Monday, April 05, 2010

Magnetic Media

My second hard drive arrived via courier today, the indentical model and size to that of the one previously of the same order. And identical to one inside my Windows drive. There would of been a fourth one, save the fact it was an RMA replacement, and it "happened" to be 750Gb instead of the 640Gb of the other three. So that is five WD Caviar Black drives circulating in the last two weeks, including the RMA one. One was in my mother's PC and it failed, which was replaced by one I "happened" to have waiting for my removable rack to arrive. So the one that was waiting here got put in my mother's PC, and I ordered an RMA drive that turned out to be 750Gb instead of 640Gb. Within the week, I took my PC into get the removable hard drive rack installed, and within a few days the RMA replacement arrived, and I started my tentative Linux forays with the 75)Gb drive on its own rack tray. Within a week, the backup panic started up, so I ordered two more hard drives to back up each of the Windows and Linux drives. Except that the one order for the two drives, which included a new router, got split up for unknown reasons, and one hard drive arrived per box. Got all that?

That wasn't all of course, as each hard drive was wrapped in bubble wrap, but no ordinary bubble wrap. It was a red tinted translucent colored bubble wrap, exactly the color and translucency that I cannot stand. The perps have long been stalking me with red plastic bag bearing Fuckwits, and even placed a same colored condom on the walkway of my residence building that stayed in place for over a week. (It seemed then, as now, I was the only resident). And today, for the single hard drive in the box, why, two kinds of bubble wrap; the same red of the kind that was used in wrapping the first hard drive, and a larger celled bubble wrap that was a lighter toned pink-red. Which begs the question; what on earth is it about red, and translucent red fabrics that the perps are gonzo insane over, and why do they need to hound me for close to eight years to expose me to it? And even going as far as to wrap up magnetic rotational media, hard drives, in this same color and substance? As regular readers will know, I am constantly bombarded with magnetic fields, measured over 1600 Gauss last year, and have a constant array of black masers and plasma beams drifting or flitting about in my vision and proximity. (Both are magnetically controlled phenomenon).

So it would seem that the perps have a particular and abidding interest in translucent red colored plastic, and have decided to up the ante by wrapping it with rotational magnetic media in the form of hard drives. And it might be that the red color and material energies, if you believe in these, are now exposed to the hard drives, which might be furthered by rotating them at 7200rpm, and that some kind of interaction benefits and/or discoveries are expected from this blatant product shipping intrusion? If I don't like translucent red fabrics, and especially plastic, then why in the fuck is it of anyone's business but my own, and why all these setups for close to eight years now? And who is that knows more about me and how much I don't like translucent red colored fabrics? I never knew this until it became obvious, and I never had any reaction before, and now it is instant revulsion?

Not more than 150' away is the local supermarket, but what a freakshow getting there. One ponytail male, then a fuzzy haired and fuzzy faced guy, then the negro from yoga who pretended not to notice me, eyes averted to the side while walking straight ahead. That was approaching the sidewalk and then crossing on it. Then waiting at the same intersection, a dude in a skull and crossbones toque who jumped the walk signal and wanted to be seen, then pulls off  his toque to reveal as disgusting clean shaven pate, aka, a skinhead. Plenty of Fuckwits closing in on me at the store entrance, and then once in, the wandering and shiftless male in short getting in my way. I was glad to be done with that exercise, all in the name of chocolate, as in getting more supplies due to this imposed "habit".

That is all the news today, as I will be staying at the First Feral Family home tonight to then drive my mother to the airport early in the morning, and join the commuting hordes on Highway 17. And the PC might be down as I may get the hard drives installed then.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they are trying the best to make life as difficult as possible for you. That's how I see it. They are big on unfavored freaks as a form of psychological torture. All of these orchestrating stalkings proves one thing: there is a lot of controlled people in this world today. In order to go along with the perps' harassment scripts, they have to be mind-controlled by the perps themselves. And of course, the perps' doings are a clear violation of the US Constitution as well as every law you can think of. It's all one big criminal racket.

AJH said...

Answer to: Looks like they are trying...

The Unfavored Freaks, and the precision as to their entrances and exits, along with the relentless consistency, tells me one thing; they know much more about me than I do. Much of it is likely to be traumatization associations for a part of my life where my memories were deleted, excepting the subconscious recollections which they are still emulating/stimulating with the freakshow. Also, part of it is planted in mind; they consistently make me very reactive to the sight of plastic (among many subjects), especially litter. One of the most "reactive" (read, mind controlled response suiting their needs, and not resembling mine), plastic objects is those dumbshit styrene closure tags for bread bags. I have no idea why they pummel me with so many exposures to this particular plastic item in varying colors, though I don't purchase bread with such tags. But today, while gardening, where the odd bread tag "shows up" in the soil, they created a momentary plasmic visual mirage of a bread tag, (or else planted the vision directly in my visual cortex), and I had an immediate "reaction". I know the perps are dealing with ubuiquitous pollutants in my system as it causes some kind of remote reading/energetic problem, but what is the deal over these wretched bread tags? I have no idea how I might have such a "reaction", but it is clear from today's unusual presentation, it is of intense interest to them.

Imagine, hundreds, if not thousands of operatives and their shills, out and gangstalking me (and all other TI's) every day, and they are operating 100% illegally; remotely applied irradiations and mind control, remotely sensing thoughts and "reactions", and the rest of arranging this entire theatre around me. It just boggles the imagination as to how important the end goal must be for them, and yet they won't come out of the closet and declare themselves in order to expedite this protracted abusive inanity. Thanks for the comments.