Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Geriatric Linestalking

As mentioned in recent blog postings, the new public display format for gangstalking is to have a line of the Fuckwits arranged facing me, or as of today, for me to pass through an opening in the line. Today, it was six geriatrics lined up; one standing to my right, the sidewalk, and five more standing or sitting at the bench. I was on a tea and chocolate acquisition sortie to LD, and they were in place for both outbound and inbound journey legs. And forget ostensible rationale, there wasn't any that I could tell as to why they were clustered in file and there for some 10 minutes.

Other detritus of the just-stand-there kind was the dude in camo at the front of the store, a fresh skinhead doing squat, but on his cell phone when I exited and with his shades on. I don't like the bald headed look, and when I averted my eyes from this disgusting visage, the perps put the image back in my perihperial vision for an extra second or two. This has been the trend for the past six months, adding something I didn't care to see back into my peripherial vision as if it were there by way of physical sight lines when it should of been long gone. And after being hounded by the Unfavored among other parties, I should be an expert in what I would seen in peripherial vision and visage aversion, and somehow that has changed. And it has lead to some suspicion that the fuckers also engaged in sexual abuse along with the clinical and cognitive abuse of the "lost years" of memory deletion when aged 2 to 5. I heard from one of the Duplessis Orphans that consummate mind-trasher of the CIA's interests, Dr. Ewen Cameron of McGill University, was also a sexual abuser too when I lived in Montreal for two yearsin the 1950's. Very interesting, as that hasn't been documented to my knowledge, though his main claim to fame was to attempt to re-write one's knowledge after attempting to purge it in the guise of psychiatric care, har, har.

And what is with the Men In White, MIW's; I had at least six parties of the MIW's yesterday, and then today when waiting at the the pedestrian crossing, a long haired male all in white "shows up" across the street, and at the instant I see him, a vehicle noise goes off. I had at least four males clustered around me at that moment, and then there was also the Fuckwit who was "waiting" for the pedestrian traffic control by circling half the street on his bicycle he had rode across the crosswalk. Like WTF; he could of crossed the road in its entirely as there wasn't any traffic, but instead he does a 360 degree loop of the street portion that was in front of me, along with keeping his mouth open and wearing a red helmet over a blue ball cap.

Other inanity for the freakshow was putting on a tri-motorcycle outside the LS store, replete with Harley Davidson level noise and the long haired male driver. Another WTF; no motorcycle clubs for at least five miles, and an urban shopping center, and a never-seen-in-this-town vehicle.

I suppose the big perp excitement might have been the fact that they finally painted the hallway outside this apartment; the poly plastic masking has been in place for some 2.5 weeks, and they finally showed up. The hallways are a light yellow color, and I will assume this will be featured among the gangstalking Fuckwits over the next week or so, especially yog tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

An increase of popups and other excuses to put a dialog box in front of what I am reading marks the latest online fuckery. Despite having the Ad Block extension to Firefox, I still get plenty of pop-up ads that manage to somehow erupt as I am about to read an article online, or when extra-engaged at an interesting section. As always, nothing that happens in my life is a coincidence, and more like, is coordinated to obsessive levels of precision.

A short round of Linux activity, booting from a different disk in the removable rack. That lasted some 5 minutes of jerkaround time in attempting to unzip (untar?) an update to Firefox which incurred a directory installation problem. The the imposed piss-off mood takes over and then I bail on it. I see that physical backup disk that was installed has now become part of a larger a logical disk, this "update" taking place on the drive which was on the shelf and removed from the PC for the past two weeks. And it seems the perps want me to engage in Linux activities at about that rate, every ten days to two weeks, a sudden motivational urge comes over me to attempt my Oracle database and tools load, but it didn't get that far. As to why they have to impose this bizarre constraint I have no idea, but I suppose they are taking out some of other factors and attempting to remotely detect whatever it is they are after. Not forgetting that the Linux hard drive is 750Gb when the other two large drives are 640Gb. All these differences are important for the perps for whatever reason.

And I note that my mother started another hard drive failure scare yesterday, indicating it was the similar to the last one in terms of symptoms, and then engendering the train of hassle that follows with taking the PC in, getting the serial number, online RMA submission, getting the replacement part, sending the old one back, and the installation of the new one. But all that was bullshit, as the problem was a Microsoft exercise in vexation, adding a virtual printer and then assigning it as the printer preference, and then leveraging this to cause a few more presentation inconsistencies, and finally getting it removed for the moment, though I suspect it will come back as the sickos find this kind of juvenility so... very funny. One small icon change on an update is enough to derail my mother's grasp on what the fuck is going on with Windows, so I suspect the next generation iPad with a handwriting interface (with an pen pointer) just might be the right solution whenever it comes to pass. Maybe it is already availible as a hardware and software solution, though running on Windows.

