Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Drilling

A siren chirp as I read the time, and following the clock resetting that is going on, with the perps arranging a phone call from the ex in the middle of me yelling at them for fucking the PC's clocks again. Somehow, I always "forget" on boot up, but it hadn't been consistent for some reason, and only Windows boot-ups get the clock reset, but not the Linux boot-ups.

And airgun noise outside; the parking lot retractable gate is going through its fifth round of repairs after the protracted installation, one where they left a plastic bag over the bare motor (read, magnets) for two weeks.

A round of noise this morning from all quarters, and even more that is of no apparent source, a thudding noise from three feet away, and other overhead clunkings and rumblings. All my activities of making breakfast, eating it, cleaning the dishes, the entire bathroom activity of showering, towelling, shaving (especially), dental hygeine and anything else is always noise enhanced, sometimes to the point of absurdity. It is a given that a kitchen knife makes a rattling sound of hitting the glass jar when extracting jam or peanut butter from it, but there is no actual contact, not even close, and even when the knife is buried in the jam, away from the sides of the vessel or the bottom.

Rachael O. unloads on a didactic and/or prescriptive comment in this scintillating posting. I don't take kindly to others telling me what my experiences are from, and nor does she. These kinds of posers usually scoot off in short order when one asks them to rationally debate all phenomenon and harassment orchestration, and arrive at a big picture explanation. To date, I haven't gone more that one round of emails with the "reality denial artistes", and I am not intending to invite any more fatous followers by way of mentioning this.

A sortie to the local supermarket after doing laundry this morning. The hallways are still covered with a thin poly pastic for the painters, as well as having brown paper masking attached with green tape. The laundry room is the only room/area that has been painted in the full week of all the masking, the light yellow paint still curing judging by the smell. That my laundry spun and tumbled with the walls being just painted was no doubt part of the script. Even though the garments were shrouded in the respective laundering machines, there must be some kinds of chemical and color energetics interactions the perps are looking for, given their abidding interest in my laundry. Today's load was notable as both pairs of the first line jeans were in the same load, while wearing the only pair very light blue second line jeans today. For the duration of 2003 to 2006 or so, all my jeans would rapidly loose their deep navy color when new and change to a light blue within four launderings. Always the same Levi brand, and jean type. Now, they don't lighten in color so much, and when wearing these light blue ones as a backup pair, the perps go into heavy gangstalking as I have come to know.

Which was the case for a short foray to the local supermarket. I spoke with the manager once I got out of the elevator and told him about the flourescent bulbs he was going to take today, as he couldn't get it done yesterday. A pair of flourescent bulbs were removed yesterday as they made the light a reddish tone, something I could not stand, and acquired daylight bulbs yesterday. They were better, and I imagine the perps can fake light qualities as well as "reactions", so doubtless yesterday's bulb removal, and the one-night used set lying on the floor, was exciting stuff for the perps. Plus, I gave permission for the manager to enter my apartment in my absence at the local supermarket, so no doubt having some else in there that wasn't me, and with me outside (not far), I am sure this too was a big research deal today. With that kind of low level messing around after eight years of this insane and depraved abuse, I am sure this has at least two more years to go. They haven't yet advanced their fuckery to put brown vehicles around me in any number, so a long way to go yet. Just cardboard boxes in the pickup trucks is about as venturesome as the perps will get when out driving, as I was yesterday.

I did a round trip and back again like I did on Tuesday, four days ago, as I did yesterday. I took the bus to my mother's place, drove to the lighting shop and bought the daylight flourescent bulbs, drove to my apartment and dropped them off (same stooge sitting in the lobby the entire time), then drove back to my mother's place and proceeded to do gardening, this time planting four juniper bushes that were purchased last week. This was much the same as Tuesday, except the outing was to get my PC dropped off, later retrieved and put back here, and then returning to my mother's with her vehicle. In the interim, I did garden maintenance, and planted the red flowering currant bush, also acquired with the junipers on the same plant buying trip last week.

Needless to say, it was a vehicular gangstalking bonanza, having me in the vehicle by myself, Tuesday being when I dropped off my mother at the airport. The red vehicles were out in force, some four to six at a glance, and twice or more when one counted them all at or passing through an  intersection. The perps are getting more brave about brown colored vehicle placements, still in metallic light tan brown colors though, but usually when escorted by silver-grey and white colored vehicles, much like the beginning of the red colored vehicle exposures.

While planting the junipers yesterday, I got the usual noise eruptions, and bringing out the SAC aircraft (in noise at least) for three passes. There was other lower altitude aircraft buzzing around, and one timed exactly for the moment of planting the first juniper plant.

