Friday, April 16, 2010

Dual Elbow Rash

I awakened with both elbows with a red rash on them and a sensitivity if touched. Which makes for a different experience at my desk as I constantly lean my forearms and elbows on the armrests. So... not only a skin color change, but a change-up in how I sit and engage in online activity, which includes this very blogging. And if my arms are off the armrests by 2" or more, I get fake touches as if they are on the armrests when they aren't. So, one of the most relentless harassment methods, the faked touches which number at least 150/day, has been applied to the sore elbows and arms situation, entirely arranged in itself, and is the excuse for yet more faked touches.

Some very strange dreams this morning featuring domestic house cats, the details of which are thankfully not recallable. As before, I never has such vivid strange dreams before the overt harassment began, or if I did, I could never recall them. But as my memory operates so very much differently now, there is no accounting for what is planted, augmented or if in fact it has genuinely been altered. There have been physical alterations such as a straightened back, different walking gait, increased musculature in my adominal region, more residual muscle in my arms that doesn't dissipate once I give up physical activities, such as farm work, and of course, looking some 15 years younger. The odd time I get to see one of my former work or school colleagues I am astonished as to how much older they appear, which is really to say that I would look much the same as they would, and it wouldn't be unusual.

This looks to be a shut-in day, save doing the laundry earlier, always a big perp interest event. They like to have such days and then jump all over me when I first set off, Wednesday's (two days ago) example of the poly plastic bearing dry cleaning by my gangstalker as I stepped out of the building after walking on the same kind of plastic that is still lining the floors of the hallways. This seeming paint job has gone on for two weeks now, with all the polyethylene plastic sheet on the floor, and the only location they have painted is the laundry room. Apart from slopping white paint on the plastic, and including in front of my door, I cannot see what they have actually painted in over two weeks of this seeming drop cloth they have arranged. Which tells me after eight fucking years of this abuse, they still haven't figured out how such pollutants as polyethylene and PVC are causing their remote energetics readings to be so confounding. Another way of saying they have at least two more years of this insane abuse lined up, but more likely four. All because the assholes won't come out of the closet, and prefer to undertake the impossible with significant greater adversity than come clean and engage in consensual human experimentation, assuming I can be bought. They can buy me by getting the fuck out of my life right now, but t hat isn't going to happen any time soon.

More mysterious Windows 7 functionality; one the recently installed hard drives is deemed "disconnected" in the backup application, but it seems fine on the Windows Explorer screen, and I can even copy files there. This hard drive was to be the Windows 7 back up drive, and I cannot back anything up onto it.

More designed obstructions; the Lightscribe labelling of my DVD player suddently stopped working when it had been last week. This is the application that arrived with all the bells and whistles excepting for the module that actually labels the disc with the DVD burner. I got that straightened around with a download from Lightscribe and it actually worked for the two discs that I tried it. I get a simple label, and it takes three minutes  or so to etch a label into the special surfaced disk. And today, when getting gparted copied over, due to the above "disconnected" drive, the Lightscribing doesn't work. Everything has its turn at least once. And lo, if the second time it did work. All that angst and the second attempt did actually work.

And as it "happened", after making a disk of "gparted", and running it at boot up, I was reminded that I had done exactly this last week, and somehow didn't know this until afterward. I have never had this bad of a memory, and it is but one example of the perps running me to new lows of capability. Yesterday they pulled a similar stunt, by having the elevator open at the fifth floor due to a commercial painte who wanted to get on, and I get to my door, and the key doesn't work. Then, they have me look at the apartment number and I was one floor below, as the assholes had fucked me out of going to the correct floor. I take the stairs up, and just when opening the door, two commercial painters are closing in on me, as if they were painting the constricted doorway, which they weren't as I came to know. One painter had a dusk mask on. So what is the purpose of having Fuckwits closing in on me, in the street, and in this building, and I don't know any of them? Like I have said, it seems to be about replicating certain traumatization events that only they know about, as they have wiped me of most of my recall aged 2 to 5.

A motorcycle noise parade outside as I type this up, and getting through the earmuffs again.

More software access obstruction: I cannot get the Oracle SQL*PLUS page as it doesn't load from the link, and the Western Digital disk checking software won't run, although it did get downloaded and installed. Like what is the purpose of this insane randomized software access fuckery?

More rounds of installing and unistalling software for the past two hours or so. This seems to be a big deal for the sickos, having me install software, find it too cryptic or too clunky and uninstall it. Another trick of theirs is to have the software installed but it "dissappears", that is, I cannot find a button or a command to launch it. It seems this whole Linux/Oracle install and study is going to be a year long or more. I haven't put the Linux boot drive in for at least five days after hitting the wall with the Oracle install,
and when things "don't happen", it is by way of mind-fuck games, and if they are slowing this activity down to a once per week event, that spells long term jerkaround scenario.

