Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In the Beam

The dusk onset faux reflectance off the opposite residence tower windows that has been photographically documented in prior blog posting, has started up tonight. But this time it is getting through the pulled curtains, and now they are flashing it, as if the sun could possibly flash at 3 to 4x/second, and with a direct bead on me. This comes through the E. facing windows, and catches me in my left peripherial vision. And if that weren't contrived and targeted enough, the overhead clunking and pounding has started up to simultaneously make a noise and create vibration by whacking 12" of concrete at the exact moment the light is flashing. Not unlike those zappings I get with simultaneous noise of the same kind. Can we say targeted and abused?

And a day at the First Feral Family (FFF) home cleaning windows today, always a big deal for the assholes given the number of Fuckwits cleaning windows on my gangstalked beat. And too, they are all over me when doing the farm work, passing in and out of the greenhouses of glass. And the assholes let me in on some of their obsession over glass; it comes from silica, an abundant mineral, and it would have certain earth energies (if you believe in this theme that the sickos consistently present to me, and seems reasonable given what I have observed and been harassed with). So in other words, the earth energies of the glass would interfere with the earth energies of where I would be located.

And a major city bus freakshow when returning from the First Feral Family home today; A 1702h bus into downtown from the suburbs, a "reverse commute" and it was standing room only after the first third of the route, in suburbia still. It was a flush of four dudes around me in black first off, then they departed singly and in came the polyglot Fuckwits wearing all colors; a Phillipino in pink beside me, a dude in white in front, a woman in an blue anorak in front, and also doing the "musical seats" act, having the Fuckwits move about and sitting in place of a just-departed Fuckwit. My second Fuckwit seatmate was a woman reading a book with a big splatter of deep blue ink on the edge of the pages. Where have I seen that before? Why, it was the opening assault, actually pre-assault of 04-15-2002, where they entered my apartment and moved things around, made it as if it had been carelessly searched, and put a splatter of blue ink on my office chair mat. And countless marks of blue ink on my fingers and hands even with no actual pen tip contact.

Other city bus freakshow acts were this same woman, when it came time for me to get off, I said that I needed to get to the door as I was against the window, and she looks at me and gets up and precedes me to the door. Nothing like "me too", or "thanks for reminding me" or anything civil, just this bizarre look and then she gets up. Fucking bizarre. And the woman in front of me got off at the same stop as well. One went E. the other N. and I went S. The 90 degree orthogonal split again.

And it was Blue (Plastic) Tarpaulin day today; first the ragged and disintegrating one at the FFF home was somehow removed from covering the pile of dandelions and weeds I had picked, even if it was held down by stones and sheltered on two sides by a hedge and building. Just before I left I placed it over the pile again, little realizing how important that became. There was at least 15 blue tarpaulins enroute while in suburbia, and at least another dozen in pickup trucks, and lo, if they didn't cut down a 30" healthy tree on one frontyard (significant landscape tree) and cut it into 12" sections and then cover most of it with a blue tarp. Fucking bizarre that it needed to be covered at all, as there isn't any major rainstorm coming, and the wood is wet to begin with, and will take months of drying out. And some vehicles and campers covered in blue tarps as well. And when I got off the bus, crossed the street, I had a three vagrant shopping cart honor guard, each loaded with a profusion of plastic bags, and at least one covered in a blue plastic tarpaulin.

And there have been at least two strange tree cuttings in this neighborhood in the last month, where both of them on two streets, no more than 150' apart, were cut at the 4' level with all the branches and the trunk removed, just this elevated stump. There is something the perps would like to discover as it relates to trees, putting down an annual ring each year, and then exposing it to all and sundry on the street at this high stump level. There was nothing wrong with either tree, and it it is odd that it is one out of a healthy row.

Other interesting (likely) complimentary activity has been to screw me out of making tortillas in the typical way of preparing all the ingredients and then making all of it. They screwed me around so there was no tortillas, and with the chicken meat cut up, I had to make do, have some with the tapenade and call it dinner. That left a whack of chicken left as it it a four meal dish, and it was put in the glass bowl yesterday for making tonight's dinner. So, post-dinner, I have the chicken meat in me that was sitting cut up and in the small glass bowl, prepared yesterday, a very first for the Fuckwits to engage in this small difference in seven years of making me eat the same dinner and lunch. So, I am not too surprised that they are flashing me so to speak, as they do this all the time with headlights at the ready, and will insert fake reflectance to beam at me whenever they wish. And if they need a flash when there are no props, why, a plasma beam will show up in front of me on a last resort basis.

And a bid deal over looking at motherboards online tonight, not that I am in the market for one, but my mother's PC, now fixed due a cable problem apparently, still has a cast of FUD over it as it "might be" the problem says the tech. So... with being techno-spooked, I was looking at possible acquisitions that would suit her budget and be a current day model with the best possible performance. And lo, if a new AMD CPU wasn't released today and is the talk of the tech circuit, and some interesting models were bookmarked, one of most singular activities the perps like me to be doing online besides typo sabotage. I got overhead clunkings, sirens and with specially wobbly siren variants added on, I got the above mentioned flashes, and got sent to take a crap which became problematic (sparing the details), and  few other concurrent impositions and trademark perp incursions, one being excessive farts when I have no recent food intake.

 Other events at the FFF home were the SAC overflights again, or at least, the noise thereof, at least three. There were other aircraft as well, though less than the usual for my appearances there.

I thought this was going to be a long detailed blog posting tonight, but I am skipping a few things here. I also did a gasoline filling of my mother's vehicle, in keeping with the perps' insane but consistent interest in having me be exposed to petroleum products of various kinds. Another was for her to write this ridiculous handwritten letter to her solicitor in the UK, totally unreadable, when I had already sent the message by email on her behalf yesterday, because her PC was taken out of commision. So why would she send this letter to repeat what was already dispatched, and have me take it to the mail box while she went to the bank? There is some consistency there, dispatching me twice in two days in the same capacity, carrying/sending a message on her behalf.

Then while waiting in the vehicle for her to return, an unholy parade of gangstalking vehicles erupted behind the red Photinias that line the parking lot, and they all got to parade in their color coordinated glory, and that included the pickups with the load of miscellaneous goods, and... blue tarps. Two vehicles arrived at the same time and parked next to me, one on each side. On the left was a big honking silver-grey SUV and it was the fourth such colored vehicle along that same L. side. On the R. side was a sedan with a granny in a scarlet red anorak that dithered for at least three minutes in the vehicle, then got out very slowly and proceeded to sort things out on the hood of her vehicle for at least two minutes to ensure I got a good shot of her red coat, and then went back in the vehicle and then messed about for a few more minutes, and then repeated the nonsense of standing at the hood of her vehicle again for about the same duration. Fucking bizarre to say the least. This was the post-lunch time, and lo, if I wasn't jerked into having red tomato soup for lunch as the more preferable one was not to be had. And I had red meat for lunch as well, something that isn't normally availible as the deli chicken is there in abundance, but it too was gone, with my mother going on about how it was inexplicably missing.

And when in the kitchen, at the location that I usually cut the cooked beef meat on the cutting board on Sunday nights when I have my one beef intake of the week, a red stain arrived on the laminate countertop and it could not be removed. All I can suggest is that it serves as a localized red reference at that very location where I cut up cooked red meat.

Enough color samplings and suggestions, and I am calling this one done for today.

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