Friday, April 23, 2010

Protean Plot

I was finally allowed to chase down a hint from the weekend, and check out the Greek god, Proteus. He is a herder of seals, but also a shape shifter. Very interesting, which begat some more thoughts as to just maybe Greek Mythology is really about visiting aliens. I am sure this is not new, and there must be some more research which I will endeavor to do, as I don't really have much to do today, and they got me up at 0610h, three hours earlier than usual.

And sure enough, one researcher has gone on to call this epoch of civilization the "Alien Raj", or reign. I concur, given my now cycnical nature of what is in the news and why. We are lab rats for whatever reason, and in the front line are TI's, with no one to complain to about our situation of cessation of human liberty, no matter where we live.

Sleeping at the PC a few minutes ago and was awakened with a nasty jolt, as if I walked off a stairway. All part of the pre-outing readiness the want to put me through, even if it is a five minute shopping journey.

Sure enough, a herd of six "greeters" at the doorway to the building were in place, one next to the door was on the cell phone even, likely for some extra EMF action. One was the putative negro commercial painter in his white spattered brown fleece jacket. (Odd that he was standing there with the street types, as he would of had a key to get inside). And the brown VW van was turning a corner right in my face at the first pedestrian intersection. Then a withered wack woman arrived at the opposite side of the crosswalk and stayed there the entire time, still in the same place when on my way back.

This grocery shopping was to get hot cooked chicken and a few other items, and such sorties are given the name of Chicken Run, as it is a big gangstalking event when I go for this particular item. I had two wheelchair acts on each of the two streets I walked, all of 150', and lo, when I turned the corner to enter the building, another wheelchair act. Then it was couples gangstalking, or more like disparate couple as they seemed that they weren't together at first, entering the building 6' apart, she leading. She was blonde, and he was in the same kind of black stif fabric jacket like mine. First they were both on me at the kiwi fruit, doubling  back again to walk over my tracks, then he at the cheese section, "happening" to be standing dumbfounded in front of the cheese and me having to access from the side of the planted Fuckwit. And lo, she was on me when I went to see if there was any tapenade, and by then, I had all I wanted, and had enough of this pair on my ass to get to an open checkout.

Other Fuckwits were circulating, one crossing the main aisle without looking, another granny getting ahead of me for the tea section, and another circulating around me while I was selecting the hot chicken. Yet again, no half chickens and no free range partial chicken. It  has been this same arrangement for the last three months, and of course I "forget" to look to see if is that way when I am not intending to purchase one. And this "need" started when there was accelerated decay on the chicken in the fridge, even when it is on its coldest setting.

Then when outside, there was a parking lot vehicle bashing going on, one vehicle backing into another, nearly broadside to my intended path, so I had to walk around on the concrete walkway instead of on the asphalt parking lot. The perps go to huge amounts of effort to determine what interactions I have with these major built surfaces, and will even have their Fuckwits sitting on the concret curb at a bus stop with their feet out on the asphalt.

And lo, if they didn't have another wheelchair ready to preceed me down the street along with a native Indian in shorts and a ponytail, in black and white clothing. And lo, if there wasn't another wheelchair in the lobby of this apartment building when I got back, to have me take the stairs instead of being captive with it in the elevator. And twice in the last week they have put on a wheelchair act on this floor, seen when waiting for the elevator. All these wheelchairs are motorized in today's hounding, though they often emphasize one type for certain days over the other.

Once I defatted the chicken and had some to eat off the cutting board and had cleaned up, I attended to the garbage so to send the bones and fat on their way. And when I came back, why, someone had placed a tree leaf on the kitchen floor for crissakes. Eight years of fucking insane  harassment and this is where they are; pissing around with tree leaves as a surrogate for showing their sick faces.

And it wasn't supposed to rain today, and it was overcast for most of t he day, but some 15 minutes before I headed out, the rain started up. I have long indicated that rain starting just before or just after I go outside is too frequent to be anything but arranged. Yet again, they arranged rain just before me walking a whole 150' to the local supermarket, shop, and then return. It just blows me away as to how much they plan even a five minute outing to the grocery store. And it is likely that they woke me up early to give me a longer shut-in duration before setting off. Fucking beserk the perps are, and they are getting worse.

And I see my wish list at Powell's Books got truncated/deleted somehow, as only the those wish listed in the past two days are displayed. And when I discovered that, why, the overhead rumbling noise went off, and getting through the earmuffs as it usually does, like any noise they want me to hear.

