Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eighth Year Abuse Anniversay

It was April 15, 2002 when the perps went overt/beserk in my apartment, and they haven't let up since, though that day was likely spectacular to watch. As it "happened", both my ex-boss and my current boss were away that workday, as was I, and no one ever mentioned anything to me that I missed a day of work ore express an interest as to what happened. It was an apartment invasion with all manner of strange phenomenon, including a brown plasma flash that caused me to immediately collapse at least twice. One week later they did this again while I was driving and I begain to collapse into a helpless heap at the wheel, and for a few seconds it looked to be grim, but then they gave me an antidote "charge" and I recovered in time. I had a SUV with four dudes in it next to me at 0500h on the I-5 north of Seattle, and of course even now, I still get hordes of dude gangstalkers in the most absurd arrangements. And that apartment invasion started the shit games that still continue; they blocked my toilet with a balloon (and for some odd reason I permitted it), and it was still blocked for two more days until I got a plumber's snake and dislodged it. And to this day, I still am not allowed to take a shit without something going terribly strange/wrong; meaning plungings, showers to clean up and bathroom flooddings too numerous to count. As regular readers will know, the color brown, and all the energetics of brown things, and especially shit is an ongoing depraved Fuckover scene with the perps, and it all started eight years ago today. If I had only pitched myself from my 12 storey apartment building at the next residential location it would of been so much better, let me be clear about that. I suspect they would of jammed the window to stop me, as I have been a prime abuse specimen for all this time, and they wouldn't want to give up that. I didn't know they had been following me all my life at that time, as they clued me in early 2004 about that. And as they can read one's mind, I am sure they would of also dithered my intent at the time as well, though they must of been prepared with multiple risk abatement measures.

I just finished a round of screaming at the assholes because of software sabotage in loading and activating my disk of exam preparation questions, and even the copy/paste wasn't working, and I was dispatched to Tier 2 support for crissakes. The end of the deal is that I have a disk for more practice exams than I paid for, and then these upaid ones will keep showing up on the menu, but without access. Other tricks were to have an activation code, and then not explaining it was on a per practice exam basis. Before that, the fuckers screwed with the opening of the software, having one of those "convenient" pull tabs go all over the place and still leave a thin flap of cardboard over the envelope opening, which also became problematic to remove, invoking another screaming rage at the assholes as to why I wasn't allowed to open my own paid for mail. And with extra concurrent thudding and rumbling noise eruptions it seems that envelope opening and software activation is a big deal for the assholes, more than I knew. I have had thought to be friends open my software disk set before, and wondered why they did this, and so it seems that this trivial event is a big Fuckover Objective. Another one, as if employment obstruction, gangstalking, extra-gravitic abuse, crumb inundations, night time mess arrivals wasn't enough. So goes the show, on its 8th anniversary. Onto my employment counselor meeting, then yoga back to back.

Fortuneately my next two appointments went OK, though the gangstalking was stepped up, along with the road works in three locations. One had the Men In Orange (safety overalls) running wire or cable under the street where I was waiting for the pedestrial walk signal. Last week they were doing this in three proximate locations when I went driving in my mother's vehicle. They like to move the cable under my feet I presume, and they also like to have those big cable drums nearby. Ripping up streets seems to be a big part of the goings on, especially with a Fuckwit in the hole, and standing over the pipe. Exactly what pipe isn't always clear, as they have long hounded me over sewer system installations, portable johns and septic services tankers. Last week they seemed to be working on a data line in the road, and today it seems to be electrical. They will even schedule the street probes at night time outside this apartment building.

At yoga, the instructor was reprising after being two years away in another city. I don't suppose this was any fluke, and at least two class members were reprising today as well, and a third new class member today. Me and seven women, plus the instructor. It is back to low key yoga again; heavy on the breathing and light on the activity. So... the familar voice, music and her particular syntax all came back again, and I suppose she will be in place for a year at least. I haven't quite figured out the perp's interest in the instructor choices, but suffice to say they don't want any female distractions. They put the negro woman into the class, and then grossed me out with gigantic belly hanging out from under her sweater. I was dislodged from my usual mat location, and I suppose this goes with the new instructor dynamic and whatever else the perps readi into all these insufferable details they hound me over.

A local Oracle user's group meeting in the afternoon, and back to the stunt of having the flake in front, move his head exactly where I am looking within 20 seconds. Unerring, and relentless head and body movement to have me move to see the screen. I would get this all the time when in the cinema when that was allowed and accessible in 2003 to mid 2004. After that, the notion of going to the cinema just didn't "happen", which has continued to this day. The sickos don't like me to engaged in longer term activities, and it just doesn't lend itself to their incremental exposure introduction agenda. The notion of viewing movies got a start early this year with a number of them being inexpensive, and when I attempted to view them it was an major pissing match with the DVD drive "failing", then a driver "failing" and then a blatant impasse with the DVD drive not working until I finally gave up and still have some 12 DVD's sitting in their original shrink wrap unopened and unviewed.

I didn't see any long lost pals at the meeting, and only the instructor and one student I knew from the past six month's classes. Besides the orchestrated head obstruction act there was other coordinated shuffling and coughs. I had attended meetings at the same basement venue until mid-1999 so this return to the same room must of been a big perp event, though easy on the gangstalking for once. Not so when I got out, with the surge of dudes at every corner, and wearing their red hats and like props. Earlier, I even had a military gangstalker in camo, the real deal, who "happened" to be downtown in his light blue beret.

