Friday, April 02, 2010

Gratuitous Whacks from Nowhere

A screaming rage "reaction" due to getting whacked on the knuckles by no observable force or interaction while I was putting away the coffee filter in the top cupboard. I was drawing my hand down after placing it, and my hand was 8" clear of anything, and then my knuckles got whacked. These more blatant extra-conventional applied force abuses get an automatic extra rage-ified response per mindfuck script. There is no particular reason, as one abuse event is the same as the next in terms of identifying the intent, and the pain factor has been lessened by the assholes making me less pain sensitive all round. I seems that the assholes need me enraged all the more these days, and are escalating the blatant nature by demonstrating yet more divergence of causal action and effect. Other extra obvious fuckery is adding noise to any action I do; an example is picking things up in the kitchen, as the clattering noise keeps continuing when the object is clearly grasped in mid air and is no longer contacting anything to make any noise from any source. This goes on everytime I pick something up or place it down, which is to say, highly invasive and fucking pointless from my perspective.

Other bullshit extended to before getting up with the wind howling through the misfitting frame of the kitchen window, an aluminum frame that is somehow ill-fitting and has a 3/8" gap in it that is a source of accelerated wind, its noise (or more like, extra noise augmentation), and ongoing cool air entry. I had removed the drafting tape sealing the gap a few weeks ago to start getting some fresh air in the place, and lo, if I wasn't compelled to reseal it again once I got up. But as the perps are totally beserk over adhesives, and especially sealing tape, it isn't too much of a stretch to figure out why this keeps happening. There have been at least two separate incidents in the last week of store cashiers handling sticky labels at the counter, and so continues  the perp beserkness over every day adhesives.

When preparing breakfast the assholes jerked me around to then have me place two spoonfuls of hemp seed in my cereal bowl when it has been only one for the past seven years of the same breakfast diet. This kind of blatant mind control has become more prevalent of late as they continue to disrupt long running routines for reasons best known to themselves. Then they pulled another coffee mess over the stovetop, the fresh coffee grounds magically flying off the spoon and landing in an arc around the coffee pot, requiring the blue sponge to be applied to cleaning up the semicircle of grounds around the pot. They don't even bother to make this stunt look like it has a probable cause even, they just blatantly flick off the coffee grounds. As the coffee grounds are brown colored, and I am routinely vision fucked at this juncture, and also subject to concurrent extra outside noise and plasma beams, it would seem that coffee handling, drinking, consumption and digestion is a big part of the very consistent theme of their brown color research that is so predominant. They don't send out all those parading Fuckwits with a coffee cup in hand for nothing, these portable sources of brown color references, outside and inside the Fuckwit, aka, the Coffee Corps. And I see a new coffee wholesale outfit has arrived on this city block, so there is a good chance that this may be contributing to this entire Fuckover scene.

Other nonsense in the night was to plant more vivid and technical dreams prior to waking up, a common occurence since dream invasion was stepped up last year. There were some people I knew in the dream, and they even added one of their favorite feminine motifs, the doe eyed babe with dark hair. I don't think that theme will be dropped anytime soon, as it has a way of getting attention like the much Favored blondes do.

Good Friday is a statutory day off here in the Gestapo State of Canda, though one could not be certain from the plethora of parked vehicles outside, even at 0830h when I got up, and long before any businesses were open. As usual, a strategic arrangement of black, white, silver-grey vehicles with the odd red vehicle embedding in the middle of the file or cluster. Even a "chance" glance out the balcony window for two seconds or so while crossing the room has vehicles arranged. Both times this morning there was a four to six vehicle cluster all travelling at the same speed, and all greyscale colors (as above). Which means, even the most fleeting of glances out the window have arranged vehicle clusters in motion. This is nothing new, as even back in 2005 in a different residence location there seemed to be constant arrangements outside for me to witness as I "happened" to be glancing outside. Many of these were vehicles, but as I was on the fourth floor, and looking down an alley, they would arrange partial views of ambulatory gangstalkers, arms or legs for example with the rest of the gangstalker obscured by buildings.

