Friday, April 30, 2010

Yoga and All That

A yoga day today, always a big deal for my tormentors with the spinal twisting, leg openings, and stretches. I suspect that the nut shave last night using a black colored plastic razor insert might have been the real interest for the extended crotch stretches, aka "hip openers" today. One pose even had my nuts resting on one heel, so that must of been very interesting for them. They put the grotesque negro woman next to me today, a first, as they usually park her as far as away as possible. And a pre-class blonde visitation, doing the "lost item" look, but was about the most pathetic example I have seen of someone looking for something they lost in the room the day before. Ever seen a laid back vague and wandering search for a specific missing item? Not until today.

And they were busy preparing me for the day as well; a near sleepless night (it seemed) last night with the sickos playing this professional baseball player theme in mind, and it was also in place during a light REM sleep for at least two hours before I got up at 0730h. All the while, for all sleeplessness periods, they put on the "dude chat", a background noise of male voice, one or two, and not loud enough to make out the words. This particular background noise has been consistent for the past week and they also put it on for my tea and chocolate break this afternoon, and having me eat two 100g bars. Suffice to say, I am fed up with this mind-fuck "habit" of eating chocolate at all, never mind the $250/month "habit" it has become, all to further the perps' brown color research, the chocolate in one's mouth being less than an inch from ones' brain, the site of their remotely sensed nonconsensual human research. For those unfamiliar with this state of cognitive invasion,  they presently, routinely demotivate me, as well as make me zone out over initiating habitual activities, and another  prominent example is sending me to the wrong drawer or cupboard for a given item. And the cognitive containment and harassment gets worse from there, visual field disruption being highly disrupted of late.

I had my usual consort of gangstalkers going to and from yoga today, a 10 minute walk at best. No military personnel this time, but they got busy on street paving today, in place outside the apartment building entrance even, having dug up 4'x10' patches in mid street for no seeming reason, and were ready in wait for me. The asphalt delievery truck was sitting at the curb for me to pass by, and they had at least one new patch at the curb for me to hop over. This is the third such application to this same corner they re-worked about two years ago, having patched it twice but roughly in two lifts. Today, they decided to add a third covering patch to smooth it out. And the asphalt patching personnel were ready too. one lounging against the side of a vehicle, the others putzing about in dayglo colors. When I came back, they hadn't done a freaking thing, and the asphalt delivery truck was gone, with no other vehicles parked there. I couldn't believe it. All "dressed up" for doing a pointless asphalt patching job with half the street bounded off, and they are gone when I came back, having done nothing. I suppose they wanted me to pass by (within 10' to 20') of their tar covered patches in the road, new tar (petroleum product) over the old surface (a 3" deep grinding out of the extant surface) in both directions. The goofy 3' high yellow plastic warning bollards were also out for me to pass between, a "warning" for the window washers working at height above, though none observed. Regular readers will know that I am routinely hounded over petroleum products and all public space applied surfaces, asphalt and concrete, and the interface of the two. They just cannot get enough of selectively introducing me to these, in combination, and very often like to expose me to old surfaces (grinding, breaking up or digging down), and new tar and asphalt. They have done no end of like street works, sometimes needless as I have observed, for me to pass over a new section of concrete laid in an old sidewalk. And on my way to yoga I also got to walk over a mid-street ditching job covered in the 1" steel plate, another variant to these set ups related to the same objectives they have around these same applied surface materials.

And what is with the sudden eruption of Fuckwits walking straight at me in the past week? Another fucker today, and two three days ago, pretending not to notice me or otherwise responsibly behave in public so they are looking where they are walking. One had hair draped all over their forehead as it spilled forward from their hoodie, something like a sheep dog. Another insane shit was doing the same when I got of the bus. And another today, when headed to yoga, the Fuckit wandering over to the 4' stump they created two weeks ago, and then crossing in my path to pass on my left side. All the while pretending that he wasn't behaving like a total weird.

A concentrated round of door slamming noise and vibration from the hallway while I deal with a new upgraded to Open Office that removed from a sabotaged personal directory to a system directory. Another "feature" was that it installed inside of 20 seconds, though it took a few minutes last night. And while exercising my suspicions and testing it, the door slamming noises kept up. I cannot fathom what could be so interesting to a beserk human research outfit as the pedantic nature of removing and installing software, but the sickos are full measure for now some eight years of expressing relentless and consistent interest in the forms of noise, harassment to get me to vocalize, screen flashes of some strange image and other concurrent fuckery.

