Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sudden Pre-lunch Action Flurry

I was about to create a system repair disk when my in-town brother called, and he happened to be in the neighborhood, and wanted to pay me for the last of the laboring work I did at his place. So..., being totally negligent of ever making a system disk for Windows, and weary of the Windows 7 functionality/name changes, I decided to leave the PC running while making a system disc. I chose the green DVD -R disks that are Lightscribed for labelling, the ones that didn't work for some reason a few months ago, and launched before I went downstairs. He was in his small pickup truck across the street, and paid me in orange $50's and green $20's. We chatted a bit while the freakshow coursed by; big red outfits, retards, male ponytails (2), a geriatric red dyed hair act and a few others, not to mention the passing vehicles and cyclists that erupted.

While seated in my brother's truck, I sorted my wallet of the three $50 bills, and the $20's, while sitting beside other bills of the same colors that were loose, and not for me. Anyhow, I departed after a few minutes, and met the manager in the lobby office and talked to him about the dead bulbs in the kitchen lamp, and he said he would get onto it, and would come by shortly. I had left a note in his box but he didn't mention it, and the assistant manager topic came up in the elevator and in response to the manager's question, I explained what had transpired with the assistant manager in his absence over the Easter weekend.

The manager came as I was standing on the chair in the kitchen, taking the flourescent light fixture apart. The new flourescent bulbs had green colored metal ends, curiously, given the gree quotient that was building. Anyhow, new flourescent bulbs are working fine, and it isn't too unusual for the perps to change the lighting in my proximity. All the flourescent fixtures at the college in the building where I had attended evening classes for 2.5 months were changed. Not a smoking gun of perp chicanery by any means, but they do have an abidding interest in having artificial lighting changed more frequently than expected, as well as a long track record of having the outside lights on in the daytime wherever I go; sometimes all of them around a building, sometimes only partial, and sometimes only one street light per block, rotating each week or so.

After the manager was gone, I checked out the running DVD, and it had burned just fine, when it hadn't some months ago. Then there was the Lightscribe application where the software governs the DVD writer and prints a label on the green (in this case), label side. After a series of software jerkarounds to run it for the first time, the disc label did get made after the manager departed. This all sounds so trivial, but the preceding activity of the morning was doing passive web surfing, and just when I was to make a disk of a image backup, everything started happening with the phone call, my in-town brother "happening" by, the manager being availible and the rest of it, a green theme as part of the deal as well, green $20's, and green labeled DVD disk running OK when it hadn't before. All that leads to the question of what role did my PC remaining on while I went down six stories and outside to rub my fingers with orange and green bills in relative daylight have to do with all of it. Can the perps map the PC's blue lights to me outside, or was it all to get me outside for green and orange "readings" and then have me go upstairs to deal with more green colored objects? And that I am wearing an olive green shirt today might also be of interest to the perps, but this topic is already getting tangled and trite enough. As mentioned many times, the perps have no end of interest in all my financial tranactions, from coin vending machines to spending money for groceries or even writing checks and mailing them, so it wasn't too surprising to have extra perps chicanery unfolding on a suddenly arranged (to me) payment.

OK, a little conspiratorial indulgence, though not from the victim's perspective. A professor studying the use of radio waves to abate cancer got the attention of the remote watchers it would seem, and paid the ultimate price. Which, if you buy into this theory of prior and covert arrangement, suggests that the THEMS must have been monitoring the professor's progress and elected the snuff option at a critical juncture. Something similar "happened" (IMHO) to Dr. Eugene Mallove studying free energy research. And Bruce Depalma (and here) got a case of cancer when he started to proble the underpinings of our current accepted Electromagnetic and Kinetic theory. This "happens" far too often to be coincidence IMHO, and I am not alone in this. In many researcher's opinions, there was similar accerated witness demise of the JFK assasination (and here), and also of the Clinton's Arkansas governship era before he became US president.

Some noises from outside getting through my earmuffs as I researched and linked the above site links. Hmm, who might have an interest in all this and are they connected?

I am getting plenty of extraneous light/plasma flashes today; blue light from the PC, red flashes in peripherial vision, yellow flashes over white objects, and so it goes. Very often there is an interplay of light flashes with real object similar colors; e.g yellow olive oil on a white plate with a prior yellow flash over a white object. Another variant is after thoroughly cleaning the dinner plate, a yellow flash is arranged in front of it, emulating the olive oil residue that was once there.