Other stunts that I wasn't allowed to recall until it was too late to do anything about is the kitchen flourescent fixture. It went on the fritz this morning before breakfast and it was light enough that I didn't really need to have it on. And lo, when it was 1700h I suddenly "remembered" and I got the assistant manager flake who insisted it was a bulb problem when it is a ballast problem. He then said the phone number was for emergencies only, which is total bullshit as it is the only phone number for the manager, and so I left it that he would fill out a piece of paper to then supply to the manager who is away all weekend. Convenient isn't it, the assholes who fuck with lighting levels and sources all the time take out a light on the start of a long weekend. As an example as to how rabid the perps are about lighting, they had all the flourescent fixtures changed in the wing of the classrooms that I attended for my Oracle courses, over 50 rooms is my take. They also took out a incandescent light in the bathroom, and now I am using the LED lights to augment the dim conditions the kitchen lighting fixture isn't lighting.

Much of the afternoon and early evening was spent in Linux land, and getting my Oracle install readied. I got hung up on devices and what their names were as I had this long "Mapper, Vols..." name which I know is not the device name. The internet wisdom didn't really help, and despite looking at df and du commands I could fathom what this was all about and why it cannot be as easy as Windows. And I ams still confused at to what is a Linux device as opposed to a partition and I reckon this confusion was designed as the assholes scripted at least the eighth pee just when I thought I had it figured out. Then when back from the bathroom the cognitive dithering came on and I gave up, shutdown Linux and then swapped hard drives to then reboot in Windows. The joys of having a removable hard drive rack.

And it has been cold all afternoon and now evening, with the wind up and intermittent rain. Some 23,000 residences were without power this morning, but I was OK. The perps like to script the odd power outage I have come to know, once arranging two outages, occuring each time I was in a specific store for two visitations in succession within a week, and just when I had finished all my grocery shopping. Funny how all those excuses keep erupting, one being an owl flying into a transformer and blowing it up and taking out power to 60,000 residences as I recall from five years ago.

More lighting changes, as I put the standing halogen light on, and the light seemed to come out a yellow color and not light much else around it. Then more temperature sensitivity, and so I put on thick wool socks, and lo, if that wasn't the excuse for my toes to then jam into each other. The perps seem intent on creating extra sensations today, and I suppose this is just one more.

They have also been guiding my fingers to do things I didn't want like clicking on the wrong mouse button and cancel is pressed instead of save. I thought the assholes had grown out of that juvenility, but the weekend crew hasn't it would seem.

A time of getting carried away while warmer after having tea and chocolate. Perusing hi-fi stereo equipement seems to keep my captors content, as does bookmarking movies to see one day when allowed that activity.

Enough for a shut-in day as the overhead pounding noise starts up through the earmuffs, and call this blog posting done.


Anonymous said...

That's one of the few things I liked about Solaris: so easy to find device names. All one has to do is issue "rmformat" at the Solaris command line, and it will list the device manufacturer/type, as well as the device name (/dev/rdsk/c1t0...). Linux is much simpler with naming devices, but one has to peruse through dmesg to figure it out. Usually, on Linux, the disk device names are /dev/sda for first disk, /dev/sdb for second disk. Then the partitions would be named /dev/sda1 for first partition on the first drive. If you've got an extended partition, then you have logical partitions, and they start with 5 for the first logical partition, and keep increasing in order. For example, partition one is an extended partition on drive 1, then the 3 logical partitions would be named:


But my experience with Linux goes back 15 years, so I have seen a lot of changes come and go in the Linux kernel.

Now I'm using NetBSD on my laptop. Nice, but not at all user friendly. It seems like Solaris is actually very good in this regard, as it has a standard desktop (Gnome), and the interfaces are consistent through many years, despite many changes. Linux is always in flux with respect to naming conventions of devices and other kernel features. The thing I like least about Solaris is the availability of packages is very poor compared to Linux and others. But then, Solaris is probably the most used for servers/databases in the enterprise. It's also got a reputation for being a sluggish beast, but it doesn't seem to bad to me in terms of speed. Definitely not as fast as NetBSD or Linux.

AJH said...

Answer to: That's one of the few things...