And what about the construction cranes these days? yesterday, one in suburbia with two powerline boom trucks, not seeming to be lifting anything, and easily a 100' crane, total overkill for power poles if that was the rationale. This I saw from the bus from the S. and then it was still in place when seeing it from the N. while driving to do my errands. One out the window today, taking down a hammerhead construction crane, a half block away. Last week the same at a different building site across the street, a driveable crane across the street from it, putting a hammerhead crane up, as seen when waiting for the bus. I have long come to the understanding there must be some unconventional properties about tensioned or stressed metals, such as the cable from a crane, as the perps continually arrange such circumstances in various forms such as bicycles (spokes in tension), tension cable pedestrian overpasses and the like.

Yesterday's action included driving across town to get some crop cover cloth, as the racoons in my mother's garden bed have been unusually active, and I didn't want to risk them being dug up like the beans last year. As mentioned, the vehicular gangstalking force was out in legions, color coordinated and arranging a large white tractor trailer or commercial delivery truck at least half the intersections I went through, continuing the coverage from three days ago. I also bought some kitchen items at this store, not that I do much original cooking, and it seemed that with a new garlic press and a garlic skin removal mat, the perps have big plans for me this summer once garlic is fresh. I doesn't tell me where I might be working, but I am assuming that my mother's hint as to no IT work until the fall will be accurate, and that I might be doing farm work in the interim. The perps don't seem ready for me to be working inside yet, as they are still carrying on with their research as to where others sit in my proximity, as well as the related clothing and seat colors, and in addition, whether the person is a Favored or Unfavored.

Yesterday on the city bus, they had a blonde two seats ahead of me, and within a few minutes, they put a large fat woman behind her, aligning their respective heads so the blonde's was difficult to see. The fat woman was wearing a deep brown colored sweater, a rare instance of placement of this color around me. Within two more stops, they put the carmine red coated woman in front of the blonde, also aligning her head so all three were lined up. Every once in a while, one of them would flick their head to the left or right for a short exposure to the one of them, momentarily breaking the alignment they had. In short order the carmine coated woman went to the front of the bus, out of view, and I can only assume they were going to play the same games with greater distance between me and them. I consider city bus trips to be a mobile color and energetics laboratory, playing out while the bus is (mostly) in motion, and attempting to either negate or enhance the influences of those from the earth, soil, roadway etc. These are usually the low floor buses with an elevated platform at the rear, though they have put the odd high platform bus on as well. They often put a Fuckwit with their back or their front facing the front right side wheel well, parked against the fiberglass wheel well box. I assumed these Fuckwits were posted to limit my forward view of the journey, but it might have something to do with the wheel/tire energetics. They also do their Cheersing chats with the bus driver from there as well.

A tea break just finished up, and it wasn't worth it. They fucked me silly for some 15 rage-fications when it was all done and over. Starting with the new box of tea, they fucked the opening because the cardboard zip pull went off track, gobbed some 1" x 1/8" of glue on top that retained some cardboard fibers, then screwed me into saying "paint" when I intended to say "glue" then wouldn't let my fingers open the mylar bag of teabags after opening it with the scissors, then wouldn't let me grasp one teabag, but each time I looked, I had two in my fingers when I specifically put my fingers around one, then they messed with the kettle so it would pour (and screwed me out of remembering this is what they nearly always do, (causing the kettle to be put down and the lid refitted to let in air), then while waiting for the tea to steep they banged my hand off three surfaces in succession while reaching for my pen, then when journalling, they then stuck the pages together so I couldn't continue writing until I screamed at them, then did their usual chocolate crumbs flying in from nowhere while eating it off a dinner plate, stuck crumbs under my finger tips to be annoying, then put on four bus noises a minute apart through the whole exercise, and a few other altercations which I not allowed to recall.

All that bullshit over opening a fucking cardboard box of teabags. Which makes being online a relative calm exercise as the assholes don't nail me so hard with nonstop extra-conventional abuse. Usually it is the noise games, often getting through my earmuffs, as well as placing a ringinng din in the earmuffs that I dnn't notice building up. And of course the typos which are nearly every other word as you read this, hopefully without them.

An hour and a half spent looking for job opportunities online, another realm of perp interest. In fact, all terms associated with employment are of interest, not to mention being party to any of them, like layoffs and the like. The big quest is to figure out how to position myself for the next six months, if I am to be doing Oracle study work until I pass my exams. That complicates things, as one has to find the more temporary jobs, as the perps don't like to have a permanent one, as they have so many physical environment agendas to run me through. Based on employment of the last two years, farm work, plant/crop harvesting is playing big, as well as soil contact. They also cycled me plenty from greenhouse work to field work and vice versa, so the light source was important to them. They screwed me for only two weeks of daffodil blower picking in February, so it wasn't as a big deal for them, whatever they got out of it; soil contact, flower picking, and the colors thereof. Then there was last years 1.5 hour/day cleaning job, which wasn't anything too exciting, but there were all manner of exposures to plastic bags (always a big deal for the assholes), cleaning agents, surfaces and the act of cleaning itself. There were plenty of strange staff goings on as blogged, so it was importatnt to them to have the gangstalkers in close proximity. I reckon on varied inside/outside employment, and lots of opportunity to move me around. That covers a lot of differing jobs, but one can extrapolate what is important to them, and deduce what the income earning abuse theater will be like.


