Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hot Cooked Enragement

A round of at least 20 rage-ifications while making lunch just before this; the highlight was the chopped chicken meat piece, 1/2" long, that wiggled and moved by itself as if it were like a silverfish insect. Highly kinetic, and remotely controlled, and designed to piss me off as the starting event to enraging me for the entire meal preparation time, eating time, and then when doing the dishes. Other stunts included flicking olive oil 2' onto the stovetop and floor, smashing crockery together that was in the dishes rack and was not in any way caused by me, and a few others that aren't allowed to be recalled at the moment. And too, extra "reactive" enragement, as I would be rather casual about this bullshit long ago as I have seen it so often, and this was a little more blatant, removing ostensible cause by increments it would seem.

Cutting up the cooked chicken meat still continues to be the big deal for the perps. Not only the above fuckery, but others to keep the rage level going, and then bring on the dude talk heard through the wall, and seeming one of the more important background noises of late. They awoke me in the night to hear more, and also did this two nights ago. So it would seem that dude talk is going through some kind of diurnal neural mapping, nightime and daytime, and in all states of emotional regulation, however the assholes quantify it.

Before making lunch from scratch it was finishing up the laundry, including the teatowel that was used in the kitchen when making above lunch. The hallway is still in a state of being masked for painting, now going into its fourth week, but they did actually paint the walls this week, the first coat I assume. And in some way, the painters flicked paint on the floor covering poly sheets, but somehow that paint was never wet on the day they painted and consequently there was no tracking of wet paint anywhere. Not even the painters. Which makes me suspicious as to how the painting job really got done, as I never saw or heard them and I was in all that morning it was done, but thats just the way it seems.

Another shut-in day seems to be in the making, and it is a big deal for the perps to arrange these near incommunicado durations that go on for days at a time when they don't want me working, which seems to be the case. No emails, no phone calls, no responses from 20 job application submissions in the last month, and not much of anything else. All part of the deal.

Other regular impositions were a final vivid pre-awakening dream sequence of being hounded. We have done this in dreaming before, and it gets done in real life all the time when outside this apartment so I don't see what the fucking deal is.

A sudden need to take a pee came on just as I began reading an Oracle Software blog posting. Such a topic wouldn't be any bit exciting, so it must of been a tactically forced pee. I wonder what the sickos get from me in my pee when I first set eyes on techincal items like Oracle sofware? I only took some 180 hours of instruction on Oracle since October, so one would think that incremental exposure like that would of been figured out long ago.

Now some overhead pounding of the ceiling/floor as I was reading some more Oracle blogs. This strikes me as a long term jerkaround, whatever it is that they are so nuts about me looking at an Oracle blog.

And how is this for extra-conventional harassment? The last jar of coconut butter changed from room temperature hard and crumbly to soft and spreadable for the last time I used it before finishing the jar. I start a new jar and lo, if it isn't the same, unlike the previous two, where it was hard and crumbly at room temperature. No big deal, so I spread it on the toast and it spreads nicely. Then when eating it with the jam on top it goes stiff and crumbly again, all to dump crumbs on my plate while eating it. Which suggests that screwing with the physical properties one time wasn't enough, but they did it twice to replicate the crumb inundation games of the past. And the past was that it was crumbly and had to be dug out with a spoon and dropped onto the toast as trying to work with it was a crumbly mess. Then some progress was allowed in mixing the coconut butter and the jam together in a small glass vessel into an even paste, and it worked fine until the properties of the coconut butter changed per above. And today, they messed with the lid of the coconut jar, and wouldn't let the threads engage until four attempts and screaming rage oover getting jerked with. All this is to convey the level of detail, planning and insane fuckery that goes with my food preparation and consumption.

And I suppose having a new jar of peanut butter and two bags of edible seeds (pumpkin and macademia nuts) in the cupboards where the coconut jar is stored is part of the goings on as well, though don't ask me as to the rationale, as I don't really know. I suspect that the seeds and nuts have some kind of energetic signature, and it aids the perps in what they are up to, and all the better that the seeds or nuts are consumed at mealtimes, as this adds extra energetics to me. Or, as the seeds and nuts are consumed in my digestive system, they lose their energetic signature and become part of me, and the nature of this is unknown to the gutless sickos who want to detect this remotely. lets see, I have been eating hemp seeds with my cereals for the past seven years, and still they hound me over this, and even changed the supplier of them for three weeks or so, now reverting to the same brand again as it "happened" to be in great supply when I went to replenish my supply. As I have said, the perps don't seem to understand everything they need to about the intake and digestion of food, which likely includes the entire omega fatty acids genesis and uptake. Not my problem, so why am I getting hounded over this and have had two separate siren cascades as I wrote this along with red flashed from this here LCD as well?