A two hour round of vexation before teatime, with the perps cranking me up with their sabotage, cognitive and PC system in concert, messing up defining a disk device in Linux, and then messing around with the Google search to look up specific terms, e.g. partition label type. Then constant typos over spelling "label" (and again), then they sabotaged an eight page printed document that came out without the examples, unlike the print preview. I suspect the whole idea was to generate vexation and futility, and then have me redefine the disks and partitions with the gparted software again, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. And with those colors of the tool bars zipping back and forth while waiting for the partitioning to be completed, it is a big deal for the sickos. So much so, that they had me do it twice in widely differing natural light conditions. And I suspect it is also of interest to them with the LCD display turned off while these tool bars are zinging back and forth with a colored timer indicator.

And I see the today's installed flourescent bulbs are rather bright, and with a reddish tone, making the butcher block formica pattern of the kitchen counter to be a reddish brown, and to me, exceptionally pukey. Tommorrow's mission might be to get new flourescent bulbs, the daylight kind, as I simply cannot stand these bulbs in the evening. Or, it could be the plasmic fuckery games, so who knows, but they have to go, and much of the daily battle is about taking away the excuses the perps might leverage.

When I was doing regular hiking when I had my vehicle until mid-2006, the perps would sometimes mess with the cloud colors, and make them have a brownish cast in the summer time. I found this particularly annoying, so I assume that they are still working on my light sensitivities. I have long had hassles with certain flourescent lighting sources, and in one office move, I took the daylight bulbs down and took them to my new office and mounted them and exchanged the extant ones. I can only assume this little vignette was right up their alley, taking the same flourescent bulbs with me to a new office location. The office move was from the S. side to the N. side, so I am sure there was plenty of perp influence on these office moves, about every 18 months or so, and all about their agenda; lighting, concrete exposures, color exposures and who knows what else they were chasing then.

And ongoing plasma beams and splotches, usually transient, in front of this LCD display as I type this, and then while in the kitchen making tea and having chocolate, the evening time tea break. Sometimes these plasma projections are in familiar shapes, like the stovetop burner ring spirals, and other times it seems to be a gratuitous color spatter, perhaps emulating a color I saw somewhere else. I suppose keeping me in these confined quarters keeps the color variability down. My only outing, if one could call it that, was to go downstairs and meet my brother for him to pay me outside. He could of just as easily come in, but I suppose the perp agenda is all important. In a similar incident last year he paid me outside in his vehicle, having just picked me up, and gave me the money as he was turning the first corner. Most TI's and regular readers will know how turning a corner in a BIG PERP EVENT; new rounds of color progressions, extra noise, extra silly gangstalkers turning their head so they don't know where they are going as they turn the corner and like bullshit, all to do with the anisotropic qualities of their plasmic phenomenon they use to exploit TI's with, and also being essential to their remotely sensed objectives.

Onto neutrinos and related things; one being the recent coal mining disasters; one in China, and one in Virginia. Back to conspiracy-speak again, as I don't find that these, or past flurries of mining disasters across the globe were a coincidence as far as timing goes. I have mentioned the "neutrino agenda" as part of the perp's harassement and abuse objectives, tieing in with how closely they manage my exposures to sunlight, and often keep me going in and out of sunlight in the summer time. Last year's berry picking job was a hassle as they kept jerking me around as to when being allowed to work outside, when it is the total work environment. There are certain neutrino types that can only get through the earth, and when one is in a deep mineshaft, one is sheltered from the neutrinos that come from the sun source as well as other cosmic rays. So.. I see that some recent neutrino research, geo-neutrinos has reported out as to their detection of this particular form of anti-neutrino, so who knows why this interests the perps so much, even putting on a screaming siren as I type this up.

I don't expect the topic of neutrinos to be interesting for the readership, but I include it as part of the entire perp scope, and ponder why in the fuck did they jump on my back when such fundamental research is decades from reaching fruition? My only hope is that the perps are covertly covering these neutrino observatories deep in the ground, and there is something else they are looking for that has an earlier payoff. The technical difficulties at one neutrino lab in Canada seemed to have the hallmark of covert perp sabotage, breaking all the glass bulbs of the detectors so it had to be drained and repaired. Any major endeavor of "do it again", "rebuild it" and the like outcomes is my jaundiced take on their covert activity, as I deal with this identical pattern of sabotage all day long, and it could be down to the level of crossing a room, and being forced to do it immediately again because I was fucked into "forgetting" something I had intended to get in the first place. The gangstalker "back and forths" are another example of the "repeat and do it again" practice that has become the perp standard operating prodedure. The bottom line is that I never knew what neutrinos were before all this harassment started up, and incrementally they have introduced me to this topic (by planted news stories) which I find mildly interesting, but really don't care. All I want is to be left alone rather than have the Fuckwits From Hell on me every mortal second. I have long given up the notion of privacy, freedom and the rest of the ideological bromides the Western world population at large lives under. Some TI's have recently expressed gratitude about being informed about the covert and abusive perp agenda at large, thanking them for "waking them up". I say Fuck That; these cowardly sickos rain abuse and tyranny for years without end on selected individuals every second of their days, script them like automons for their entire lives, deprive them of a living (in my and other's cases, but not all), keep them in an orchestrated farce, all to have them coralled into huge nonconsensual experimental agenda they won't declare. When I will be satisfied with justice, there will be a signifcant body count, and that goes down to the assholes that fuck with my typing by invoking typos every other word as this is written.

