Saturday, April 17, 2010

Airport and Back + Next Day Add-on

A terrible picture, as "somehow" the autofocus failed to work, and I wasn't allowed to review it afterward. But the reason is to show a cluster of dudes who arrive out of nowhere and have no genuine purpose but to be seen, if not gangstalking. These are portrayed as commercial painters but there was no paint job! The white building panels you see are the factory coated facade of Petro Canada livery gasoline stations. (This is the car wash part of it). This dude cluster erupts across the street from me at the bus stop, and was taken 03-29-2010, 0915h. At least four lanes of road traffic between me an them, taken at the busy Shelbourne and Hillside intersection. And of side interest, the perps love to gangstalk me with vehicles that are towed, or carried on platform transporter vehicles, and here is a blue colored vehicle being towed as part of the show. And dudes hanging around in white, and especially white pants, gives me the heebie jeebies. And this may related to long past traumatizations of a clinical setting when they wore white extensively, 1956 to 1959, the memory deleted years.

This photo is sketchy too, as it was taken at 2330h, 03-31-2010. That is night time when I am ready to go to bed, and the noise starts up from this vehicle below. Like I mentioned in a past posting, this manhole cable probing outfit (sending probes in conduit under the street), has made at least four stops for probing and at least two daytime drivebys in the past two months. But it is mighty curious that they need to undertake this job in the night time, and arrive with a noisy vehicle outside my apartment building. Maybe they wanted me to see the dayglo traffic cones at night time.

This one below is another "seen before", and possibly even the same vehicles in the same locations. Heavy on silver-grey, the three in file seem to be a cluster around the two tone brown pickup truck and whatever is beside it, with a silver-grey vehicle also, oriented in the same direction as the pickup. Taken on 04-04-2010.

A round trip to the First Feral Family home earlier today to pick up my mother at the airport, using her vehicle. I had my city bus freakshow, The Most Absurd City Bus Freakshow Act award goes to two independent individuals. The woman who wanted to get off within a block of me getting on, walking from the rear to the back door across in front of me, and then says to the bus driver, "wrong stop, sorry" (still in the downtown), and then she travels on for another 15 minutes to then get off in the suburbs, quite a different location altogether. (And, faking me out to think (read, per planted notion), that she was going to get off at the next stop because she stayed at the rear exit.Then a later Asian couple getting on the bus, with the guy carrying a flattened cardboard box for a freaking lawnmower. Like WTF; I get it though, brown skin, and brown box comparative reference at his feet with the outside of the box in white.

An honorable mention for the Most Absurd City Bus Freakshow Act award goes to the two guys, mid 30's and mid 40's who didn't look like they were together at the bus stop, one ahead of the other by 6', and then when on board, the latter one looks to be sitting elsewhere and then stops beside the first guy who is now seated, and then "decides" (or more like, represents himself) as being together, and he sits down beside his ersatz pal. They don't say a word together the entire time; a bit creepy, but decidedly another oddity, especially that fake-out of not looking together as a pair when at the bus stop, then attempting to momentarily convey that again when onboard, and then finally relenting to demonstrate that they are together (sort of).

Airports are a big deal for the perps, as it seems that one's elevational energetic changes (or EMF signature if you prefer), are of intense interest. And of course, this is by remotely sensed methods, as the perps have never asked for any cooperation on this front or any other for that matter. My deductions from their shenanigans over eight years is that there are "earth energies" that they want to separate from "human energies", and it is complicated by the fact there are so many soil types & layers, surficial geology, vegetation composition, localized biogeoclimatic energy signatures and of course, the color of all these substances. Hence, their abiding interest in escorting me with gangstalkers in the elevator, the crush of Fuckwits when I get out (about eight this morning),  and even the odd Fuckwit who tries to get in the elevator before letting me out.

And sure enough, they were there to cluster into a virtual wall of backs outside the Arrivals section of the airport where I had a 20 minute wait. Though, I would have to say it was low key, building this array of criminals in ones and twos, rather than the cluster fuck approach. Which is how they loaded the buses today; one or two at each bus stop instead of the large clusters every now and again. Perhaps this represents a new approach to their additive incremental games they are known for on so many other fronts.

I will post this today, 04-17-2010, but I will likely add to this as tomorrow will be a short posting day as I am doing the First Feral Family visitation deal, the regular Sunday beat.

--- Next day, 04-18-2010
A 5 block walk to a one of a kind department store earlier. The legions of color arranged vehicles were out, the highlight being four red vehicles parked in file on the street and then another six parked nearby in lots or across the street. And a surge of darker Asian gangstalkers today, massing around the cathedral for whatever reason, save gangstalking. I suppose the highlight for the perps was to have me walk by this half block hole in the ground, some 40' deep, walled with various substances such as plastic sheet, chainlink, tires and concrete blocks. It used to be bounded with a plywood walkway, but that is now removed and now a blue steel fence anchored into the sidewalk with orange dayglo painted steel plate. Some new half sections of concrete sidewalk were also in place, the join some 16' of length. I thinks we have touched on all the key outside perp favored substances in that digging, which has been open for at least five years now, and a pond formed in the bottom of it. When I first met Ms. L of the story, she said she had an interest in construction digging, and so I took her to the 120' hole that was next to my worksite. The perps and their need to expose me to diggings and foundations cannot yet be sated.

The ostensible rationale was to acquire a stainless steel insert for my teapot, a non-teflon baking sheet, and a 28" towel rail. No luck on any of those, but I did get one of those razor sharp zesters (for what, I don't know) and a bottle brush. And of course the freakshow was on me, coursing about and reprising gangstalkings in each location I was in. Finally I had enough and went to the checkout with the sleazy Fuckwit dude nearby who split when I came, and lo, if the cashier's arms weren't covered in fugly tattoos. Not the worst scene, and avoidable by looking at her face instead, and then out of there to do my beat back to my place.

I get differing weirds at each phase of the return trip, as well as the almost straight ones, but the Asian man with this odd and heavy black cordura fabric bag who was holding it out from his body an extra few inches was the winner of the Weirds While Walking About award today. These fuckers come from strange directions, seem to be able to walk as fast as I do (or I am slowed down and then dithered so I don't notice my dociled gait), and then do strange things like making a big effort o jaywalk on the bias, not using the walk signal or not wanting to jaywalk directly across a break in the street traffic. And this black bag was sewn and formed into a 12"x9" and 4" deep box shape with a small handle on it. What all these flakes carry in their backpacks and bags is beyond me, but I have noticed some to emanate some strange plasma beams the odd time. Every time I cover more than two blocks I get at least one vehicle stopped in the crosswalk or mid-sidewalk. Today'f sumbfuck was the one who was stopped at the stop line and then proceeded to drive into the crosswalk immediately in front of me. It was the Asian act again, brown skins in a light brown vehicle, all to present more juxtapositons of the Unfavored and to get my attention while observing this piece of boneheaded driving that was in danger of running me down, though still on the sidewalk. I suppose the assholes like to invoke my survival instincts, and this is one way they do it. Another is the ridiculous dude strut where they come at me for no reason and then suddenly turn on their heels and then retrace their steps. Same deal, survival arousal it would seem. And for the sickos, it "needs" to be done at different locations; apartment builiding front door, certain crosswalks and corners and in some buildings.

Enough of the banal insanity that has been imposed on me, and now to blog off.

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