Friday, July 18, 2008

Full Moon Test; More Harassment

I am feeling very tired after two back to back workdays in the sun, pulling daffodil bulbs. I sense that I will take tomorrow off, if not in the least for getting another pair of leather gloves after some asshole cut a hole in the left index finger. These gloves have been used for the last week, all four days and a hole "erupted" in the finger end. It was about 1/4" at the afternoon break, and was at least 1/2" when I returned. The perps are always sabotaging my clothing and belongings, and they decided they needed to peek inside by creating a hole in the end of one finger. And this served as the "reason" that I was getting jabbed in the finger tip all the time. But then again, I am also getting finger tip jabs on other fingers, including those with an uncomprised glove fingers. Regular readers will know that the perps can inflict any conceivable damage with their "action at a distance" technologies.

Next Day, 07-19-2008
Things got a little strange yesterday; I got tired, (read, imposed condition) and had the strangest circucmstances of a nap in all of my life. A four hour nap from 2000h to 2400h (midnight) on top of the bed, and when awakened at that time, I got yet another "wrong number" call on the phone. Then it was onto my dental hygeine time, undressing and back into the bed, and not on it. And over this time there was the dusk transition, the perps silly time of day. So it would seem that the assholes were testing me while sleeping on the bed over the dusk time, and then testing me in the bed for a sleep, and using the short transition period to script a phone call which can serve as bioenergetic interaction device (the telephone microphone), not to mention the auditory processing (listening and speaking), also of significant interest to the perps.

I have never had a four hour nap in my life when well, and that was a first, especially over the period preceding going to bed at the near-normal bedtime. That is two "never-befores", nap duration and nap timing so soon before normal bedtime.

And today, a stay-at-home day after yesterday's punishing back pain/discomfort (read, imposed), the perps scripted another nap, two hours this afternoon, followed by teatime with chocolate and then a read of the national weekend newspaper. And while both hands were tied up reading the paper, a train of motorcycle noise was put on for my benefit, repeating past timing of noise occurences. With two hands free I can plug my ears with my fingers and block out these horrendously loud noises of a kind that I don't want to hear, but not when reading a newspaper.

And it was interesting that yesterday was a full moon, not that I saw it, but it did fit the timing noted by another TI. There must be greater etheric energy at that time, which presumably serves the perp purposes as they introduce so many other electromagnetic and energetic objects in my proximity, gangstalkers in their lurid colors being one. I had a ridiculous orange colored poncho wearing female gangstalker on me at the LD store this morning, standing on guard at the chocolate section, and so instead I went to the checkout which has a view of the incoming and outgoing customers/gangstalkers. I got through the checkout in no time, as there wasn't anybody ahdead of me, and when I got out and to the street, there she was again, some 50' ahead of me. I was either blanked out so I couldn't "see her" (selective cognitive deletion) or else she was teleported. The latter is not uncommon, and the former is doable. When in the LD store they fucked with my vision/cognition so I could not "see", (visual cognition), the newspaper I was looking for when it was exactly in front of me. Nothing new there, as this specialized kind of neural fuckery has been going on since 2006.

The above poncho-ed gangstalker then preceded me into the supermarket next door, and then featured" herself in at least one location for me to see her. I expected her to gangstalk me at the chocolate section, but she didn't. The perps like to drop these imagined scenarios into mind, and then not script them. Or, alternatively, they do script them, looking for some kind of neural energetic differences between the two possible outcomes using past similar scenarios.

I just had a 5 minute dinner break in the current practice of taking a tortilla leftover from the fridge and putting one single slice onto a dinner plate. This one slice and no reheating practice is the current allowed lunch and dinner diet and quantity. Not that I lost any weight with the new imposed diet, as I believe this too is a remotely controllable circumstance.

I was 180lb less when the perps overtly struck in 2002, and they bulked me up to 215lb immediately afterward, and now it is 195lb. (There were some medication changes at the time, but the body weight changes did not repeat when the medication changes repeated 8 months later. Medication changes are one of the most prominent ways in which the perps will introduce some form of cognitive, behavioral or morphic changes.) I am sure that 10 to 15lb less is achievable if I had the freedom to attain it, but the perps like me to be on the plump side to support their "gut strut" games. This is where they place obese gangstalkers for me to see, often many in serial fashion, or even as "friends", viewable together. Then they force me to look at my own stomach immediately afterward. This is more doable when I am seated as is the case when I am at the gym on the exercise equipment. In at least 50% of the gym situations that the dude/class mate I call "Ethnic Gut", being indeterminably ethnic and with a large paunch, was paraded in front of me to see, the perps then forced me to look and my own (much smaller) girth, as if doing a comparison. It would seem that the perps want to know the bioenergetics of what I loathe, specifically the Unfavored. I cannot bear the sight of obesity, and yet I get a constant parade of it while in public along with other members from the Unfavored demographic groups.