There are millions of people who die from old age or accidents every year, and they don't have a clue that this pervasive covert agenda is ongoing,and it makes no difference to their lives even if they had believed in a conspiratorial perspective. I would of been much better off continuing to work as I had been, than this wretched and infernal existence I have been confined to and cursed with. Raising tempests in teapots among the disposessed. I'd rather have monthly alien abductions than this abusive depravity.

I have unloaded, as all TI's must, about every week or so, and on that note it is time to blog off as the typo fuckery and the on-screen color augmentations of this text is getting insane.


Anonymous said...

Fluorescent bulbs are definitely an item of interest, since they are a source of EMFs... how significant is anyone's guess. I haven't done any research here. The perps are very interested in incandescent bulbs, it seems, but don't see how they give off significant emfs compared to fluorescent. One property of filament bulbs is that there are electrons traveling through the tungsten filament, slamming into other metal atoms. The electrons jump into unpredictable orbits, then fall back down the ground level.. This causes a wide variety of wavelengths of light to be given off. I'm certain some of those wavelengths fall significantly outside of visible light range, notably infrared. I'm sure there may be some radio waves given off by incandescent bulbs as well. They seem to go crazy over these types, and in my case, it has been flashlight (3v-6v) incandescent bulbs that have made the perps go crazy. They had me buy a mini-laptop with an LED LCD backlight, so they are crazy over LED vs. Incandescent lamps, and I'm sure fluorescent LCD backlights.

In your case, it seems they want you to be exposed to all 3 types of lamps, for wavelength and energy packet comparisons.

Anonymous said...

Also I used to have this addiction to playing pinball back in my university days. Spent many hours in the arcade until the early morning hours. Where I used to teach, a mere 1 year ago, they did have one pinball machine there. Interesting that after they let me go, they took the pinball machine out. Or maybe the two events were scripted at the same time (my firing as well as the pinball removal). Seems me playing pinball gave the perps some interesting readings. And I always had the obligatory gangstalking students who would always park very close by me when I was playing. The kinetic energy of those metal balls combined with all the lights and electronics must've been a very exciting research ground for them.

And of course, it was a Steve Ritchie designed game, too, of course. Interesting how those earlier days at the university when pinball was still popular, I played Steve Ritchie designed games almost exclusively. And in 2008, here they had yet another S.R. designed game, but very recent.

I certainly miss those days,

AJH said...

Answer to: the comment that should of been posted but "somehow" didn't, on the topic of lighting...

The perps are changing up so many kinds of lighting, and of course, having rotations of nightime lighting on during the daytime, especially the sodium arc lamps. Back in 2002 when they allowed me to have a functioning Trifield meter (magnetic field measurement was working, the other two weren't), I noticed the halogen bulb lights in my apartment gave off a magnetic field. I also notice my mother constantly adjusting the halogen light at her chair when I visit for TV nights. As I don't have the comment posted, I cannot give a detailed reply, but suffice to say, the perps are working me over on all manner of light sources. And I agree, they are especially interested in LED lighting, and it doesn't surprise me that an LED lit LCD flatscreen is also of intense interest, backlighting one's PC work, in all its infinite color changes and imagery, as well as it being more interactive than say, a TV. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Also I used to have this...

[I see the lighting topic comment has arrived an hour later than expected, and after I had gone the supermarket, and after the perps planted the notion that they had me click "reject" when I know I accepted it].

Pinball; I have played it the odd time, but it was never a game that was in convenient proximity. I reckon the game has significant perp interest, one being a metal ball that zings around, as well as the springs tensioning and then releasing. The perps have an abidding interest in metals, and the source of the elements that comprise it. They also have a significant interest in stressed and tensioned metals, eg. cables, spokes, and springs. In the latter case of stressed and tensioned metals, there must be some kind of energetic output that they can measure, and then having a magnetically irradiated TI victim (me) pass by this "stress/tension energy" (or, whatever it is), brings on different energetic interactions with me that they are attempting to remotely detect. This is my explanation why the assholes are running bicycles up and down the sidewalks (contravening the local bylaws), and having their operatives and shills walking bicycles. I have never seen this bizarre habit before of walking bicycles on the sidewalk, which is legal, but extremely rare. Now, at least a half dozen per week are suddenly doing this now in this town. Thanks for the comments.