus stops for longer with their vehicular gangstalking parade out in force. So now what, back to essentially a timetable-less bus service, all because the fucking assholes haven't finished playing through all their fuck-the-victim-some-more variations? All over catching a fucking bus, an ongoing mobile human nonconsensual laboratory for the Fuckwits to play clothing colors and freaks inside the bus, and their vehicular gangstalking outside the bus. Not to mention the surge of jaywalkers that erupts at the major intersections, in front and beside the bus.

They had seven Asians ringed around me on the bus for most of its journey. And why is it I get the weirdest Asian of the bunch sitting next to me? Built like an overwieght 6' Caucasian, in a red hat and red shoes, already looking like a fucking clown with his red hatted pal, and lo, if he doesn't do two full view sidewalk spittings before getting to the bus stop. What is it that the street spitters seem to erupt around where I am in public? Then to top this one off, the next batch of Asians arrive opposite, one wearing one red shoe, and the other green, a presumed pair as the shoes were the same design and brand. And no negro on the bus for the run into downtown, save the penultimate stop where one scoots on board. I suppose they must of been Asian testing me, read, light brown skin tone, and wanted to test me momentarily for an deep black skinned Fuckwit. I would of thought they would of built the skin tone thing up, from Asians to E. Indians and then to negroes, but it seems they still like to hop around and jump big skin tone variations as part fo their relentless brown skin color fucking games. They had the blonde woman parked some 10' away the entire time, and she got to do a double shift of the ridiculouse bus schedule looking; first sitting down at the interim bus stop, then getting up to read the schedule, then siting down again (4' away), and then she repeats the routine a minute later. There is only two bus routes to select from, and they travel the identical route when S. bound to downtown.

Interesting that I caught this same #28 bus three days ago, S. bound at the same 1702h time, and it was half full today, but standing room only then. How is it that these bus passenger loads are varying so much? I know the answer to that of course, but it is odd to me that they aren't sticking with the pretense of it being similar. Mind you, in my salaried working days, my 2000 morning bus commutes from Everett to Seattle were also somewhat variable, and I could never figure it out as to why. And that is where I met Ms. C of the story, about the only single woman my age that was on the bus. Just another criminal operative I have come to know and conclude.

The sickos like to mess me around and have me ponder as to her earlier roles in morphover form; at work in the early 1990's, long before I moved to Everett and Seattle in 1999. I went to the Western Forest Mensurationist's meeting in Harrison Hot Springs, BC, and there was this one babe from the US, most notable in that she was about the only woman at the convention. Anyhow, I got to speak with her briefly, but it does make me wonder if it was Ms. C again, tasked with hounding my ass for much more longer than than I suspected at first.

Some bizarre dreams this morning before getting up; I was in charge of a cheetah or leopard, and beyond that, I cannot recall the context or details, but it all seemed so uncharacteristically vivid and rational. Stay tuned for big cat stories for the next two weeks or so.

A musical find; Alela Diane here and here. Forwarned; not for the metal rockers out there. From the White As Diamonds, "each cruel day was saved my nightfall". Hmm....

Enough putzing here in online land and time to post this one.

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