Finally, I was allowed to find the picture upload in my primative version of Blogspot, perp allowed interface. Here is some dayglo yellow "stuff" that arrived on my coconut. I don't know where it came from, and it wasn't decay causing, just a seeming spray job. Of what, I don't know.

A mysterious hole in the wall arrived by itself some months ago, and here it is. On a good day of observation masers or plasma beams will be spitting out, and it is some 15" above my head when sitting at the table. I have seen these in 2002 and 2003, where they seemed to be delivering magnetic energies via devices and holes in the wall. After that, the magnetized me and the entire environment around me, and didn't need to use these "plasma spitters". Now, they are back again.

Below, my oversized kitchenare arrived in one parcel; I decidedly got messed around as to actual scale, and I was pissed enough about that ridiculously long spatula that I went out the next day, looking for a replacement. I got skunked on that, and have begrudgingly accepted it, as the thin blade is wonderful, and has taken away the excuses for the Fuckwits to make it seem that the spatula was pushing the item ahead instead of going underneath like it would do normally if the Hounds of Hell weren't on me.

The kitchenware order was all about getting pot lids, as seen below, but it had to be increased to get the items you see above. Only in this town do saucepans come without lids. The pots are nearly a year old I have only used the saucepan twice, and the stirfry pan not at all. Another one of those "compelled to purchase" acquisitions that has much future potential as to the entire cooking scenario.

And a bait photograph, getting me to take pictures of these arranged vehicles; my parade brought to my balcony, something like what royalty does. Taken on Jan. 29, 2010. This is likely taken when the vehicles were stopped at the traffic signal, as the lead silver-grey vehicle is stopped over the stop line, something that I had never seen before and happens all the time around me, even into the crosswalk nowadays.

Six seconds later the traffic started to move, nothing much else to say, a red vehicle moving in on the left, adding to the red symmetry perhaps.

I am going to post this now, and hopefully it works with this stripped down and modified Blogspot posting software.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mention being in the path of a magnetic field or beam being aimed at you... a lot times, I feel like there is a tingling going on inside my body, like maybe it is the result of externally applied electromagnetic fields. I feel that these external fields could help the perps take control over any body part at will... like early this morning, felt these intense stinging sensations on the back of my legs, directly on the other sides of my knee, left leg. Sometimes it seems like the perps' directed electrical activity interferes with my body's natural electrical functions.

On your last two pictures there, I saw that guy with his hands in his pockets, and constant my perps like to do (have fuckwits with hands in pockets, as though I couldn't have guessed they were the perps' sockpuppets in the first place). I guess the perps need them to look more obvious than they already are. I get both planted notions they are gangstalkers, as well as the obvious visual clues, like having both hands in the coat pockets.

The last photo looks as though the guy is grabbing his crotch.

Like you said, I don't understand why the people on gangstalking duty would want to play a role where they are looking completely unflatteringly stupid. But I feel that the people going along with this bullshit feel like they are somehow cool and hip doing their stupid acts, simply because so many others are doing it.

No doubt it's the "in thing" these days to go along with the perps' games, while people like me get to tingle from the perps' directed energy.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting that you mention...

Have you ever used a gaussmeter to measure the magnetic field strength around you? Invariably what happens is it gives a strong reading at first and then abates to a normal one half gauss. It seems to be that the perps can control the field fast enough to give an erroneous reading after the first two seconds. A hand compass will act strangely if it isn't remotely messed with as well.

Missed that simulated crotch grab, but I agree. The wretched Picasa won't allow infinite zoom ins to see what might be going on in detail.

And looking stupid is what the shills and operatives do best. In fact, they seem to be pandering to this reputation of late. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten a gaussmeter yet. I was thinking about a decent Field Meter, though. I figured if I spent the money, the perps would dick with the readings while taking measurements, and then go full force again every time I put down the meter.

AJH said...

Answer to: I haven't gotten a...

I had a Trifield meter and nothing showed up on the electrical energy and the radio wave energy scales, only the magnetic energy. (The hand compass was also going silly, confirming the latter). I bought another meter and then there was electrical energy showing up. (But it would fall off as the scale had to be reset, giving them time to defeat the meter). I finally rented a big gaussmeter for a month, and got readings on the external probe at 200 Gauss. The external probe was useful as it could be placed in a shielded situation, and it would take longer to drop off to near zero as it was less accessible to be externally manipulated. I gave up on those toys after that, but I did make use of a local TI's gauss meter last year and had a reading of 1600 gauss, also photographed. The meters are really only of one time use, and a hand compass can tell you if the magnetic field is being jacked with. If you have the money, it is best to get third party measurement, then the law enforcement is bound to do investigate. But there is a good chance the third party could be spoofed or their equipment readings are sabotaged, meaning your money was wasted. Thanks for the comments.