A visit to local supermarket, and they were all over me, starting with two dudes on brown boxstalking and skateboard stalking respectively, getting on the third floor and preceding me out the front door to the waiting throng of some eight Fuckwits arrayed in front of the lobby door. One asshole did the elevator rushing trick of attempting to get in while I was exiting; I hadn't experienced this until 2004, when an eruption of Fuckwits started this at elevators, and for the first time today, when exiting a doorway. The excitement for the insane assholes was likely that I went to get coffee beans, which are ground up at the in-store grinder, and keeping me captive at one location with the changing brown colors of the coffee for about three minutes. As always, an eruption of Fuckwits started around me, coursing back and forth and around, and they get faster as the captive duration progresses, striding out. Then when a break in the Fuckwits occured, why, a bag of the same coffee beans erupted by itself and dropped onto the floor for me to pick up, getting the sickos another chance at me handling a coffee bag again, this time in mid-coffee grind.

The hallways are still decked in poly plastic and the painting job is still going on, even if they did rip out the masking tape and brown paper and then proceed to paint beside the locations they needed masking. I did get to see real painters today and a real paint can, but the whole operation is now into its fourth week, and is about the most paint flecked (on the poly sheet catch fabric), commercial paint job I have ever seen, and yet these paint drops are never wet, always dry. And it is a light yellow color, both plaster walls and the brown steel door frames, the latter being odd, as it is a factory applied paint color. It isn't too much of a surprise to note that soft yellow dressed gangstalkers are on the increase, though they perps only let me realize this a few days ago, when if left to my own unfettered cognitive abilities, I would of figured this out from the get-go.

I had just come off a spell at this PC editing and changing the backup commands, after reviewing the backup log. I wasn't allowed to read the backup log file earlier today, suddenly getting dithered, but I was allowed to save the file and print it out tonight and then read it, and then mark it with the replacement pen. For some reason, changing pens is a big deal for the assholes, but they are all from the same box of 10 I buy, the same kind since 2004.

It seems to be more important to the perps as to which activity I do online or on the PC before going out to do shopping. File management operations is a big deal as well, per above backup program I edited, and last night when they roundly noisestalked me while evaluating software to do a much better job than the wretched Windows File Explorer does. Sometimes I wonder what in the fuck is going on when Microsoft makes such shitty file management software for 20 years, and even being so obdurate about capability being able to copy to CD's. It looks like File Boss and DOpus are the leading contenders for a decent file managing utility. And then next it will be a decent screen capture utility, then UltraEdit, and perhaps a few more trinkets on the software side. As for hardware, getting a USB3 and a SATA3 card and then a SATA3 SSD would be next. That precludes getting a job, which has yet to be attained, as I don't hear a thing when I have reasonable experience for landscaping and farm hand jobs. No doubt something has been long planned around plants and farming, as this would make the third year in succession they want me on this kind of work. As mentioned, the perps also have an abiding interest in me when I do gardening, and constantly place landscape and gardening vehicles in my proximity, often with a full load of cut foliage.

An earlier forced nap after yoga that went for 1.5 hours. Very strange that I take naps, even if the sleeplessness is real. The sickos have made me go three days without sleep, and to no daytime effect. This was back in their totally beserk days of 2002 when they would hound me all night long by head pains that were defeatable by driving around. And so I did, and with me were several hundred vehicles doing one time passes by me, from a cluster behind, to one in front, differing vehicle colors of course.

And now some dull time, as I have done the evening tea and chocolate thing, and am pondering how to spend the rest of the evening. Perhaps employment applications are in order, as a round of sudden demotivation came on and it was complemented with yet more spending aspirations for which I haven't the money on hand. Go figure, but know that these kind of basic incongruities never happened before the sickos went overt/beserk 04-15-2010.

A round of job applications with overhead pounding the odd time, plus outside traffic noise at key moments of select/copy/paste and when sending the email off. Also, some file deletions that erupted in Yahoo, incurring re-do effort to much chagrin. The last round of this didn't elicit one response, even with appropriate experience so no doubt I might be scooping the $22/hour union laborer job somehow. Though, I would get to work around traffic, and "sanitation issues" so who knows, it might be the ideal TI job given the perp's predilection over these topics.

Onto posting this one and then doing First Feral Family landscaping duties tomorrow.

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