Monday, April 19, 2010

Activity Protraction

A small drilling job turned into a major screaming rage-ification episode, along with a bullshit call from the First Feral Mother just before it really went out of control. The sickos pulled the power of the battery on the drill, which had tested fine, in mid drilling job, and thereby ending it until the battery charges. The assholes had this one figured out long ago, burying my corded drill elsewhere, and leaving me with the interuptible battery pack drill. Accelearated and dynamically applied battery energy depletion isn't anything new as they pulled this bullshit on me when on my cell phone in the fraught Fuckover days of 2002.

Then they fucked me into starting the drill hole in the wrong place before the drill stopped. That I get to measure out the drill hole afterward is particularly annoying as I know they can readily mess with my estimation abilities, which they did, so they will have an extra partial hole in the underside of the cabinet where I want to install the cuphook. This might be the real reason they had me get the micro-plane zester yesterday, as there hasn't been a big call for such an kitchen implement. They still have me making the same lunch and dinner quesadillas; tapenade as a base, chopped cooked chicken and cheese melted on top before the second tortilla is placed on top. Healthy, and worse yet, they constantly mess my predilection to have food variety, so I am dociled into eating and prefering the same food for two of the three meals of the day, since mid 2003. Which tells one they are still pissing around with the effects of diet and food color with respect to whatever else they are harassing me over. I use the term, "human energetics" research, but that is general, but it seems they have to irradiate me with huge amounts of magnetic radiation as part of the proceedings, as it was measured at 1600 gauss last year before they whacked the meter.

And it is a Monday, and they started out slow on the harassment front, but came on big at the tail end of my 25 minute walk back from the doctor's office. I dropped into the local supermarket and got chased around almost, and even had the sickening hooded figure popping out from behind the corner of the aisle stunt again. This time it was some kind of Islamic scarf act, but as I get plenty of this fucking get-up planted around me when outside, and on the web pages I encounter, it does make me wonder what is it that they know about me that they have to hound me with headscarfed women? We never had this around here, and now it is a daily event, or even worse, in pairs that travel one bus stop and then have them harangue the bus driver to forestall getting off, and getting out of my sight it would seem.

I had some freaks on the bus today, just the return trip leg from the First Feral Family home to downtown. They got me boxed in with the large woman in a black velour pantsuit outfit and a magenta blouse underneath, and an Asian woman in black with a olive green vest on, and a MIB behind her. For the most part, the bus had some 20 passengers at any one time, and although higher than normal, it wasn't the outrageous numbers of twice that on some Monday mid-mornings.

And a doctor's appointment in mid-afternoon, another bus trip to get there. The big deal on it was to display the dude with his arm behind his babe in front. Nothing outrageous, but the perps have been big on "loosely coupled" couples these days; e.g. holding hands but separated by standing 1.5' to 2.0' apart, almost at the point of absurd. The extended arm in front of me has been another ploy for a long time, though usually just one Fuckwit pointing in the street, or extending his arm to hang onto the vertical pole on the bus. That the perps cannot get enough of me when my arm is raised is nothing new, as there are lymph nodes in one's armpits and this seems to be a particular focus for them. And I still have this outrageous arm rash from three days ago, and it has to be holding the record for the slowest healing rash I have had to date. And I don't know how it came about, it "showed up" on both arms, with my right arm being the worst. No breaking skin, but curious linear tracks of red, and then some concentrated red rash area in the center. This looks to be a week or two week healing exercise, with them doing their usual thing of controlling it all in size and color and extent. I noticed they made sweat form at my elbow, hanging off the reddest area, and if there are any energetic transferences from skin to sweat, I am sure this would of been an interesting variation to my normal skin tone.

The doctor was even engaging today, asking about what is is that is so interesting about the color red from the harassment perspective. As I was telling my story and observations, and that I especially don't like red and yellow together, why, a hideous red and yellow DHL courier van crossed behind him though the window, and then had its route determined in advance to come back again for a total of four passes (back and forths) in two cardinal directions without taking any time out to even simulate a delivery. And of course I noted that the doctor had a yellow piece of paper in his shirt pocket, with a little sliver showing above it, and so goes the color games.

In the waiting room of the doctor's office, and with plenty of seats availible, this woman in a red sweater sat beside me on her second pass through the waiting area, having gangstalked me when I first arrived and was held up at the receptionist's by a flakey act who was wondering if her appointment was today, and if she missed it. Fucking stupid.

