Thursday, April 01, 2010

Skunked on Yoga

A morning to get the lens cleaning solution from the optician, and this time I got the older and very guarded woman with the red flecks in her hair. She must be over 50, and somehow sees the need to put unnautural red highlights in her dark hair. She nearly always comes to hang around when I visit the optician, so I don't know what the deal is; perhaps this was another incremental exposure game, having her loiter at first (at least eight visits in the past year), and today for the first time, have her serve me. I don't know what the deal is; some people are severely guarded and reticent as their "reaction" to this arranged life I get imposed on me, (and they are scripted into) where others seem to be so light and breezy about it. It seems that of the four or so staff members of the optician's that I have met, they all seem to be ordinary folk, and I can only assume they are shills that have been roped into the show. The cutest number was there, but busy with another customer some 8' away the entire time. So perhaps there is some kind of auric transference/comparison the perps are attempting when placing both women in my proximity. No blonde manager to lighten things up this time, a rarity.

Then across the street I went to a job open house, and got detailed to fill in some eight pages of forms, even if I did bring in my resume and references. The skinhead was already in place, and then at least two more dudes doing their thing, so I wasn't left alone, but that is how it goes. At least no shiftless males, as all were intently filling out forms too.

I didn't notice much around me when filling out forms, but once I sat down, the parkade opposite got busy. A red vehicle parading around at the opposite level, and then another came to park and train its headlights on me, this being some four stories up.

While waiting, and viewing through the venetian blinds outside, a plastic bag came from nowhere (higher up where it was cut off from view actually), doing its thing by blowing upwards and then down, and repeating in this bizarre pattern until it eventually dropped out of sight. It is the first time I have seen any plastic blowing around at 4 stories off the ground, and I suspect it won't be the last.

By the time that all the form filling and short interview (blonde woman, red blouse, dark blue suit) was done, I had missed yoga, which I assume was planned for all the protracted activity that prevented an earlier departure. A reprising instructor starts today, and lo, if I didn't miss her, and presumably the rest of the crew there. And I suspect there will be a re-alignment of who sits where, and I am hoping the fugly negro woman isn't center stage. We shall see.

Then when outside and on my way back, why the red clothed Fuckwits were all over me on the sidewalk. The take-the-cake award goes to the faux vagrant with a large (4') red duffle bag on a shopping cart, and a guitar on top of it, and he was doing his excessive lean overs in the course of pushing it along. The sidewalk wasn't good enough for him, so he starts parading down the street next to the parked vehicles after crossing at the sidewalk.

Back at Abuse Central, a parcel came, my order for a new router and two hard drives, and lo, if only one was in the box. How many fuckups can there be over hard drives? Endless, given that they are magnetic platters spinning at 7200 rpm and with the search heads, the magnetic sensor, flicking just off the platters' sufaces. My tormentors like to have me around spinning objects, and they like to have me around magnets, so hard drives must be a perfect sabotage/harassment tool, as I once measured 1600 gauss on a field meter last year.  The masers and plasma beams are magnetically controlled phenomenon, and since they have been my abiding companions for close to eight years, hard drive fuckery isn't unexpected.

For the record, recent hard drive fuckery has been one hard drive that failed, then replaced with one I had ordered for another purpose, and then the RMA drive arrived and I had it installed at the same time a new removable rack tray was installed. Then when the router was sabotaged, I ordered two more hard drives, and lo, if today's parcel came with only one of them. Note that the prior two hard drive deliveries were also diverted to the apartment manager's office for seven and two days respectively. So it would seem that the perps wanted the one hard drive to sit  over the new router's box (with router in it, and brown paper to fill out the box). All that brown color (box and filler) next to a rotating magnetic device is also very copesthetic to the perp cause if you follow this blog or experience the same kind of perp color predilections as I do.

The later internet router install problems, to the level of a "takeover" of PC by technician on the other end of the phone call to aid maintenance. The router still won't get through on some addresses. A 30 minute call or so, all that PC time, and while on the phone, and of course the overhead thumping and rumbling started up, and is continuing as I write up this debrief. The odd pulse into my temples as well, and I just love that, as in NOT. The telephone cord to the reciever was flipping around and shaking from no visible source, but this is the new "normal" for phone cords.

The anti-virus software might have been the problem, but to first to go through with protracting the exercise they had me search for pop up blockers, though no tab for them in Firefox. Both IE and Firefox cannot get to certain web addresses, so I don't know if I am out of the woods yet. When booting from the Linux disk I might have some new boot-up problems as well. Nothing but grief in getting anything new to install, especially if it resulted from a sabotage replacement, as this router did.

As part of the diagnostics they had me bring up two popular web pages; the first one with negroes (Unfavored) and the second with a Caucasian with tattoos all over his chest (tattoos are Unfavored). More non-coincidences, and maybe they were examining him at the same time, checking out our mutual reactions simultaneously. They often do this when with my mother, the lastmost recalled Unfavored wretch was a corded haired blonde woman. Unfavored because I cannot stand corded or dreadlock hair, no matter what color it is, even if higly Favored as a blonde would be.

