Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gentlemen, Start Your Lawnmowers

I spent seven hours at the First Feral Family home today, doing weed pulling, watering and crop tending, though mostly the first item, as there is a huge amount of weeds embedded in the boulevard lawn area. It hasn't been weeded for five years I reckon. As my mother is away in Hawaii, I was there by myself, and keeping me company while working the the street frontage was the noise parade. Three neighbors timed their lawn mowing with noisy gasoline engines serially, with a litte overlap between the last two. Those were the adjacent neighbors, and there was more distant lawnmower that came on. The SAC aircraft were on the job again, at least five overflights, or the noise thereof. Plus at least three helicopters and one private aircraft that nicely blended in as a noise harmonic of the concurent lawnmower noise. A few leaf blowers were also started up for the whine noise, and maybe the vortex air currents they make. And at least two chainsaws, though distant. An all round time in suburbia, as well as being noisestalked.

But, it is nice to get outside on a nice day, and it was even sunny for a good portion. I suppose the sun angle is relatively low still, as the perps don't like me to get too much sun in over one or more days. They are still messing around with the cloud cover, bringing on dark dense clouds for a time, and then lighter ones. One of the big thrills for the perp weather department was changing the illumination from the sun at the moment of pulling a weed. This happened at least 3x in half an hour, and also with coincident noise or passing gangstalkers at the same time. Like I have said many times, the perps are consistent as much as they are relentless in hounding my ass whenever I do work with plant roots, pulling or planting plants. Why don't they fuck with a tree planter for crissakes, they plant some 1,000 trees a day in all manner of weather conditions at this time of year.

I applied for two plant nursery jobs three days ago, and I know my plant id, and yet I haven't heard a thing from them, even though they keep the ads going for over three weeks. One I emailed twice, the second time to ask if they got the first email, and no answer. I don't know what the deal is; faked job listings or obstructed email. I see all the neighborhood businesses have advertised jobs at least once, so maybe it is a fake-out deal, getting my attention for relevant jobs that I could do, or from recognizable sources.

Other interesting coincidences this morning when heading out was the polyethylene gangstalker 15' ahead of me when I got outside ght building. As shown in the pictures in yesterday's posting, the hallway floor is lined with polyethylene sheets as part of the painting schtick that has yet to evolve beyond the fully enclosed laundry room. So... some four minutes standing on the poly, that being an extra two, for the elevator to arrive, and then when I get outside the building, why a poly packing gangstalker, that being his dry cleaning in the typical polyethylene bag> Note that there is no dry cleaner he could of come from in this neighborhood, but what the heck. This is another example of the color and substance mapping they do either before or after I enter or exit the building, respectively. That is, they need to "tune me" according to the substance/color exposure in the building (when outbound) or immediately before entering, when inbound.

And my polyethylene folks were on me when I was on the bus when inbound. They have taken to loading up the bus with grocery shoppers and their plastic carrying bags, of polyethylene. And so it was tonight with a flush of at least six of them having done their shopping at a larger grocery store, and then "happened" to be taking the bus back. I have never seen so many grocery packing Fuckwits on the bus as I have in the past year, and it is all the more curious that they go 8 minutes past another supermarket to shop. Like I say, it is all odd, but no major freaks (maybe one for the last two stops) on the bus tonight, but instead a "swamping" of at least 35 passengers on the bus when headed into downtown (opposite to dayworkers' commute) at 1735h. Absurd, to me, and some trips at this time have had as few as ten or so, which is what I would expect.

Picture time again. Nothing too dramatic about this one; my only reason to include it beacause of the four white vehicles. Three are splayed out behind the tree, one not even parked in the parking lot when there is an availible stall. The fourth white van in the center probably contributes to the perp's measuring of white colors in another direction/oreintation, and on a different surface.

 A new feature in the "neighborhood" (it seems as if no one lives anywhere near here, including the building I live in), is the PVC white lattice screen opposite, some 120' away, at the same level as my apartment. For some reason the putative tenants were compelled to arrange this screen Feb. 10, 2010 or so, not exactly a summertime decision for a W. facing balcony. Another whatever.

 Only in this town, as far as I know, do they run dumpster on the wrong side of the road, and obstructing the bus stop, some minutes before the bus came. I suppose the silver-grey colored vehicles are part of the show, but this was one of those "just happened to see it" when crossing the floor of my apartment, headed to the kitchen, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, especially with the parking lot vacant, where the full dumpster gets parked. But as the perps run used Japanese L. hand drive vehicles around me all the time, I suppose the normal R. hand drive vehicle on the wrong side of the road might be a reasonable substitute, especially for a larger vehicle.

Taken Feb. 23, 2010, nearly two months ago. Another of the not super incriminating arranged vehicles, but in keeping with what the perp susually do of having silver-grey and white colored vehicles as references, one at each end of the parked file, the last most one is a grey-brownish tone silver gre.

 Then the clown show begins, by adding more white colors (van), bare metal silver grey aluminum (trailer rack of the white van), a white and red van heading the opposite direction, a deep red vehicle that is just entering the picture on the right is now partially obscured by the white and red van. And another grey-brownish tone silver grey vehicle heading to the R. almost opposite the same colored vehicle that is parked, with the white van and trailer between them. The perps love to have two items the same color and run something else between them.

Enough pics tonight, and time to blog off.

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