Saturday, May 01, 2010

Nowhere to Hide


Let me jump into the incremental reduction of civil rights for a moment, the conventional world getting small shave down of civil liberties in this quarter of the Western World. Regular readers and TI's know that the "conventional world" is a fraudulent construction, even with all those noble deeds like constitutional and civil rights legislation held as sacrosanct. But in this part of the realm, the provincial government is about to ban, or register all those with vehicles that contain armour or hidden compartments. I say this is an violation of our civil rights, and they should just back off. I can't see this going down in California or in the US, although a different country. As Canadians, why should we put up with this bullshit?

And for the record, I never had an vehicle for which I installed any secret compartments or armour, and for that matter I had no past interest in doing so for any reason whatsoever. Mind you, when one's life, down to one's thoughts, are invaded every mortal moment, there is no point in trying to be secret or private as the concept doesn't exist. But in my pre-perp overt/beserk days prior to 04-2002, I never had any need to modify my vehicle in such a way, and was too busy being a suburban homeowner and a wage earner with one child and a wife and working out swimming three days a week to deal with keeping any such secrets. But, in starting such legislation, the putzing politicos don't have enough to do. So there, his is an momentary diversion from the entire civil right violation melieu, and I will leave it at that.

Because I don't want to be justifiably accused of diluting the nature and intent of this blog, or that of the state complicit human nonconsensual experimentation abuse, in its present form, or in past transgressions. I see a very perturbing trend in this mind control activism initiatives, and that is attaching themselves to other peripherial causes just because of percieved slights of being marginalized. The latest has a number of TI's have a MKULTRA conference call; I know some of the players, and I know that they have no direct or known involvement, and yet they jump in all the same. Another got involved in protesting the Winter Olympics in Vancouver prior to its start, as the indigent were annoyed that the expense wasn't spent on them. Like WTF; what part of being a TI has anything to do with that? It is purely jumping into the camp of the marginalized and the disadvantaged and then running with them for a time until it gets too stupid. One local TI, with some caveats which I won't get into, was cranked up about chemtrails and five other similar global causes until she got to the issue of being a nonconsensual human experimentation subject. Anyhow, I could go on at length about "MC activism", and there is some good work getting done by FFCHS, as I find them to be much more focussed on the issues rather than attempting to attach themselves to another vaguely related group.

No one has asked me what my take is on the MC activism component of being gangstalked and harassed, but it is very simple to me; if my every breath and thought (as it almost is now), is controlled by beserk assholes as part of their worldwide covert human experimentation and abuse initiative, and they have arranged and invaded my life from the get-go, (56 this year), down to my "reactions", what is the point? And if said assholes can arrange politicians of varying stripes from the influential (prime minister) to the minor two term minority party backbencher to be proximate to me for their gangstalking purpsoses, then surely the conventional (and putative) powers are duly informed of the enormity of this abuse and fraud, and are there to keep a facade on it. I never was a conspiratorial thinker until this covert abuse went overt in 2002, but slowly but surely they led me to their doings, from the intense gangstalking net over two countries and cities, and onto the rest of the world conicidences, aka events or news, that keep unfolding in alignment with the inanity I get to see each day. In 2004 and onward they kept suggesting that the 9/11 tragedies/terrorism was arranged, and I kept thinking, "enough", as I didn't want to enjoin in another cause or re-look at it. Slowly but surely they dropped enough clues over some six months or more to have me conclude for myself (I think) that it was indeed another initiative of covert human experimentation abuse and whatever else objectives are at play.

A sudden eruption of two independent stereos making noise that is timed to the post tea time and chocolate consumption. I haven't had this since 2004 or so, but it seems they wanted it on one side only, and to continue coverage in opposite seating arrangements. It was a L.side (W.) stereo during tea and chocolate, and now that I am facing the opposite way, another L. side (E.) stereo noise eruption. Two stereo eruptions timed to occur during and after tea time, one from each side and arranged so that it is heard on my left side in two successive instances. Amazing, as it is totally stupid to be hounding someone for over eight years because they don't have the gumption to fess up as to what they are doing.

A forced nap from 1600h to 1700h, which is absurd as they gave me an extra hour's sleep last night, getting up at 0900h. And when I get up and then head to the kitchen and look outside, I get to see four women in two ranks of two, walking together as if in the military. And though I cannot be sure, as she had a hat on, one looked suspiciously like the grotesque negro woman at yoga three days ago. Other yoga attendees have "happened" to be proximate in other public venues, so I would not be surprised they needed the negro to have a Caucasian escort for whatever absurdity the sickos are chasing. I don't see why my predilections are anyone's business but my own, and that it be a international issue so to be hounded in two countries, two cities over eight years. I wonder what the relevance of the timing was; does lying on a mostly yellow colored bed for an hour cast some kind of "glow" in which another gangstalker has to get another exposure? Anyhow, I don't need any more reminders of the past yoga class, and I hope it is the last time they hound me with that specimen.

Now a block on the bold button in Open Office Writer, as it won't unbold, which was planted there in the first place, as it was in normal font at first. And somehow it got changed, and somehow it cannot be unchanged, and it might have something to do with the fact that the assholes like me to be screaming infuriated at every turn, and that includes typing resumes. Now the hallway voices has started up for crissakes.

A new jerkaround; jeans seams that poke into my leg along the length of the thigh. Maybe it is time to do laundry and put on the sloppy old ones they bleached so bad.

I am getting poked and jabbed in my feet and from every quarter should I move in my seat. And I being made extra restless tonight.

Finally, I get to try File Boss and see if I can repair the damage of the recovered 2008 pictures that were deleted by the sickos, and since "found" later, and all manner of inadvertent replication spawned from there to create an infernal mess of the directory contents. Over 1,000 graphics files need to be rationalized so there is one backup copy, so perhaps the merge facility will work. And too, plenty of ongoing noise of ceiling pounding while the file merge is in progress. Even if automated, it is a big deal for some assholes to hound me over cleaning up their file management mess they created.

A three way mess as I now see; some files in three directories and some not, along with sub-directories. Good thing I have some decent processing power on this X58 chipset box.


Anonymous said...

Will it soon be against the law to say negative things about the government??

Obama Takes Aim at Anti-government Rhetoric

"We've got politicians calling each other all sorts of unflattering names. Pundits and talking heads shout at each other," Obama told the crowd, which included 8,500 graduates.

He talked a lot about democracy and government, saying he gets discouraged when he hears people say government is inherently bad."

Anonymous said...

I've been gangstalked in Vancouver for 5 years. I have recently moved and they have followed me to my new location. Everywhere I go now there are punk looking individuals who ride really small bikes and wear hoodies. Tonight I saw 1 synch his time with me while I was pulling into my street. I feel like I want to kill them sometimes to teach them a lesson, but I'm better than that. I'm going to use patience and discipline and wait them out. Beat them at their own game.

AJH said...

Answer to: Will it soon be against...

I don't get on these civil rights soapboxes often, but sometimes one has to draw the line. What is that quote from George Orwell about telling the truth being deemed as a seditious act? Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've been gangstalked in Vancouver...

Per Tom Wolfe novel, "A Man in Full"; "use da mouth, use da mouth" (to defend yourself).

Vancouver; one of my favorite places that I would like to live, though I haven't been there for some years now, the last being when hounded all over town by the head pain and the gangstalkers they needed to place around me to calibrate the pain level. A few drive bys in the last three years too, when to/from the Tswassen ferry on the wretched Hwy 10 route to Hwy 1, covering Delta and Surrey.

Moving does nothing I have found, now in the 10th location since 1999, this one for 3 years this month. Thanks for the comments.