And I did get a reminder this morning that the perps are working hard on their wood adhesives exposure games, which includes the embedded glues for plywood (phenols), particleboard (urethane) and OSB (oriented strand board, formaldehyde glues). In the parking lot opposite they arranged a delivery of OSB and had a forklift taking off lifts of it and into the parkade. They even arranged a prior rain shower so there was wet ground all about, and presumably, for me to look at it briefly through the window. The drift I get from the perps is that these glues are ubiquitous pollutants in humans, and are causing them grief in attempting to determine my remotely applied energetic readings. Not my problem, so why am I hounded so relentlessly by the party that created this issue in the first place? It is my conspiratorial opinion that most major commercial volume raw materials and products are governed by the perps, usually the cause of such pollutants.

What interests the perps so much about freaking light bulbs and lighting fixtures? After dinner (and after sitting in the table chair), I used the chair as a stepstool to change the light bulb in the hallway, and then in the bathroom for the second one. Naturally, I wasn't allowed to notice that either bulb had gone until sometime afterward. In 2009 the perps learned how to defeat me noticing a drop in the light level or change in light quality from a source. One of their accomplishments which they take great efforts to backtest on me, both First Victim and First Test Subject if you will forgive my rare aggrandizments.

Other (likely) related lighting fixture action of late is in the hallway and the three week long painting job that has maybe two days of activity and one coat. They have taken out the plastic diffusing grates from the flourescent lighting fixtures and placed them against the wall, then later turned the corner and put them further away and in direct line of my doorway. Then that wasn't enough, so they put them in the lobby and leaned against the manager's office door. It seems they cannot chase me enough with these long time fixtures components, and have made use of placing them along my egress paths. As mentioned in past blog postings, they also changed out the lighting fixtures in the building wing of the college that I attended for my night school classes, doubtless energy efficiency was the rationale, and maybe it was legit.


Sustained and harmonizing vehicle horns with the music playing in my headphones. Stupdider and and stupider.

More music listening tonight. Neko Case has my attention for now, though a different feel to Middle Cyclone than earlier work.

This dull day is done.


Anonymous said...

I would like to talk about skunking. I believe that's the correct term... Its basically odor-stalking, as certain perps that bother me have a very specific body odor and /or strong colognes with lots of "green" notes.

This has given me headaches and nausea on several occasions. The body odor perps have a stench that appears to be particular to perps. Its a mixture of hair grease/gel and B.O., and musty clothing. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced skunking like this? Either through particular colognes which seem to be very popular nowadays or other specific scents that correspond to very annoying people.

I was almost tempted to ask one of the perps on my morning commute what cologne he was wearing just to know the poisonous stench that afflicted me. He also happens to be military and bald...

AJH said...

Answer to: I would like to talk about skunking...

As in planting smells on the TI. (I sometimes use the term to describe getting obstructed on not finding or attaining something that was expectable. A term I came to learn from fishing, as in not catching any).

The planted smells subject is a fascinating one, and in my case, I have come to know that the timing of smell detection is timed precisely to other events of perp interest, such as looking at someone (e.g. putative source of the smell), a spinal twist, a traffic light change, a noise etc. It is my contention that the smells are highly governed in my situation, and they may, or may not truly emanate from the suspected source. Though the game is that they promote the TI to determine a source person (usually a person), and assign attribution to them, and create a focus for the TI, along with some disgust, resentment and whatever else is invoked by smell. And smell has a very powerful association with memory, and its route of detection in the brain is the most direct there is, straight to the neural olafactory sensing region, no network of synaptic connections involved. There is a good chance the perps know your entire smell association experiences and the related emotional reaction, and are "pressing these buttons" at key junctures they want to explore more.

In my case there are at least three childhood years (late 1950's) that are almost totally blanked out, and given the harassment consistency around clinical situations, males (and male smell), and other themes, it seems that the perps are revisting these associations even if there is no conscious recall. I often get male BO smell, which could represent someone getting close to me in a clinical situation as a possible example of what the perps are replaying. I often get the mustly smell and at one work site, I got the heavy cologne from my next cubicle neighbor. A long way of saying that smells are highly individual, are the most direct route to neural stimulation, and that the perps continue to work this theme, and likely arrange the smell, its intensity and apparent attribution to someone like they are playing a fiddle. Thats my take on it in brief, though "experiences will vary" according to each TI. Thanks for the comments.