Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Tuesday Like a Monday

An overnight stay at the first Feral Family home last night, a Monday, and it is something I ordinarily do on Sunday nights, waking up there and doing various chores and things, or driving for my mother who seems to lack confidence when she is off her daytime beat. I drove her to the airport this morning, so she could catch a flight to Vancouver where she meets up with my out-of-town brother and family and they all travel to Hawaii together for two weeks on the big island.

So... the PC needing the two disks installed for back up purposes, why, it was a good time to take her vehicle back to my place downtown afterward, and get my PC and disks, take them to the shop and get it all assembled. (The perps make my hands shake if I attempt this myself). Anytime I move the PC anywhere is a major gangstalking event, and adding magnetic rotational media is genuinely a big deal for them. I have detailed the vagaries of ordering and recieving the disk drives in recent posts, and I won't go over that again. That included a 5 month old disk drive with a 5 year warranty having to be RMA'ed and getting a new one that was larger by 110Gb.

Once I was done my backing and forthing, the PC was hooked up, and then it had to be pulled out three times before it would fully function; power cord "forgotten", then the USB for the mouse didn't work even when correctly attached, so I put it in another and it was fine, then the router was't working somehow, so another shutdown to poke at it, disconnect it etc. One can discern extra perp interest when they have me connect and disconnect and move the PC and examine its connections and move ti again, and again. Little did I know what was to come.... read on.

The two 640Gb disks were for backup, one for Windows, the other for Linux. I had expected to use Partition Magic as it can format disks, one for Windows in NTFS and one for Linux in Ext3. And lo, if Partiton Magic didn't crap out on me and not perform the latter, leaving me with a disk that would be not accessible in Linux (given my rudimentary knowledge of Linux). I tried the Linux tray, as I have removable hard drive rack and switch between them by pulling a tray with the bootable hard drive on it. After messing around, I pulled the tray and put the Windows drive back in.

Then a sudden need for a crap, and what a mess it was too; two toilet overflows, three towels to soak up the water, and extended plunging, some four minutes worth. I will save all the other details, but as there is a big brown push on the gangstalking of late, this wasn't too unexpected in retrospect. Other brown action was to my Amazon parcel arriving just before tea time, and while the tea was steeping, and it in its brown box was on my desk for all my 100g chocolate with my tea. And as I was attending to the above system maintenance activities, one book from the parcel is on the desk in front of this display as I write this, and the other is on the shelf above. If you suscribe to my formative concepts about the perp's interest in "color energies" that are directly transmissible, especially in in contact, one will discern that the books in the brown cardboard parcel are next to my PC as brown energetic color references, though no actual brown color on their cover or pages. (Wrong; the Linux Pocket Guide has some deep brown color on the title, therefore it serves as a (dark cover portion) brown on (light cardboard color from contact) brown reference. Or, add your own explanation, as I am open to any consistent and cogent explanations as why the perps are so fucking bent out of shape over the color brown, and have been for close to eight years of this insane and depraved abuse. (Their opening stunt after the apartment invasion of 04-15-2002 was to block the toilet with a balloon, necessitating cleaning it out and all manner of messy events).

With that news out of the way, I will detail the preceding part of the day, and hopefully tie into the above precepts that the perps work by.

An early get up at 0615h as my mother needed to be off at 0730h. For some strange reason, she poured out brown cereal flakes with milk and only ate half of them. After a minute or so she went upstairs and dumped in the bathroom toilet. This also served as an excuse to go and beat the (ceramic) crockery, an event that happens with considerable frequency among all participating perps; quislings, operative and shills. And lo, when I went up there 20 minutes later to have a shower, why, there were cereal flakes about, that somehow didn't make it. A brown stalking perhaps, in advance of me going to the same room to take a shower.

Even though we were "reverse commuting", going in the opposite direction of the predicted flow of traffic, there was just as much headed in the same direction as we were. And not to diverge from the vehicular gangstalking script, there many white and silver grey vehicles, some black and mid-grey vehicles, with clusters of embedded red vehicles, and the odd metallic tan brown vehicle arranged in both directions, around our vehicle, and in the opposite lane. As always, it is a mighty significant event when both of us are in the vehicle together on these local roads, and all the more so when an aircraft flight is pending. The perps have long demonstrated gangstalking and other interest in accordance with one's elevation with respect to the ground level, and that includes elevators as well as well as taking an aircraft flight. One TI with whom I have spoken has recieved multiple abuse episodes at the hands of airline personnel, and it is mighty curious that the flight/elevation theme continues to get signifcant perp attention.

My mother suggested having a coffee at the airport before she set off, so on with the brown again, and it didn't take long before the Coffee Corps dudes filtered in and came to adjacent tables. The faux family thing was on again, taking pictures of each other nearby. And a very unusual gangstalking stunt, this one with brushing contact. I was with my mother, and the next instant something touches the back of my hand that was at my chest (don't know why), and it was a male Fuckwit in his black jacket, adroitly cruising in between us, something my mother was surely in on to create the space for the fucker. I never saw the guy coming, not even my peripherial vision, and it is very concerning that the assholes are pulling these total "blank out" stunts of late, this being the second one I can recall in the past month. Besides, it was totally fucking rude to cruise so close to someone when there was plenty of empty space to go around, and the dude wasn't any bit bothered by niceties. Hallmark of a sick fucker.