And the reflected beam games are now on for 2010; this is where the opposite residential tower's windows manage to somehow catch the setting sun and direct it into this apartment. Often it is a round robin of three buildings doing this over the evening, but today, just the opposite tower. It is one of the more benign silly games, but this time they decided to up the annoyance ante by flickering the light for whatever reason, causing me to close the curtains. Some of last year's pictures will have some photos of this nonsense, but I am sure I will be getting another round this year.

No more pictures for a while as the recent camera load had been shown in the past week's postings.

And a round of escalation of the assholes putting on the fake touches; this is the sensation of being touched but nothing is there. This all began when making tea tonight, and kept up until after the dishes were done. A few doesn't get a respsonse, but they kept it up enough to have me yelling at them to stop. Sometimes that does work, though tonight they wanted a series of vocalizations. They have also been making the arm rashes sore, as they seemed to be on the mend after three days of no healing. I had some old prescription rash medication from a 2004 stunt they pulled, and went I went to get the jar, why, it had been tipped over, and the paste has run down the side of the jar. Now, when most of the impositions of fuckery revolve around having different juxtapositions and cardinality, it doesn't make it much of a stretch to find that the perps wanted me to use the rash creme and draw it along the length of the small container instead of from the top of it. Just another example of the goings on and the level of detail and planning that they go to in order to continue their nonconsensual human experimentation abuse. The cardinality and directionality of the plastic vessels that I use are my business alone, and I don't see why a covert party has any fucking right to be pissing around doing research on plastics and their human energetic interaction without my express permisssion. And of note, five whales beached themselves in the last week, one had plastics in its stomach, though this was not the cause of death.

And speaking of covert research, I see that my wallet stealing and researching friends are planning to change the color and design of the US $100 bill. Why, it is a blue purple color, not the traditional green, and that must mean the perps are needing to study US citizens with a different color or bill in their wallets. And the last most wallet theft in 2004 had both US and Canadian currency in it, and I reckon they wanted me to have just the latter so they could study it alone. And they didn't want me to have a wallet with exposure to US currency as it would still have some of the energies/ruboff of the green US bills and it would be too confusing for them to figure out. Right now I also have a new Rx from two days ago, and it is yellow in color, and I shouldn't have been too surprised to see a surfiet of yellow colored gangstalking vehicles after my doctor's appointment. The present wallet is a little smaller than the last one, and I am forced to fold the bills in the wallet, rather than the wallet folding the bills as it closed. Yet again, the contents of my wallet and the color of the bills, cards, and papers are of intense interest to the perps who continue to plant extra Fuckwit gangstalkers around me whenever I use the wallet, either for cashe purchases or debit card. As regular readers will know, I am also routined noise and gangstalked every time I make a financial transaction, so part of the checkout action is for the latter, and then once departing, they like to also figure out the color change, if I used bills.

And I see this town is making the news and having the FBI phone up as one of their most wanted fugitives might be resident here. It is a good town for books, but somehow I think this story isn't for this purpose, but whatever.

I suspect the perps like a decent bomb to go off, and the timing of the various wars and like events seems to fit with their harassment activities from my perspective. Apart from calling an explosion a "space time ripper", per J K Harms, I suspect there might be other reasons, as there rarely is just a single objective in any major perp initiatives. And here it might be, a damaging radio wave from exploding ordnance that interferes with brain energies. I don't suppose such a linkage would make for any significant theories as to what the perps are up to, but they often zap me with a coincident noise, and it seems they were also busy sponsoring zapping of hospital patients in Montreal in the 1950's. Food for thought.

That is all that is blogworthy today, not a whole lot, and being mostly confined except the one looney excursion to the LD store to be reminded that they just love me to make short once per day sorties for chocolate. And of course, have a Fuckwit in place just when and where I grab the MIlka bars and go on. Then another three doing their faux shopping nonsense, in deep study of the candy section. Give me a break.


Anonymous said...

Here's one f*ckover that I find hard to deal with: the whole UTC vs. localtime issue with Linux and other non-Windows operating systems. Seems like Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, decided to stick with localtime over UTC for many years. As a result, I have dealt with the time flip-flopping all over the place when I dual-boot, or just boot into other operating systems. For example, Gentoo Linux seems to set the hardware clock (the RTC) to whatever the current time is as specified by the time zone. Yet I have it set for UTC. When I boot into something else, in this case it's NetBSD, I'm finding my time is 4 hours short.

I really wish the BIOS makers and Microsoft would work out some sort of standard to solve this time zone/localtime vs. universal time mess. I never had this problem, ironically, when I just selected local time from the installer of Linux or anything else. The UNIX standard has always been UTC, not localtime. Yet Linux and the others don't seem to work right unless I select local time over UTC. It doesn't make any sense.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here's one f*ckover...

I have Windows 7 and it allows for two clocks, but doesn't say how each is used or determined (offset or direct time from source, e.g. UTC). I put my BIOS to UTC when I got the Linux removable drive working, but Windows 7 flipped its time around as a "result". It is stable now, but don't ask me why, as it could flip again, likely for perp games it would seem. Most Oracle sites use UTC I heard. Thanks for the comments.