Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Sunday Evening at Home

An odd turn of events, (har, har) and here I am back at Abuse Central, blogging away and explaining how this anomaly came about. My in-town brother came to visit my mother just when she was outside in the backyard, and I invited him in naturally. He stayed for supper in front of the TV, and long enough such that I asked him for a ride back to my place as I will be staying at my mother's place tomorrow night anyways as she leaves early for a flight to Hawaiil Tuesday morning. I do the driving to the airport, and park the vehicle back at her place, and then will take the bus back into downtown where I live. I cannot think of any major uses for the vehicle, but I am sure I will, or something will develop, over the next nearly two weeks while she is away in Hawaii with my out-of-town brother, his wife, and their child. One never knows when the PC will take another powder, as the perps won't let me inside to install things as they make my fingers shake when the tools are in hand, as well as totally dithering me. And the last attempt got plainly sabotaged as they wouldn't let me install extra DDR2 memory for crissakes, one in each slot pair. I had to humpf the PC a block with DDR2 memory in hand and have them install it, and lo, if it didn't install both DR2 sticke in one slot pair, and not one per slot set. I never did figure that one out, and they made sure I felt roundly "befuddled", (read, imposed mental state with respect to task accomplishment), and so I take the PC in for nearly everything. Naturally I had to pay up for the privelege, but they made themselves look vital as they ran a memory test as well. Such is the state of imposed incapacitation here, and if the assholes expend some effort to detail what my limits are in any domain, I give up as it isn't worth the hassle.

The First Feral Family luncheon at my ex's place went OK; the usual avoidance as to what I am doing or how I am, and aloof daughter to boot. Nothing new there. A grandson's girlfiend was also there, and she looked totally shell shocked, and that goes with the turf; equivalent to inviting toxic waste into their presence it seems.

AT the luncheon the "kids" including mine who is 19 years old sat on the living room couch 10' away, while the adults sat at the dining room table. I noted that the kids were given some six to ten small freezer bags to apportion their chocolate eggs into, and one of them seemed especially taken with playing and flipping with the bags with foil covered chocolate eggs in them, and also sucking the air out of the bag with a straw, and later puffing up the the bags. I assume this was part of the perp's plastic bag exposures, not to mention at least one player filling his lungs up with air from the plastic bag and the perps divining some kind of energetic difference between them and me as a quantitative outcome. Been there, done that, which includes the street vagrant shopping cart acts getting larger with more plastic bags, and now trains of two or three shopping carts, likewise filled. As mentioned before, the perps cannot get enough of me exposed to plastics of all kinds, and that includes burning them to release PCB's if need be. The perps seem to have at least six ubiquitous pollutants that they are managing for, both exposures in seeing or even touching them, often going to the extreme of placing Fuckwits moving furniture or carpets in close proximity, typically being a source of PBDE's (bioaccumulative endocrine disruptors). Not my problem, not my fuckup, so why are the agents of these pollutants screwing over a innocent citizen because it is now a problem for them and their remotely applied insane depravities? (It is my conspiratorial take that any major industrial chemical or compound combination or process first passes muster with The Powers That Be, TPTB.)

Then back to the First Feral Family home for more cakes and tea, reading the newspapers while the TV is on in the next room. Though, both parents went to sleep in their respective chairs, fitting the longstanding perp arrangement to have sleeping bodies in my proximity if remotely plausible. (Or, to have me doze off in front of this PC).

Joint family viewing of the TV tonight covered the Global news from Vancouver, without the dishy meteorologist, but the weekday guy instead. The icky blonde woman was the anchor, but the more Favored authentic emotive blonde also got a spot. Then 60 Minutes, with a major negro story about AIDs in Africa, where they had my in-town brother watch and me look out the window, save the odd furtive glance to see if the negro exposure was over. They had me expounding on the patentable human genes story, vilifying the patent concept for found DNA of humans or other life forms. Then another round of the same over software patents. Naturally neither responded as the perps like to arrange these imposed soliloquies where the other party says nothing. I might as well talk to a wall, as this bullshit suddenly started when the perps went overt-beserk in 04-2002. But in this case, I don't think either of them had much of a concept about what patents should cover, so a non-response, non-discourse outcome, wasn't wholly unexpected.

More plasma watching tonight, as the perps pulled a rare event off tonight, having me pack for a Sunday night stayover at the First Feral Family home, and then electing not to, bringing back my packed items at least 12 hours earlier than usual, and without them being used. Such is the excitement for the assholes, especially in storing my damp face cloth in a plastic bag, taking it there, not using it, and bringing it back, and using it tomorrow. They cannot get enough of these disruption of routines, and I would surmise that they carefully select just when they are going to pull this stunt off as the opportunities are fewer.

Another ongoing concurrent sideshow is the assholes still have the kitchen flourescent light not working, and in its place, three other lights on, an LED, a halogen and an incandescent. And to add to their excitement, I came home later, and turned them on, unlike the usual timing of me bieng here and turining on the lights at dusk onset. Also playing in the hallway is the floors remaining covered in light polyethelene plastic in readiness for painting for four days now. Another one of those convergent coincidences given their interest in having me exposed to plastic varieties.

Enough of the patter, and on with blogging off..

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