Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Email is Down

No Yahoo email currently, obviously some glitch somewhere, that may or may not be perp related. Though, if you follow my line of thinking, and are aware of the degree of containment I am kept in, nothing is a coincidence. What might be of relevance isn't clear. I always boot up Firefox with four tabs, Yahoo, IMDB, Amazon and Google pages at the ready. One of the four isn't availible, so who knows why that might be important to the perps. They will sabotage wires, routers and power bars to change the color, wire configuration and components of what the signals and electricity flows through, but again, I don't know why, save that it fits the pattern of chasing me with all colors of all things, and all juxtapositions.

A First Feral Family outing with my mother this morning, going to two garden suppy nurseries, and purchasing a flowering current at one location, and four junipers at the next. Then, we turn around and go and have a coffee with the swarming gangstalkers, and then back to her place. Exciting moment for perps this, especially when travelling at speed on the highway, something I don't get to do much, not owning a vehicle. I am getting blanked on any over-the-top vehicular gangstalking recollections, but they did put on the usual heavy transporters; petroleum products tanker with pup trailer, large tractor trailer propane delivery tanker, the largest redi-mix concrete delivery trucks, and large refuse haulers. Again, they were heavy on the red vehicle colors, and even tagged me on the city bus when heading to my mother's place by putting a red anorak wearing female Fuckwit immediately behind me 2/3rd's into the journey. It used to be that if I parked next to a red vehicle they would whisk it away inside of minutes when my back was turned. So this represents a new escalation of "red attacks". I also see the appearence of Alberta licence plates on the proximate vehicles, red text on a white background. Then they put it behind a Washington State licence plated vehicle, with only "Washington" in red text, the plate text in black (?) on a blue and white background. It isn't tourist season here by a long shot, so I assume these vehicles were arranged around me for the licence plate colors they proffered. More excitement for the assholes.

And of course with  red flowered Red Flowering Currant bush in the back, why, it is a huge deal for the assholes to get red color coordination, whatever that means, from inside the vehicle to outside, presumably for botanical material as there are so many red leaf flushing plants at this time of year, the Photina and the Pieris being prominent.

And on the city bus on the way back, a red cotton jacketed woman in front of me for most of the trip, again, a new escalation of placing red dressed Fuckwits around me. There was even a slanging match between two dudes on the bus, one having shoved the other due to personal space infringements, and I wasn't involved in it thank goodness. But some 40 bus passengers on the bus at 1330h from suburbia to downtown is a freaking joke when they come every 10 to 15 minutes. And despite most seats having two passengers on them, they seemed to know to leave me alone and not have anyone for the entire 25 minute bus trip. Which is the way I like it, as the assholes are often pumping body odor into my nose, and seating a Fuckwit immediately besdie me would of been a big excuse to elevate that minor side of the harassment diaspora.

An the most bizarre perp prop I have seen to date, some dude brings on an native Indian ceremonial paddle onto the bus, not wrapped up, and the featured side facing me as he walked up the aisle. It had reflective copper colored paint on it, something that one doesn't see much, and unlikely to be any bit traditional. The paddle was painted in a flat black, and had many fine detailed designs in red, white and copper color. Totally beserk to say the least, but more of the copper color theme it would seem. Ever since I started throwing away my pennies, this kind of nonsense has increased. Obviously they needed to expose the entire bus of Fuckwits to it as well; normally pennies will arrive from nowhere to be at my feet or on the window sill if it is just me they want for copper prop games.

Then after getting off the bus I walk two blocks to the LD store and what a massive gangstalking it was, and they put on checkout obstruction and choked down the number of checkouts. I had my freaks around me, one being the 4'10" Phillipino woman with the black toque with a peak on it, a strange head piece for this town, but one the perps bring out every week or so for me to be exposed to for whatever reason they have. And a granny leaving her walker in the way of the too tight aisles while putzing with the shopping baskets, just plain perverse for how busy the store was with oncoming waves of Fuckwits arriving. And too, my Asian chocolate stalker dude (where the chocolate was in the aisle) also came to join me at the checkout I was waiting at with nothing in hand. Which might mean that he was waiting to get cigarettes from the cashier, so why was he perambulating deep into the store where the chocolate was? Go figure, though the brown color reference rationale seems to fit, this time being skin color.

A Chicken Run to the local supermarket earlier; the sickos had me nap for 45 min. beforehand after napping me in the seated position while at this PC. They would script 10 to 30 second long "drop outs" where I would be cognitively unaware, and I have no idea if my eyes were open or not. I would not be surprised if they kept my eyes open to have the effect of seen colors but without any cognitive registration. They seem to be pushing on this front, having me not see something that is behind something else and then reveal it for a second or two and hide it again. This would be testing the effect of something, colors, material type etc, without it being seen, and then comparing the neural correlates to that of seeing the object. I call it "peekaboo games", and the First Feral Family are long time masters at this stupid fuckery, and deserve Quisling Hell for this alone.

Then when headed to the supermarket, I went through the plastic covered floors again, the masking for the upcoming painting job, and had three tobo dudes lined up along the back of the elevator when it arrived. And with this hallway floor covered in plastic, and the elevator indicating that this was the 6th floor, the center dude starts walking toward me to get out as I am about to go in. The perps made sure I saw his well shined army boots and seemed to dither me in a way as to all that I saw in some strange congitive aberation, and then one of the guy's pals pulled him back and explained to him that it was the Main floor they wanted. Like WTF; why is it I get one or two of these a month, when some Fuckwit want to get out of the elevator prematurely and right in front of me, and then steps back, the accidentally-on-purpose stunt, increasing the elevator gauche behavoir I get in greater quantities than BOH (Before Overt Harassment) in 04-15-2002?

An evening spenrt first perusing jobs, always begetting noisestalking the instant I recognize an employer or name from long ago. Then that spun into looking at organic farms and the certified programs and where they are located and what they produce. I once owned a small acreage with the ex, but that was a financial disaster, and I often wonder what is the perp's interest in organic growing, as this seems to come up frequently, organic sourced foods and food processors. Ditto for fair trade foods.

This one is done for the evening; the itchy foot perturbations are increasing, so it is time to call it a day.

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