And why is it that even with GUI software they keep the intended actions mysteryious? Calling the "C:" drive "Disk 3" in one panel, then calling it by its label in a next, and then by the "C:" drive. I just don't get it, except in the construct it is consistent with what the perps do, naming and renaming and then syntactical extrapolations that stretch the meaning and so it goes, the dynamic FUD fucking games.

A long session of PC maintenance tonight; file cleanup and deletions by the gigabyte as well as cleaning up back up sets and making new ones. Too late to put up more pics tonight, hopefully tomorrow I will have the time to do so. Blogging off...


Anonymous said...

Gparted seems to work pretty well. Again, the Sysresccd, as it is called, worked very well on all machines.

The assholes really outdid themselves the past two days. Now I keep hearing mention of "slob" or "a slob", every time I come into a place compromised with perp shills. Not sure what or who they are referring to exactly, but it may be a hint as to what's going on. A little keyword or just maybe part of the harassment programming they've instilled in me.

I'm surmising it refers to my earlier memories, in junior high, when it was common for us to call each other "slob" in a joking manner. I'm sure that's what it's all about. I suppose they're visiting my memories in junior high now; that is their focus as of late. It does seem they like to do that: just focus on one set of years of my life, focus on those memories, for a couple of months, and they move on to another set of developmental years.

I walked down to a McDonalds to have breakfast. The perps had me all pissed off, so pissed off that I had to relieve myself of their bullshit by having this nice walk along the road. It lasted 2 hours -- the trip down to McDonalds, ordering food, and then the walk back home. It would've felt better, had they not put some balding unfavored freak starting his walk down to my destination, so that I encountered him just as I was 3/4 of the way home. He was imitating my gait, stride, walking speed, exactly, just some kinda-fat older guy. I suppose someone dropped him off along the road, else he could never have walked at that speed without getting winded. And to think I had to walk at least 2 miles to get where his starting point was. And he looked like a morph of my Economics professor from my earliest college years.

The perps must be working some magic to get some slightly fat middle-aged guy to walk at that pace. More like he was planted there, and that's why he wasn't winded.

Before I was headed out onto the road to start my journey, they had some older guy with a white beard and longish hair gangstalk me around the Personal Care (nursing) home. They always gangstalk me around that Nursing home. I guess the people that need "special care" must have some special energies they like to test relative to mine. They had two young women sitting out front watching me as I was approaching. I started screaming at the perps for this stunt, because I knew it was part of their script, and I wanted no parts of anything that isn't a natural occurrence. By "natural occurrence", I mean events that happen "on their own", without any perp scripting or intervention. I wasn't fooled by that stunt. They were apparently two nurses on break, maybe or they could have been relatives. Probably nurses; they like to have nurses and medical assistant types gangstalk me, wearing their blue medical garb. Sometimes without, but a lot of times, they are wearing their uniforms, usually blue. They have put a lot of emphasis on the color blue and the number 7 off and on since 2006.

Anonymous said...

And down at McDonalds, I had a pregnant woman stalker. The perps hinted she was at 2 months. Of course, the perps love to present me with pregnant woman, and to have me know how many months along she is. She looked at me and smiled. It was kind of creepy, having an actor stalking you as part of a script to control and destroy you, and there was the smile act. That creeped me out, the prego woman smiling at me. Like what sort of hint were they trying to send me? That I should have a baby? She looked more like 5 months to me. It's important to my perps that I research pregnancy, as well as the various stages and the way the pregnant woman's belly looks at each stage. maybe their doing it just as a test to see how I would react around pregnant women. Sick fucks, those perps are.

Anyways, it must take an astounding amount of money to control and destroy targets. How else could they have so many stalkers scripted to just appear like everywhere and play roles? And the perps give me hints that since it's taking them so much time, effort, and money to "condition" and reform me, that I should be a little more compliant, as in appreciate their efforts and to "work with them". Well, the only thing I can say to that is, no thanks perps, they've made my life a living hell. Sure I have it much better than a lot of TI's, but the fact is that I am being reformed and having my previous self destroyed and made into what they want me to become, as well as living in their Forever prison.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just finished googling for "2 months pregnant", and looking at the images. It does indeed appear that the pregnant gangstalker was 2 months along. The perps want me to study these things. Maybe they have a baby and a wife as part of their life scripting? If that's the case, they probably want me to be "prepared" with plenty of research on the subject in preparation for this event. Perhaps they can see into the future with their awesome toys, and can see me with a pregnant girlfriend. I believe they can't directly do this. But they can, however, tap into various regions of the brain, and I suspect that a certain region is responsible for premonitions and precognition of future events, and they have been tapping into that.

AJH said...