And plenty of masers and plasma beams flipping around the LCD display while on the phone support call., and even now too. Now a thundering clunking overhead, and I suspect it followed me after thinking that the perps are assholes, because they don't like me thinking that about them for whatever reason, har, har. So it would seem there is a little bit of judgemental thinking that they cannot yet control. Another year of this bullshit I suspect.

An earlier run to the LD store to get my Rx, and lo, if it wasn't Gangstalk Central again. Four deep at the Rx counter with a Fuckwit and his 3; skateboard standing some 3' behind the line so they would all file past him. As this was the identical piece of fuckery they pulled on me while in the Rx line before, no dice, no Rx. Onto the chocolate section, and five Fuckwits pretending to shop there, and when I came along one tailed me to the Milka bars, I scooped them up and she was then right on my ass and stayed exactly there as I departed that particular aisle. Then the checkouts were plugged, save the last one, and when I turned the corner a large woman in bright yellow was there, and beyond her a granny putzing away, even if she was finished. I loathe this yellow-stalking, but as it was the most savory option, I stayed there. The yellowjacket woman got served, and the granny kept hanging around, and then two male staff members swept past from each side, going through the empty checkouts and making out they were helping at the customer service counter. Finally, I get served and the two of them ahead of me, the granny and the yellowjacket were both "independently" putzing around. Just when I began to key in my debit card details, the chocolate aisle stalking woman was all over me again, arriving behind me. For the number of "shoppers" that were circulating, there was enough time for at least three more customers to arrive before she did. Just when I was about to depart, the granny and the yellowjacket finally move on, and I got out of there as quickly as I could, only to find the yellowjacket outside at the motorbikes and putting on her silver metallic flake helmet, looking at me when she didn't do before. Fucking weird.

Another skunk job at the Rx counter, but the LD store has been ridiculously busy every time I go there now. I wasn't allowed to do any Easter egg shopping for the crush that was on me in a different aisle.

Tonight is the last night of the Oracle DBA II course, and I expect the gangstalkers will be going silly tonight. I can almost predict them of late, as the Asian swarm seems to be popular, though the E. Indian with her mouth hanging open and attempting to get close was an escalation I didn't expect last time. It is fucking bizarre that I cannot be left alone by these assholes. [Update; no it was a light to normal gangstalking in terms of number].

A short class tonight, and my R. side two classmates were missing tonight, and the two that missed last class were both back, my L. side pen cap clicker and behind me, my sneezer.

Tonight's wierdness on the bus was a dude with his 4 y.o. kid who sat backed up to me on the transverse seat, and then by degrees started to overhang the seat and over me. I moved over 3' and he didn't even acknowledge his personal space transgression, the ultimate rube. And they let me be the only one off the bus tonight, a first, as they have always had two or more gangstalkers on me when I get off at the college.

On the inbound bus I had my usual gang of about 6 or so, also waiting for the bus, and one was dressed in the most strangest of coats I have ever seen. It was an all black leather coat draped over him and to within 2" of the ground, covering his feet from view even. He sat in my usual bench seat location so I went upstairs and was in the front window, observing the plethora of red colored vehicles that were arranged for me to see and doubtless for them to compare to the red rail in front of my seat.

Then back to the LD store where I got skunked with an overflow crowd at the Rx counter this afternoon, per above. On the way in there were two groups of shiftless males hanging around outside, not doing particularly much. I checked out one and he seemed to be ready with the stare, so I suppose it wasn't my ideal to look at him in the first place. The two customers ahead of me at the counter moved through quick enough, the perps putting on a negro woman Rx technician at the front counter, another first. And lo, if the staring dude loitering outside knew exactly where to come once the loitering "habit" wore off, and that was right behind me, attempting to get closer than socially acceptable. How anyone can go plausibly from shiftess loitering to Rx counter customer within two minutes is way too stupid, and I don't think I have seen the assholes pull such an obvious gangstalking stunt like this before. Usually the shiftless males stay that way, though the odd one will follow me in. But this fucker didnt' do that, and somehow "got the urge" to change from loitering with his pal on the bench to then arriving behind me at the Rx queue.

Then onto the chocolate section againg where another four of the fuckers were all doing their "stand there" shopping thing again, always the same pose. After picking up the Malteasers, the latest imposed variant to the chocolate habit, I got to the checkout and departed quickly. That I spent the last of my three $5 bills (blue color) there was likely a big event for the perps, concerned about the color of my wallet contents as they are. (The second $5 expenditure of the day). The shiftless males were still hanging around, and I have never seen it quite so obvious before at night time. One was still standing at the motorbikes, and not appearing to own one, which is exceedingly strange behavior as he is tipping his hand that he doesn't belong there at all. A real thief would look busy, and wouldn't hang around.

A holiday here tomorrow, Good Friday, so it will be interesting to see what kind of action will unfold, though my expectation is that it will be a shut-in day as I don't have any engagements and I seem to be stocked up on all my groceries.

Enough of the blathering today, and onto posting this.

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