And it was nuts day at the First Feral Family home this morning; my mother hinting that the walnuts purchsed in 09-2009 needed to be eaten up, and me, saying that they should be all shelled and then they could be used in nut loafs and recipes. Then she indicated that her arthritis was bothering her, and so I "volunteered" (per mind fuck script), and then shelled some 30 walnuts or so. She wanted the shells put in the plastic top of the torte container, for whatever reason. And while doing this, she brings me some two pounds of macademiia nuts that she brought back from Hawaii, returning two days ago. I suppose on the face of it that isn't a big deal, but as the perps routinely chase me with nuts and seeds, and arrange their consumption in highly orchestrated ways, it all makes me wonder what is it that they are so obsessed over when it comes to nuts and bulbs? Regular readers will recall that I have picked daffodil bulbs for some two summers, and that they see to it that I eat garlic from specific locations, and also ration me on eating onions. All of which remains a big mystery, as I have surely eaten enough nuts and seeds in my life, but no, they start me off with hemp seed in my breakfast each morning, and it goes from there, sunflower and flax seed in my gluten free bread, and then eating nut paste on my bread. The nut paste was always peanut butter until recent months when I felt flushed enough to eat coconut, which also coincided with recieving a coconut to eat from my brother's girlfriend, and drinking the milk from it and getting the only ride I have had to the bus stop. Beserk over nuts it seems, and only begining to experiment with variants to the imposed diet only recently.

An overhead rumbling noise and then a surge was felt, the zapping fuckery again. When did I last get this combination of assaults? Last week in bed as I recall. Screaming at the assholes likely helps them out, all that aggravation energy to go with the vocalizations they so like to incurr.

The noise is on background level now, and not targetted to my thoughts or actions. Hardly a respite.

Back to the pictures as I haven't finished the last most batch. This set taken 04-09-2010.

At 1309h 46 sec., a "starter set"; three mid-grey vehicles parked in file behind a deep blue vehicle (one behind the tree), and in the mobile traffic lane from the left, the tail end of a mid-grey pickup truck, a deep purple vehicle behind the grey tree crown, a mid-blue vehicle, a navy blue pickup with a film of mud on the sides, and in the rear, a black sedan. Nine vehicles, and five are mid-grey, and three are blue. It seems they are attempting to get some mid-grey readings with various mid to navy blue colors. The more interesting vehicle presentation is the navy blue pickup truck with the film of mud; as the sickos like to test me with soils of varying colors and origins, it just might be this is their version of presenting it to me in my apartment along with their colors of interest. Might that soil come from a farm I worked on? Never bet against the perps.

Moving a little bit (1309h 47 sec.), a silver grey vehicle enters from the left, surely the one missing color of the set up above. The purple vehicle behind the mid-grey tree crown has emerged, a stealth color injection perhaps.

AT 1309h 53sec. it is camper season again, which for me, is year round for all of them they place into my proximity; and a cohort red vehicle moving in from the left. I don't know what the deal is about campers as gangstalking vehicles; higher vertical sides, fiberglas top, interior bedding and furniture or vehicle mass, but the perps have put on all kinds and just love me to see and be close to them.
At 1310h 03sec. the finale, or at least, the last that I could stand as the arrangements seem to be endless, and the only way to stop it is to go somewhere else. Another perp favorite, the boom truck doing its parade by itself. Most often when they are working when I pass by they put two of them on the job, sometimes four even. The mass, the variable height and having a gangstalker in the bucket all seem to be important components of their use as gangstalking vehicles.

Enough for today, there were some more earlier supermarket shopping follies that I "forgot" to put in, but I don't expect to add them later, and they just don't seem that interesting. Blogging off.


Anonymous said...

Do you get the vehicular gangstalkers driving around with nothing but parking lights at night? I get quite a few of those, and their favorite are those with just one headlight working. I get an unusually high number of these, and I figure what are the chances of getting THAT MANY one-headlight vehicles? I have never seen so many at one time. It's definitely illegal, so I'm not sure how they get away with this. But driving with just parking lights and no headlights? That's a dangerous practice. I'm sure they do it because the cops are outnumbered in this town.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this blog. It's so unreal. Keep fighting the good fight!

AJH said...

Answer to: Do you get the vehicular gangstalkers...

Yes, I get the parking lights only drivers, and even the police are doing this, as no one, including me, is about to flash their lights at them. The perps seem to need all manner of differing light colors and sources, and even on the same stretch of road they will change up the same vehicles to have them use one headlight, parking lights only, riding their brake lights and combinations of headlight type; LED, HD, halogen and even incandescent bulbs. And of course, having certain streetlights stay on all day long, but only select ones, not all of them. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Thanks for writing...