Answer to: Gparted seems to work...

I got the disk drives cleaned up last night, and the backups straightened out. I got a bum suggestion of using cygwin, which I later deleted as it was so cryptic. I still cannot get the Windows backup utility to work, though I did get Acronis installed and backing up, for over four hours no less, (usual caveat of perp intervention applies).

I wouldn't continue screaming in public if I were you, as they have a nasty habit of sending the police in, who somehow know just who to visit. I have my fair share of enragement over perp arranged unnatural objects in my apartment, especially like the pillow case that just self-tumbled onto the floor this morning. I get plenty of "sentries" outside any and every building I enter or exit, and having a pair of nurses doing the same is just what the perps do. I have never known so many workers and building personnel wanting to hang around the doorways before, but it is arranged and consistently so. But yes, the perps do like to have uniformed personnel to "help out" with whatever their interests are in the energetic effects of clothing color on one, and all the proximate gangstalkers. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: And down at McDonalds...

I get pregant gangstalkers often, and had many as colleagues in past jobs. As far as I can tell it is arranged responsibly, married and creating a family and all. I reckon pregancy is very interesting from the perp perspective, as there are the energies of two bodies in one.

There may also be a part of it that the pregnant emulates a large gut (very Unfavored for me), and the perps seem to want to separate the neural signature of loathesome beer guts to that of recognizing and excepting visible pregnancy. And too, I get plenty of large women to then present a true large gutted woman and it would seem, the similar neural signature of loathing her gut, but different from seeing a pregnant woman earlier or later that day. (The perps did put on a large gutted woman on the bus last week, directly in front of me and visible in profile, and I had to look with greater discernment as to whether she was pregnant or was plain large, -the latter as it turned out).

The last most angle on pregnant women is that any recollections that I have of my mother being pregnant were wiped from my recall altogether, and exactly what transpired and what traumatization associations I have is of course, totally unknown. And in fact, there might not be any such associations, and my loathing of large guts is the same as most non-large gutted persons. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Cygwin does kind of suck. You're probably much better off with SFU (services for unix). Cygwin is kind of sluggish, too, with the kludgy emulation layer that it has.

AJH said...

Answer to: Ok, I just finished googling...

They begin to "show" at three to four months from my limited experience. Funny that, the perps wanting to inculcate/predispose you toward preparations for having a family. Yes, they do that, and they also have the woman selected I have come to suspect (as a generality). I get plenty of wedding pics to see online and in print, always "popping up" they are. And my pages are always messed up so I get the wrong button, and inadvertently identify an item for a wedding registry instead of as an intended wish list item. And also, the perps have told me exactly who is going to be my next wife, even as far back as 2004, and they have been totally consistent about this, and I have even seen her a few times. Don't ask who, because I won't say in online land. My response to that every time it gets planted in mind; "she is a criminal, and I don't need any more of that in my life". And still they keep selling this notion. And as I write this, a large thundering noise overhead and getting through my earmuffs. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the perps definitely want some of us to have a wife, a pre-arranged wife with them, no doubt. This "future wife" of mine has been thoroughly indoctrinated by the perps, and of course, they would want that: an abettor as your wife. That way, they can get a nice control over me and my life.

She has been involved in one major, very real Psy-Op, which I shouldn't mention. But it was a storyline type psyop she was playing along in, at the perps' behest, it seems. The perps told me 2 years ago she is "my future wife". I told her, as a joke, that I already have a wife, and she threatened to kick my ass. Well, it wasn't exactly what she said, but she threatened (read: a planted notion) to get physical on me. I'm sure that ass-kicking had some sexual connotations to it, and she hinted that was the case.

But I'm not supposed to be blogging about her, though, and she warned me against talking about her in forums and such. But the short of it is, the perps told me they are flexible, and can script her as my wife. But in order to facilitate this, they surely have to have conditions attached to this, like the perps have to "condition" her to do things a certain way around me. That would suck, but if I wanted this girl enough, maybe I would consider sacrificing myself to the perps' control via this wife. It's not like they couldn't control me anyways, as I'm already a full-fledged target.

I have been thinking that the perps have been studying me as far back as 1987, maybe even earlier, despite having actually gone overt in 2005.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, the perps definitely...

I had a wife who was party to the covert goings on, and I could never figure out why she was so useless over important matters, and nonresponsive to my articulations about aircraft disasters, spy stories, certain Unsolved Mystery segments and many other anomalous or horrific news events. Now I know; she knew much more about what the big picure was/is, and went blank on me so to not incriminate her pals. Though there was the odd time I got a very strange reaction from her, and I could never understand why for the same reasons. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Cygwin does kind of suck...

I was finally allowed to figure out that I can put all my Oracle tools and database on the Linux disk, and not deal with two environments like we did in class. Thanks.