And more messing with my reading from the perps; the assholes won't let me find my place to resume reading if scrolled down, they won't let me read the words but instead insert another meaning altogether (also done with handwriting), have me miss words, and also have me skip the negative or affirmative to get the meaning totally backwards. I still get the odd noise flurry when I catch an error in meaning or syntax, but for the most part they seem to be governing all my error detecting abilities, and make sure they don't occur. And have I said how much I like my reading fucked with at this micro scale? Not very, and I get pissing infuriated at this depraved incursion, and don't plan to let any perpetrator off unless they have their due wackings. It is fucking sick and abusive and I have had enough of these cognitive incursions and debasements that don't have any clinical basis, so what can the problem be?

And more invasion as I write this with this page flipping down all by itself, no forced keystroke blundering required. And another screaming rage show over opening a package up, this one being a tetra pack of red colored juice, with a plastic cap and a pull tab connected to the spout. And lo, if the plastic pull tab didn't come off by itself leaving the spout still covered. I pull on the remaining spout and lo, if it doesn't delaminate and leave a thin plastic film behind and the carton still sealed. I then take a knife to remove the plastic film and lo, if it doesn't fold inside and I cannot remove it entirely. So... after the screaming rage show was finished over this three time Fuckover Stunt of opening a box of juice, I now get to have all the poured juice pass by this plastic flap the perps stuffed inside the box. That is how it goes around here, and no relief because it is Abuse Anniversary today.

A big read on wine and grapes here and here. The substance and subject of wine is a big deal for the perps and they had me making wine for close to 20 years, building up from blackberry to special frozen shipments of crushed premier Cabernet Sauvignon in a 40 gal. drum. I was a member of the local amateur winemakers guild and even took on shipments from the Okanagan Valley to make some very nice wines. I don't make it now that I live in an apartment, and don't buy it because it isn't in the budget. I suppose from the perp's provenance (where something is from) experimental interests there isn't much more fascinating than wine making, shipping, and imbibing. All those different energetics related to soil and variety, and then the changes due to shipping and shipping container colors and the rest of it. Its too tedious to think about, all the combinations and permutations, and then have the perps tailing one over where the grapes were from, where the yeast was from, what color and substance for the containers the grapes arrived in etc. Anyhow, I won't go into all the details of  winemaking, but one can be assured as a TI that the assholes are right over your shoulder, and probably worse for all the interest they keep up.

About 15 years ago I went to a California vintners promotion with over 200 wineries presenting their wines. I wanted to taste a good Zinfandel, a very California grape, as much of my wine making was of this grape from a direct shipment of grapes in the crates. And all those wineries never had a single bottle of Zinfandel among them, which I found to be totally absurd, as it is one of their biggest selling grapes and there are so many apellations and variations that we never get to see up here across the border. I could not figure this out, at the time, but in hindsight it must of been a perp setup, the "futile quest" fuckery objective they like to put me through every now and again. Another long time mystery solved.

Picture time. and where would I be without my woodstalkers? In my apartment this time, and I get drive by gangstalking props in this photo. About every month or so I get a massive wood shipment stalking such as this, and in the interim they settle for wood being in pickup boxes and as staves for raising the box height. I suppose having the tree in between is also important for the perps as they like to have me around trees, under them and of course, a once forestry career until it was totally fucked, eight years ago to the day. Taken 03-18-2010.

And more of getting stupider and stupider, this cute arrangement of greayscale colors (silver-grey, white and mid-grey) with a single navy blued colored vehicle. The closest lane is mobile, the farther lane is parked at that time of day, Taken  03-23-2010, 1324h.

More stupid; the silver-greys and the light blue metallic finish analogs with one mid-blue tailing the bunch in this first photo of the pair below. It is interesting that the two parked silver-grey vehicles in file are just a little different in tone. Taken 03-25-2010 with three shiftless males at the bus stop, one reading a book.

Still stopped at the light, with the mid-blue vehicle moving up one vehicle length to compare itself to the next silver-grey vehicle parked beside it, subtle difference in tone noted above.

Nothing too strange in this next photo, but my recollection is that there was no fire emergency at the time, as they put on no less than five yellow fire trucks if that was the case, and which has been well documented in past photgraphs on this here blog. So... we have the mother of all ladder bearing vehicles sitting pretty on the street in the shade of the residential tower, presumably for its yellow reference purposes, and then we run a honey delivery vehicle in orange, white and black down the street, just exiting the shade. Whatever, but why is it that my mother leaves three jars of deep brrown  honey on the sunlit shelf of her garage all the time? I am sure there is a connection in all of this.

And also note the light orange-puke brown vehicle in mid-street with the dayglo dudes hard at work on the right side until cut off by the face of the building. These guys keep "showing up", this being their second reprise at the time, and run cables under the street for whatever reasons they have. Stay tuned, as they will show up in a later picture in a future blog posting. As of today, I have encountered this vehicle at least six times in the past three months, and for all but one time they were busy running cables or devices under the street. And no doubt the fugly color of their vehicle, not well portrayed in this photo, has some kind of brown color significance for them. And not to forget, they are also sitting over where the septic sewer pipes were laid when they rebuilt the entire block of that street in 2008. Now, did I flush the toilet for them or not? I can't recall, and I wasn't allowed to even concieve of such a connection at the time.

And the dayglo traffic cones on top of the roof of the parked pickup truck on the right side of the street is also a perp related eruption of stupidity, though they have also placed them on top of buildings and and in ditches and the like. They cannot get enough of that dayglo orange vinyl it seems, and putting it all about, including some from the fire truck, is furthering their purpose in some way, also previously documented in past picture postings. Taken 03-24-2010.
Time to call this one done as the vision impairment fuckery is getting on my nerves. I had plans to retell the story of the 04-15-2002 events that launched this abuse, The Day the Perps Went Overt/Beserk, another day of infamy, but I got derailed by the picture show, above.

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