Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Real MIB Sighting

Another day of gardening maintenance at the First Feral Family home. Again sunny, and back from the road so I don't feel like the spectacle when visible to all and sundry "happeners" passing by.
The SAC was good for at least three overflights, (or the noise thereof), at least three helicopters and two light aircraft to keep the aerial noise front going. I was there for five hours today, a little shorter than yesterday, and in time to "catch the wave" of teenagers on the bus at 1520h. Some only went two stops for crissakes, which they could of handily walked even with their low slung backpacks.

But outbound, I just might of seen my first traditional MIB (here), and Men In Black.The long black coat was a giveaway, and the wide brimmed business hat, and the featureless face; no eyebrows or facial hair, and no visible hair below his hat. The modern day MIB I have come to know wears black colored fleece with some nylon panels to change the surface qualities of the light absorption, and typcially has a black toque on. I have no recollection of ever seeing the traditional MIB, but as I have mentioned very often, there are three blanked out years where it seems I was exposed to many things, and at the time, they thought it was simply expunged by their known memory recall deletion methods. Not so, as it turns out; subconscious traumatizations, and maybe all subconscious recall for that matter, is stored in every cell in the body if Deepak Chopra is to be believed, and it certainly seems that way when the perps are creating muscle spasms all over me, especially if I saw an Unfavored feature/person. (See Essential Introductory Postings to the right). And it maybe so at one time I did see traditional MIBs, and perhaps there are traumatization associations, and this Fuckwit was there to stimulate them. Whether he did or not I don't know, but he also gets today's award for the Most Least Likely Public Transit Passenger. The bus was outbound at 0910h from downtown to whitebread suburbia of Gordon Head, and here was this MIB in place about midway back, looking ever business like, and he gets off at a residential area about one quarter into the route. Well, OK, the bus serves all the route, but WTF, he should of been going the other direction based on the business outfit.

And it is interesting to see how certain public personnel can change their persona upon TI presence. Both yesterday and today I drove down to a little grocery store to get something for lunch, and yesterday the woman was a little formal, but she actually did smile. Today, she was like totally perfunctory, and not inclined to even exhibit any facial expression except near fright. So when she would of ordinarily been more pleasant recognizing me again, she was decidedly terse. And the woman at the checkout was looking down as much as she could to avoid any eye contact. Maybe it was that large dude in camo gear and shorts at the lotto desk working on his numbers the entire time, like a supervisor. So, having experienced this fickle friendliness/frightened look before, I don't put much stock into how others present themselves, and ponder what went on beforehand; is this scripted, or is it straight and what is the score the next time we encounter each other at the checkout (or other public venue).

A raucous city bus ride on the way back with a surfeit of teens heading downtown, at least three of them banging into me at various locations. The one bumping me in the back when I was ready to exit put on the stare, when it was she that was banging into me while standing, and then bolts out the door to get ahead of me upon exit. Fucking weird to say the least. The only seat availible was immediately in front of a plexiglass panel behind the rear door. And that made for no end of Fuckwits to back themselves up against the panel, and then exchange positions with others nearby in some kind of rotation. Invariably the plexiglass leaners would get off in some three stops after their "turn", and I suppose they were there to sample this form of plastic in some way for the sickos.

The recycle garbage collectors were on duty today in the First Feral Family neighborhood. Apart from al the blue plastic boxes at the curb, it wasn't a big deal, save the perps screwed me out of putting my mother's recyclables outside. But their truck make the most awful sound when braking, which it does all the time, an alarming "chuff" sound. This act is performed all over the neighborhood so there are variations to volume of course, but what I did notice is that the frequency of this noise has gone up; not at 4x/minute noise, but a 20x/minute noise now. And they came by after lunch for a seeming driveby when they had finished the entire neighborhood, and showed up again when I was at the bus stop in the afternoon, and even led the bus for a few blocks.

And the big deal on the city bus (#27) was that they re-routed it due a seeming accident, and had it partially follow the route of a neighbor route (#28), the one that I took yesterday. In other words, when no route commonality was expected at the suburban end when I got on, there was due to this detour. Not a big deal, and not one of their past stunts of blocking the entire arterial for example. And then seeming accident was also a reason for the deep red fire/emergency truck to come barreling along side the city bus as the backdrop to the teenagers who had just boarded it. All those flashing red and white lights are just the thing for perps. And they also arranged emergency lights for me when I got off the bus, this time red and blue.

Yesterday when waiting with my horde of six at the outbound bus stop, the Langford Fire Department ladder truck cruised by like a fish out of water. This is the City of Victoria with yellow fire trucks if you please, (and put to great use in hounding my ass all over the city), and what is another municipality's fire truck doing here? Spread the red it would seem, and lo, if it didn't "drop in" at the City firehall some two blocks further up and enter their parking lot to then place itself between me and the yellow fire trucks. There has been an increase of the yellow and red color conbinations in the past week, the next most egregious are those DHL trucks and the clowns that drive them in yellow and red. Regular readers will know that I cannot stand to see these two colors together and that it is the second most substantive reason I won't go inside a McDonalds, the first being the food of course.

Picture time; taken 03-09-2010, 1300h 13sec. Just the usual unusual, the entrances and exits of the white, black silver-grey and mid-grey vehicles. One black vehicle behind the leafless tree, and another opposite of it almost, headed to the R. side. And a deep red colored vehicle ahead of it.

Taken 03-09-2010, 1300h 13sec.A second silver-grey has arrived to hang beside the parked black vehicle behind the leafless tree. A third silver-grey vehicle is just exiting the picture on the L. ahead of the white sedan ahead of the stop line. How it go there inside of three seconds is beyond me, even if I was watching.

Taken 03-09-2010, 1300h 26sec.A longer time difference; a mid-grey vehicles comes by to fill in on the greyscale testing it would seem.

Then there was that water deluge (03-09-2010) that came from above, and that the manager didn't even bother to check into or apologize as to what happened. He claimed it was due to some toilet repair activity in the suite above, and he was busy fixing it when I called, hence no return call. Like WTF; I just cleaned up his fucking mess and he couldn't be bothered to check into it? Anyhow, here are the pics. The vertical oriented pic has some interesting globular water drops and some interesting droplet  shadows from the flash of the camera. I find it strange that I would get these shadows. The globular drop form can result from being in a magnetized environment, or it could be that the perps wanted the drops in this way. Have a close look with a zoom that is better than that of Picasa.

I will call this blog posting done for today. Three appointments tomorrow, so I will be busy and out and about for the most part, and still more pics to come.

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