Saturday, April 10, 2010

Night Time, Day Time, Linux Admin

A few hours were expended last night for the immersion into Linux logical volumes mapping, along with the now obvious cognitive sabotage to make this a longer exercise, and to protract the following Oracle DBMS installation. The logical volume mapping was done on install (not by me), and I am attempting to understand what it is, and ponder removing it as the Oracle Linux instructions (strangely) don't mention it, and there is at least one directory that has to also be correctly named if it is going to all hang together. This looks to be a six month project at least. I will promise to keep the tech talk down to a minimum in these postings, but suffice to say, it seems to be important for the sickos that 1) I blunder along in an imposed cognitive fog 2) review a topic (such as logical volumes) both at night time and day time, and 3) and protract any exercise related to technical accomplishment.

And not to mention the accompanying noisestalking that is getting through the earmuffs I am wearing, the backup beeper noise recieving significant airtime today, for minutes at a time, and who has ever seen a commercial vehicle backing up for that long in the cityscape?

Earlier and before lunch, a brief sortie out the LD store, and my usual and unusual gangstakers in place or arriving in place. I checked out the confectionary aisle, and it looked all clear except for one fat bearded sucker and his girlfirend coming through (after he backed his ass up to where the chocolate was), and when I got there, why two more gangstalkers had suddenly come in from nowhere. Either I am getting more fucked with in seeing things, or else they are teleporting in for whatever reason, cranking up the frequency level of this particular stunt, as it has been noted going back some five years or more.

Then the babbling Fuckwit at the checkout to protract the transaction, making two of them as it "so happened", with the intervening blue dressed gangstalker pretending to be unconcerned. Then the "stand over me" gangstalker dude arrived behind me, the all too familiar personal-space-invasion-by-the-male-Fuckwit-looking-elsewhere-with-his-mouth-hanging-open gambit. Then the blue coated woman ahead of me passed through the checkout, spinning the debit card 180 degrees after use for some reason, another public behavior first. Then a change up in the cashier, from male to female just for me it seemed, and on with the show of changing every possible parameter related to financial transactions, physical, gender, looks, noisescape, gangstalker-scape/parade, colors and whatever else the assholes are hounding me over for at every financial transaction, from coin trays, to bus passes to debit card use.

The assholes started the day strong by pissing me off for at least 30 rage-ifications before the regular morning routine was done, breakfast and bathroom. Sometimes it is the confluence of tossing packaging away, such as the concurrent end of the bread and the jam today. The highlight of the insane fuckery was to prevent me from opening the jam jar just ahead of washing it clean for recycling. Just when I was ready to heave it in the garbage, why, it suddenly became unstuck with no further force applied. Since they have fucked me most every morning for the last two weeks over opening this same jam jar that was never a problem before, I get especially annoyed when the assholes keep this bullshit going. And note, my ability to recall and prevent these games is constantly manipulated as well, so it the cognitive ability to learn and prevent such juvenility is also obstructed.

And what is with the pounding of the building when just arrived in bed? The assholes have been pounding the ceiling above (12" of concrete) at least twice per week for the past six months at this juncture, but last night they pounded the floor (downstairs ceiling) in a fit of extra belligerent noise/vibration games.

And what is with the text size manipulation games on this PC? Last night there were making the text size smaller when I would return back to a former page. I flip back again and the other site's text has also been reduced. This seems to be in concert with making some alphabetic letters a different color of a given word, and mashing text up without benefit of the usual spacing for the font. Another text "augmentation" is to have plasmic striations on this LCD panel, arranged horizontally and emulating the text size. Another realm of boundless fuckery, also escalating.

And some exceedingly strange dreams last night, very vivid and highly uncharacteristic (read, planted dreams). In my dreams there was a portable nuclear device that was found, and after some to and froe vignettes, it was set off in a nearby building and shook the one I was in. All too bizarre, but needless to say, this theme has been arranged for me to see online and read about elsewhere.

A sunny afternoon outside, and me inside. The noisescape has escalated up to include the Harley Davidson motorcycle noise, always earning me plugging my ears with my fingers. And the saxophone player/noise in the street, somewhere not visible from this apartment, came on just before, and during afternoon tea time with the chocolate the assholes like me to eat, and time noises for the instant it passes into my mouth. Once tea time was over, the saxophone noise was over. Funny how this happens so often, noises start or end when I undertake activities, some of them being noise creating, e.g. running faucet water.

At least a week of elapsed time spent on my Linux efforts over logical volumes and volume groups, and what gets mounted under what name came down togetting rid of the unweildy name. I was trying to get the infernal handle `/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00' removed as the mount point, as it was supplied by the Linux installation. All I wanted was the device name, '/dev/sdc2', and this is what I get for my efforts:

    [root@localhost /]# mv /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00 /dev/sdc2
mv: `/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00' and `/dev/sdc2' are the same file

Like, WTF. So there is a symbolic link bewtween the two devices, one the assigned name and the other a logical name, and somewhere deep in the bowels of Linux it knows they are the same. Another complaint I have with Linux is that they aren't files at all, but a device name (a hard drive). This LInux activity and getting Oracle to run on it looks to be six month chore. Maybe I should study the development tools in Windows instead. Just me complaining about something technical, and adverse, instead of the common everyday things being adverse.

Time for some pictures for relief, though now they have to be loaded one at a time in this new Blogspot menu I have. (That isn't there when I use Linux).

All are in sequence, taken on Jan. 21, 2010, 14:36 08sec. Same deal as yesterday; the balcony door frame leaks air real bad, so it is sealed up for the winter, and I take the few pics through the window, and am confined to this shot for the most part. Some symmetry with three white vehicles parked on the distant side of the street running L to R. and a black convertible with its black fabric roof up "hiding" behind the tree, and inserted in the file of the three white vehicles. Of minor note, is the Laddermobile", parked on the far R. in the parking lot, the same vehicle that gets moved around and seen in past pics. The perps routinely plant ladder bearing vehicles around me, and the more ladders the better it would seem. A silver-grey (similar greyscale as white) vehicle is proceeding to the R., almost behind the same tree, and a black vehicle ahead of it for a S. bound/facing black vehicle sample it would seem.

Jan. 21, 2010, 14:36 16sec. There are two additional black vehicles now heading to the L., (the latter could be deep navy blue) one being convertible and almost beside the black parked convertible.

Jan. 21, 2010, 14:36 20sec.A third L. bound vehicle arrives in the center, and seemingly pulling up to a red light as they stay in position in the following pics.

Jan. 21, 2010, 14:36 26sec. A little red symmetry now, foreground behind the bars in the parking lot, another partially obscured by the railing, a third red vehicle in motion, P. bound. All centered in mid picture at the moment I took this.

Jan. 21, 2010, 14:36 38sec.I skipped one pic in the sequence, but here a black vehicle "fills in" where the red one was, following it.

Enough of this, as one can tell, they even put on these shows for me and ensure some decent oddities for the camera. Blogging off here, as the rumbling noise has started up, the drive to send me to bed and then start pounding the floor if last night's performance is to be repeated.

Just reviewing, and I noticed the word "device" seems to come up often, maybe the theme of the day, but it may persist for a few more days yet. Stay tuned, and see if it "happens" for you folks out there in TI Land.

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