I don't know about the fight part of it, but this is a decidedly strange and imposed existence that I hope gathers credibility by degree, as it is too strange for fiction. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure a lot of these people taking part have been abused themselves by the mighty unseen perps too, so this is their "release", going gangstalking and harassing us. And of course, making us out to be the bad guys. I was offered a "way out" by the perps, that I was supposed to take this one job, that only paid minimum wage, with very few hours per week. I prompted told the perps to fuck off, that I am not interesting in furthering their cycle of abuse. By taking a stand against these sick abusers, I hope to send the message that the perps will eventually fail at their little power games.

I get a lot of "dropouts" and drug/alcohol abusers doing the harassing. Apparently, they are easy targets of the perps. I don't believe the alcohol/drug abuse is the reason why they going along with the perps' scripted bullshit. Rather, these people are very easily broken by the perps. I think that's why we see so many types of these.

I'm sure the perps are nothing special to look at either. What type of sick psycho goons hides behind a tidal wave of broken compliant losers?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the Classic: the street light that turns off when you walk under it, and on the return trip back, turns back on when you walk under it a second time. On my nightly walk in 2006, they used to play street lamp games, and this occurrence was mirrored in a story on TV. This show featured the sorry tale of a Russian guy who made every street light on the street turn off as he passed under them. The story was that he must've had some sort of innate energies to do this. I say this whole story was a bullshit scripted story to go along with the perp-controlled street light.

I tried doing things, like standing still just before I got to the light, and then walking super fast under the light. I found that it didn't go off "fast enough", that I beat the light by about 10-20 feet each time by doing this "surprise attack". At the time, I began to suspect some perpetrator type was switching the light off and on remotely, probably at the utility somewhere, and there must've been a live feed of me passing under it. Odd how they were able to control it reasonably fast. The perp controlling it must've been the one with the live feed. Else how could they control it?

Interesting how much manpower that is levied against one lone target. I imagine they are proud of this feat, having thousands of people per day gangstalk one person, and being proud of this wasteful piece of "research" for some odd reason.

These perps obviously could care less if I suffer or not, if I live or die. As far as they're concerned, I'm better off dead. That way they don't have to worry about exposure. I'm sure these people going along with this have personal issues that they enjoy doing this to one person so very much. Thanks perps, you are so very brave for your mighty wasteful deeds. How much money was spent harassing me today, I wonder? And how many people were involved? Answer: 500 people were involved in street harassment alone. $1 billion dollars was spent today. OK, more like $100 million. Absurd, when you consider the perps are so wrong and so wasteful.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm sure a lot of these people...

Well, in my circumstances of being kept in a totally arranged existence, I can never take anything at face value, especially the vagrant acts. Though, I suspect the perps can read their operatives, or potential candidates, reasonably well, and have special divisions for the abused to exercise their depravities in the name of the perp cause. It is just too difficult to figure the whole perp enterprise out, as I know at least a dozen of them as former colleagues at school, the swim club and former work locations. Those that I know, aren't abused or depraved in some way at all, hence my suspicion they compartmentalize their personnel according to like minded individuals and take on appropriate gangstalking and harassment activities. The bad asses probably get put on jobs like creating covert car accidents for whatever they get out of that. Then deeper levels of depravity for those that like to be involved in natural disaster creations. That is only my take on how they manage so many diverse minded personnel, though they all likely know what the grand goals and objectives are. They could have two or more such divisions on gangstalking and harassment at any given time, as a major part of the perp agenda is to have events "happen" to unsuspecting individuals, their own operatives included like TI's. It is just that TI's get the brunt of the worst pranks, and they get their knowledge of perp operations deleted so they walk into the same stunts again and again. This makes for a permanently naive victim to make neural energetics comparisons to their own operatives which maybe nearby. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Don't forget about...

I read about the streetlights going off for certain individuals in a once page of the Fortean Times (online). (

They once had a page titled "It happened to me", and I read about this and all manner of strange stories about arranged car accidents, fish falling from the sky, people getting wobbled on the street, children getting teleported past a locked gate they couldn't open while their hand was held by an adult and other fascinating stories, over 100. In reading these I came to conclusion that the perps have a massive campaign of covert experimentation going on, covering many thousands of nonconsensual subjects.

So yes, it is most strange that the perps won't come out of the closet, and instead, incur years of abusive treatment applied to their experimental subjects (all TI's). But, they do have a plan for you, and it seems that it is more important that you are kept alive, as much as a hassle it is. The past is the best read on where they are going to take you. If they really wanted you to be doing something else, like what they offered, they would of worn down your resistance in a months long campaign of planting rationalizations and then allowing you to form the answer they were looking for. Or at least, that is my reading on how they deal with me, and I am extrapolating this to the wider picture of all TI's. Thanks for the comments.