Thanks, I will take another look at this, as it seems the perps wanted me to "stall out", as in cognitively dithering me as to what is going on. The Oracle install instructions aren't helping any, as they seem to be out of date for RH 5.4, which is what they build their Linux on. I suspect this entire Oracle/Linux install and operation and study (for exams), isn't going to happen soon, but is yet another protracted exercise that will take six months or more. I cannot get the Gnome GUI file browser and the ls command to be consistent as to what files and directories are where. I ordered a Linux pocket guide, though I have already found discrepancies between command sets among distribution versions. New to me, but not the Linux community I suspect. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Maybe take a look at Linux Unleashed.

Back in 1995, this was a good introductory book. Back then, there weren't very many Linux distributions. Ubuntu is one of the recent ones that seemed very decent to me.

AJH said...

Answer to: Maybe take a look...

Thanks, I will have a look. My systems zeal seems to wax and wane, coming on strong and then getting lazy, fitting the perp imposed pattern with so many activities. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if Linux Unleashed is current, though. On my systems, I pretty much ditched Windows except for one system, a laptop running Vista. That one, I saved for compatibility. But I had gone completely Microsoft free back in 1999, lasting until 2001 or so. I got one laptop in late August, and Windows Vista Basic came off of that one pretty darned fast. This was a $299 15-inch special from Best Buy. The only problem was the DVD RW drive, which makes a Godaweful noise with certain DVDs. I can't figure out why... there is this horribly loud vibration that the DVD drive makes with a fully-packaged 4.7GB DVD. It sounds like it may just start smoking or just shatter from the excessive vibration. Smaller CD's are not a problem there.

My other "baby" is my EeePC netbook, a 10 inch screen I can barely see. Very neat, though. This particular laptop is very tiny, and does not have an optical drive. Perhaps the perps mindfucked me into buying this, and I think the reason may be that without an optical drive, you have to boot from USB sticks. Or, you can PXE boot, which is booting over a network... always a huge pain in the arse, to be sur.

With the EeePC, I was forced to learn how to create bootable USB sticks, sans the optical drive. Sysresccd has some builtin ways of creating USB sticks.

This is a nice utility to have in case your system ever gets hosed.

Another thing about the EeePC, is that it is tiny compared to normal laptops, and the LCD backlight is LED instead of Flourescent, certainly an interest to the perps (LED vs. flourescent).

I felt the strange compulsion to go out and buy the EeePC. And I let the sales dude talk me into getting the $120 coverage plan, which I wish I hadn't bought. The netbook only cost $279, because it had Windows XP, whereas an identical model which has Windows 7 cost $20 more at $299. Natch, I chose the cheaper XP version. I figured out how to do a bootable USB stick, and in no time, Xp was off of the netbook, and I was running Linux.

If I hadn't gotten fucked into buying that $120 service plan, I could've bought a $65 external optical drive, so I could boot CD's and DVD's instead of messing with bootable USB sticks. But then, I wouldn't have learned how to make and install from USB sticks. I suppose the perps wanted me fucking with USB drives instead of the usual DVD/CD drives. USB sticks are just a special kind of flash memory, where the electrons get trapped in a floating gate. There could be something about USB thumb drives that get the perps all pumped. They seem to get excited over that recently. And of course, don't forget about my cheap Toshiba with the loud vibrating DVD drive. I suppose that was by design, too -- to get exposure to extremely loud and irritating vibrations.

Now the perps are trying to mindfuck me into buying another netbook, this time a Gateway or different brand than my Asus. When I was standing in line to buy my netbook, I got noisestalked by the security alarm going off "by mistake". I suspected one of the sales persons there were shills, "in charge" of the noisestalking by inadvertantly tripping the security alarm. And it can't be coincidence that the alarm went off while I was paying with my credit card.

Then I went to Macy's the next Wednesday. The sales woman insisted that I get a Macy's credit card, and she duly fixed me up with one. It seems the perps get all excited over me getting new credit cards. Wherever I go, the store people insist I get the [Store name] Credit Card. They keep accumulating.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm not sure if...

I got inveigled into getting a credit card that I didn't use or need back in 2005, and bailed on it once the fee started the next year. I never used it, kept it in my filing cabinet, and I can only surmise that the perps wanted the magnetic striped card in the file cabinet. Presently, the perps had me purchase two more hard drives, (rotationg magnetic media) which I don't reallyneed, save this urgency to back my files up. More magnetics in more places it would seem. Thanks for the comments.