Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Parking Follies

On the activism front, there was a press conference on the weekend arranged by FFCHS, and it even got a local headline in the newspaper, Marshall Holds Press Conference On Electromagnetic Attacks. The word is that the conference was professionally videotaped and will online in two or so weeks after editing. It went well, which is all for the good, as so many things can go wrong for organized TI events.

No good deed goes unfucked; parking follies again. My mother drove into downtown to see the eye doctor and wanted me to park the vehicle in the parkade in the next block as she wouldn't be able to see very well afterward and I would drive her home. And I went down to the street after she called, she went to the eye doctor, and I drove to the next block, and lo, if the 8 level parkade was full at 1000h, which was total bullshit, as it never filled up for Christmas shopping even. So... I attempt to park it across the street in a parking lot, but it was reserved for weekdays, then on the street, only 90 minutes parking and I needed more, and so I drove it three blocks away to another civic lot and got it parked there after doing an extensive tour of four floors of predominantly silver-grey and red vehicles.

When my mother called next she had gone to the nearby LD store to get her Rx filled, something she doesn't do as she has her own prefered pharmacy close to her place. And so the deal/ruse was that when I met her there, the Rx hadn't been filled yet, though imminent, and she needed to look at watches. So... off to the watch display and rotating the plastic booth around many times to first look and get the very attentive staff (rare there) to open the case. First the chinless blonde dude, very polite and courteous, and then a blonde woman who looked like Ms. L of the story but younger, and then the blonde guy again who did the honors of fitting watch straps, pulling links out and putting on the watch, and then ringing up the sale. And lo, if at least three rather odd males weren't loitering about, circling, and doing the faux shop act; prettending to be so interested that they bend over, and stay in place doing their spinal movements, and then move nearby to repeat this trademark non-shopping loitering that is called gangstalking when there is more than one, and their certainly was. Then an uncharacteristic snap decision by my mother to get the brown watch strap watch after the salesman taking three out of the case and she only looking at two of them.

Then off to the Rx to get the now filled Rx, and while waiting on the bench seat (a total magnet for gangstalkers, them or me seated, it doesn't matter), and having the shiftess males in lime green coats arrive again, we got out of the gauntlet that is LD and had lunch at a local restaurant that we sometimes dine at, maybe 6x/year. And it was after 1200h, and the seating was limited, and the one that was availible was near the fountain at the entrance. I don't know what the deal is, but it was the day for flattened noses between the pair of males who served us. A Thai looking male had a broad fugly nose, and so did the cafe-au-lait negro who was the lead waiter. All the blonde waitress babes were flitting about with other tables, and we had the fugly nosed ethnic male pair. The service was good, and with the seat next to the half wall at the entrance, why, a foursome of dudes just "happened" to have their backs all aligned and facing me for a five minute spell, a common gangstalker show of late, aligning themselves in a wall and having other Fuckwits pass in front of them. They did this from some 30' away at the airport two days ago, and have done it with ethnic groups as well.

For whatever reason, it was important for the sickos to have my mother wearing a new just purchased watch from across the street while at lunch today. I can imagine there would be some "energies" that could be remotely measured from it, and attempting to define them by location as well, not to mention that the watch was around a plastic presentation display when in the display case, so I can imagine that there might of been some plastic "energetic transference" the assholes were looking for. Just my speculations, but I haven't come to any other theories as to why the arrange all these trivial pursuits to such senseless precision.

Another pissing match with the sickos; the fucked my ability to backup my files online with the wretched Mozy outfit since mid-December, and now that I try to re-load it after the Windowws 7 upgrade in mid-Febuary, why, the installation dialog box flips to the left and cannot be recovered or dragged to answer the question of the installation software. This has to be at least the tenth time the Mozy backup has been sabotaged, such that I gave up on it, and now that I want to resume, I am not allowed.

This also speaks to the more recent games of sabotaging the Windows backup utility, as it won't recognize the new hard drive I installed at some expense, also for backing up. On and on this infernal fucking game goes, and of course, with the future portent of screwing me some more, and without any backup. Why are the assholes so obsessed over this activity?

A mellow time at the PC, save for the new fuckery of the sickos jittering the text that I am reading. They can make one line of text displace to the left, and the line of text underneath to the right, and for these assholes, it is just too much fun. They can also have the text shimmer as if is were a wave, or bend it up or down. Another trick is to manipulate my vision in some way to make it look three dimension. All these new Fuckover stunts in the last few months, and not recorded as any clinical event anywhere to my knowledge. So what can it be??

And another city bus freakshow on the way back from the First Feral Family home today. They gave up on simulating high school students from a nearby school, and had them board nowhere near a school, some 15 of them at one bus stop. I got the yellow and orange jacketed woman looking at her cell phone next to me for the latter part of this bus trip, part of the high school student swamping stop which included some male weirds doing guitar stalking, wearing strange elongated toques that draped over the back of their heads and other oddities that just didn't add up for 1500h in the afternoon on a weekday from the suburbs to downtown. I got my bus stop book reading Fuckwit at my starting stop, as they nearly always put one of these on each bus trip, if not have them walking the street reading a book.

Another freak on the bus was a woman in dyed purple hair, mid-length and staying out of sight at the front of the bus, especially with the intervening flush of faux students standing in the aisle, who then closes in on me when I am at the back door, waiting for the bus to move at the traffic controlled intersection before my stop.

Another behavior theme today was when walking back from the parkade to my place, and at least three independent events of some loitering shiftless dude who begins to make tracks toward me, and then converts this into making another move, just as contrived and strange. The sickos like to have more dude flushes and swarms around me, and I could do with this bullshit not happening at all. It is fucking absurd to be hounded for over eight years due to the follies of Fuckwits without the gumption to get their asses out of the closet.

the last of the pictures for a while, as I don't take my camera out much any more, another one of those "happenings". The lead vehicle color is a metallic tan, one of the more tactical colors they like me to be introduced to after a typical "warm up" of greyscale colors. Here, save for silver-grey, are the accompanying greyscale range; white, mid-grey and black (behind the the tree).

 And what is it about cranes that the perps so love to arrange within a block of me. One yesterday was some 90' high to lift off a HVAC unit off the top of a building when walking back from the doctor's office, and here another local one. I reckon the stressed cables give off some kind of electromagnetic or energetic signature that would then bring additional interaction to everything and everyone around it. The perps like me to pass under, or walk on, the stressed cable pedestrian overpasses that are constructed over highways here. In this case, a crane taking down a hammerhead crane, the second one to be deconstructed within a block, and another one went up, all within the last three weeks.
 This one may have been included in an earlier posting, but it is just so outrageous in being so obviously arranged, even more than the four same red toned vehicles around me outside the bus this afternoon.

 And a foursome of black colored vehicles, the ones that give me the heebie-jeebies are parked in file on the far side of the street. Two silver-grey pickups on the opposite side, closer to the camera on the right, one a smaller import, the other a larger pickup, arranged by size and color and vehicle type.

Enough for today, and the rest of the typo sabotage that has been brought on while composing this blog.


Update and advisory: I see my pictures are truncated on the blog, and aren't dynamically sized. And I don't know how to make the blog column wider as this Blogspot is so lame and wretched. So... for all those blogs of the last week or so, I will re-edit them to get the pictures to fit.

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