Once I left the airport I was travelling in the direction of the main commute, and so it was much the same with the ordered vehicles, by color and by type, e.g. SUV's, then station wagons, then sedans, then back up the scale to pickup trucks, and SUV's etc, with the odd dump truck thrown in as well. I noticed that about half of the intersections I passed through today, they put on at least one white tractor trailer in the intersection; making a turn, or slowly driving across one T intersection where I turned left with a backdrop of two white tractor trailers in file. Usually there was some livery on the trailer unit, and they were from various firms.

The police radar was out too, in both directions, though I don't know if that was exceptional or not as I haven't driven that route at that time of day, though for earlier commuting I rarely see them. Maybe it was legit, or maybe it was for those wonderful yellow jackets the police like to wear here.

I got back to the First Feral Family home and did some gardening chores, the neighborhood noise regimen duly ramping up. The came on the SAC aircraft noise, as least four I recall for the 2.5 hours I was attending to compost, raking pine cones and branches, securing the planted onions from racoon predation, and picking up rocks. Once I got to digging up the few weed plants in the bed that I previously dug up, the siren cascades started, but nothing new there in terms of coincident events.

The morning weather was very unsettled with wind, and deep grey colored skies in the distance, but it was OK for working outside. But when it came time for me to dig a hole and plant the flowering currant that was purchased last week, there was a sudden rain squall onset, and that hurried things along. Regular readers will recall there are many rain onsets when I begin new outdoor activities (or, if no rain, a wetted road intersection as one example), and given that planting any kind of seed or plant is of interest to the perps, this wasn't too different as I see it from the TI perspective. The rain hurried matters by me (or them, planting the notion), deciding not to plant the four remaining junipers plants acquired last week, and leaving it for another day.

Once the gardening was deemed done, I went inside, but no lunch as the fridge had been cleaned out, only a banana. Given the strange habit of the perps of "banana stalking", I knew this was tota bait, but as I was hungry, it would do. Off in the vehicle again to get my PC, greet the brown dogs in the shop, (visiting family it was explained to me), and then lug it back to the apartment. The Man in Peanut Butter Brown was waiting at the front door of the building, holding it open for me as the PC was now 5lb heavier with two more hard drives in it. I was grateful for that, even if it was a setup, but they made me wait for the elevators as both were tied up for four minutes at least. And lo, if somewhere along the drive back, I didn't pass by a parked vehicle with an open window, and there was a person next to a bunch of bananas sitting on the center console of their vehicle, next to them. As usual, I had my vehicular gangstalking contingent, and it was heavy to reds, packing four to eight per intersection, and at least four in my visual field.

I caught the bus back into downtown, and it started out normal for once, only two others on the bus when I got on, much as I would expect for the deep suburbia of Gordon Head. It didn't take too long, like one stop, before the weirds and the mid-day weekday oddities started coming on board, some stops with as much as 10 passengers boarding. I have long pondered these crowds heading into downtown in the mid-afternoon of weekdays, especially the dude-force, some of them looking like the least likely person to be taking a bus (ever), never mind then. The take-the-cake award went to the Asian man standing at the front of the bus in a bright red authentic Ferrari jacket; like WTF, his second car would be a Porche for crissakes. It was standing room only on the bus for some of the ride, I got an Asian male next to me with others around me, though they seemed to not know each other even if they boarded together. Beats the smelly vagrant act by a long shot. And I seen the auburn haired woman, as close to redhaired (highly Unfavored) as the perps wanted to expose me to then, was obstructed my a slightly more brown haired woman. There were other comings and goings of the freaks and their clothing colors, but none that are now recallable.

I stopped at the LD store on my walk from the bus stop, and the perps were totally rabid inside, along with the extra outside comings and goings, even putting on suits at 1430h for crissakes. The chocolate aisle was readied with four gangstalkers in black, so I went to the shaving section and got some Oral B, only green was availible this time, and more razor blades. Back to the chocolate aisle and hoping it was cleared, but no, not only the four MIBs, but two more faux-shoppers, the ones that stand there in deep thought as I pass in front of them. And of course, I should of known, more Milka bars to load up on, four stacks of them this time, with me taking eleven bars. I had my floating crowd around me, one of them being a forester colleague, looking terribly old, and was held up for one customer at the checkout, nothing too unusual there. As I waited, I noticed that my chocolate aisle gangstalkers filtered into view, doing the reprise gangstalking again at a different location, one with some natural light. [New, added same day; One woman was partially obscured by the checkout and she was staring at me, and in another all time first, the perps had me staring right back at her as she was moving, visible from the nose up. I have never, ever, known myself to stare at someone and be unaware of it before. Yet another native capability defeated by remotely applied mind-fuck games]. More wierds leapt out from the building corners I passed on my way back, and others dithered with their bicycles in my intended path, and it was back to my place, starting with the vexations of the PC begining this posting, above.

That's about all the news, hopefully it ties together as the perps are not letting me re-read and edit to the degree I would do if unfettered by invasive mind-fuck abuses. No doubt some more of today's high intensity gangstalking and abuse will come to mind, and I will add it in if significant.

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