Out of boredom I want to listen to music that I have bookmarked, and the first one needs Real Audio/Player. I go to the web site and there is no download link for Windows, only everything else and every other language. I ended up with Real Audio not on my PC after the Windows 7 upgrade, so I suppose they were lying in wait. Which it seems, as the outside vehicular noise ramped up with the headphones on, and then some male voice noise from the hallway starts up. Timed exactly when I have my headphones on which don't block out noise like the earmuffs. Funny how that happens.

The latest sonic fuckery was for the perps to invade with music of their own choosing while enjoying a very different performer. And I wasn't allowed to figure out what was going on at first, and even after shutting down the player their music kept coming through. Always something.

Music listening tonight; probably the most engaged music listening I have been allowed in over a year. They seem to be testing my taste in music; taking me from sultry jazz (Kat Edmonson) to scorchy Lucinda Williams (Little Honey album). Plenty of samples and some interviews at Pure Music, this link. I don't go for the heavy metal music, rock, and grunge, and even this seems important for the assholes. I am sure they have some surrogates in mind who do like such music. And I get the odd overhead pounding of 12" of concrete ceiling/floor at certain intervals, "joining me" with the rampant plasma and beams flitting about.

Time to call this dull day done and consider the same for tomorrow as well. Maybe they will let me out for a Saturday newspaper, as that has been featuring for a few months now.


Anonymous said...

Proteus IV

Anonymous said...

That's one thing I have gotten over the years: two vehicles having an "accident" right in front of my eyes. Once when I was in Philly, one car exiting a parking lot just broadsided another car on the main road. Then again over here in town, though years earlier, a car on a steep side street, ramming into another vehicle, broadside, which was traveling up the main road. Interesting that I don't recall the drivers getting out to survey what damage was caused. And that goes for both accidents.

They staged one accident last summer out in the parking lot, for me to witness. It was a very boring accident. This woman supposedly just backed into another parked vehicle. Big freaking deal. I got a play by play from the commentator who happened to be sitting with me. She was "letting me know" what was going on with her commentary. Interesting that I could not see any damage from my vantage point, yet my sweetheart just "knew" that there was damage. Either she had better eyes than me, or she was reading from a script she had been handed earlier which described this staged accident. Then this woman gets out, barefoot. The police arrive to investigate. All this commotion over a tiny accident. Really, she just slowly backed into a parked car, yet the cops had to come make this big investigation. They were out talking to the woman. The commentator was saying "this woman can't drive. And now she's screaming." Interesting that I could not see nor hear any screaming.

This whole farce commenced with the cops taking the woman away in handcuffs. Hmmm, that was very confusing. A very minor accident, really, a woman backing into a parked car at no more than .1 miles per hour, complete with cops being called to the scene, and standing outside talking. Then the commentator says the woman was screaming, when she wasn't. This thing was an obvious scripted stunt do to its absurdity. it didn't even look real. And it seemed so very trivial, like such a trivial thing to have someone arrested over. It seemed like the perps wanted to test my reaction over seeing someone arrested and "taken away". Probably they were interested in how I was receiving and internalizing this event; nothing more.

Anonymous said...

That last link re: Proteus IV deals with the movie Demon Seed. Interesting how the views of technologies and artificial intelligence have changed since 1977. I'm sure the perps use AI and computers to dispatch their fuckwits into action. It would cost too much to have humans, and it would require "hard real time" reactions to a TI's thoughts and realizations, to mete out the appropriate "zap" that correlates to the thought that triggered it.

AJH said...

Answer to: That's one thing...

I have seen a few vehicle accidents over the years, but nothing too spectacular. But it is interesting that the perps like to set up scenes where someone is led away in handcuffs or talking to the police at length in an odd situation. Last week it was a mid sidewalk show as seen from the bus, a single cop questioning an E. Indian who was doing some kind of arms out stance. I suppose even seeing personnel being incarcerated or in custody is a big deal for the perps, another part of the human freedom theme the like to keep presenting. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: That last link...

I am sure the script is mostly automated, though first arranged by scriptwriters and their producers who are looking to have optimal and specific combinations of events, colors, personel, object materials, ground cover etc. It would seem that some of them don't know what I will say, while others do. Also, it seems that a certain end point in the conversation is reached where the operative/shill goes blank and doesn't respond. Thanks for the comments.