The saga of the beaming light games is continuing as I type these very words. This is where simulated reflections from adjacent buildings "happen" to beam into my apartment and also "happen" to flicker and stroboscope creating extra annoyance. Therefore, I pull the curtains and while this deals with the light penetration into this room, it does not stop the flickering games on the curtain. And should I re-organize my position to avoid the flicker, the perps will put it in my peripherial vison all the same as it is directly manipulatable. Last night, when going to bed for the second time, per above story, they put the flickering directly into my eyes with closed eyelids. And of course, they escalated the fuckery by making the light red colored, one of the more Unfavored colors.

I got my tattoo stalking today when out shopping earlier today. I had just finished paying the cashier at the checkout with my debit card (a high gangstalking moment, like any other financial transaction), and when walking the 15' to the door, I became aware of eyes looking at me, and it was the young woman at the flower shop counter, and when I looked, she had just averted her gaze and lo, if there wasn't an full arm display of disgusting tattoos in the dim light. I would seem that the perps are reverting to their familiar stunts; if something/body is Unfavored, then present it in dim light conditions in an attempt to somehow tease out the essential odious visual components. The recent spate of backlit dudes standing in the way of elevator egress is one example. Or else, have The Unfavored subject in close proximity (or behind, as if in a penubric etheric shadow) to an attractive blonde woman, or even, have the blonde herself wear the tattoos.

Yesterday's hard labor of picking daffodil bulbs was made worse at the perps forced a "forget" in having me not bring the kneeling pad. I was then compelled to either crouch or lean over, both of which positions were awarded extra back pain by the perps to render me physically thrashed by day's end.

The Red shirted dude of two days go "happened" to show up for bulb picking late in the day, an unrealistic scenario, and all the moreso as he is clearly a marginal worker. He was the only dude who "happened" to show up when the crew bus didn't (07-16-2008), and has pimped his red shirt from the outset, and has even gone shirtless to support my contention that there is a residual bioenergetic effect related to garment colors and fabric types. And if that contention is viable, it seems that the perps are looking for a three day old energetic effect that is detectable from at least 500', judging by his shirtlessness self when working in the latter part of yesterday. Then he later proceeded to "miss" the homebound crew bus that had to turn around to collect him after ten minutes of travel. It was a great excuse to double back on the same route and go through the strangely timed asphalt repaving job beginning on a late Friday afternoon (1700h). Regular readers will know that the perps have a total obsession over exposing me to petroleum products, and one of its derivatives, asphalt/bitumen. Bitumen is also a component of coal and it isn't too much of a surprise that my father was a coal geologist.

There were plenty of other gangstalking like moves among the field crew and other personnel, most which I won't get into detail unless it has a new and fascinationg aspect to it. In the morning marshalling area I noticed that they twice loaded a single one tonne (1,000kg) packaged block of 46-0-0 fertilizer on a fork lift, and then had the operator "happen" to get into a long chat with another worker while 10' from me. That "happening" once is suspicious, but twice in succession at the same location beggars belief. This was with the headlights of the crew bus trained on me, as "somehow" the driver "forgot" while sitting in his seat for an extended spell after the passengers had got off some five minutes earlier. Nearly all TI's report being spotlighted in some fashion, often with headlights that seem to be mis-aimed, and even track the victim's eyes. I call this "pit lamping", after the usually illegal hunting practice of arranging a bright light at night to attract game. I get so many pitlamping incidents a week that I rarely mention it. A reasonable estimate is 40 such events per week where there is an expressed intent beyond coincidence that the headlights are aimed at me. In Canada it is mandatory to have daytime headlights on, and so there is a considerable exposure to headlight lighting when I walk to the gym and back, 30 minutes in each direction.

The above Redshirt dude, as disruptive as he is, wasn't the weirdest crew member event yesterday; I arrived at the bus pickup location and there was only one other crew member who made sure to place his back toward me in typical gangstalker style, as well as putting on an unfriendly front. No problem, I see it all the time. After the bus arrival time shenanigans of this past week I was there early. Then, about the scheduled bus pickup time, this dude just plain walks away and the bus arrives two minutes later. Totally bizarre; here has (theoretically) readied himself at 0650h for a full day of bulb picking and he plain saunters off. I used to think the other scum circulating at the time of day were strange for similar reasons; after "waiting" at a bus stop for some ten minutes, they would walk away, as soon as their "vagrant buddies" would call for them from across the street. The bulb picker dude walking from the bus pickup location takes the cake for high strangeness of the entire bus passenger scene.

Another evening time tea break with chocolate is now over, and lo, if the perps didn't remind me that the towels needed to be laundered yet again in the attmept to rid them of the lint that "somehow" erupts from them, now three launderings later. Of course this is just an excuse, as I have never known towels to cast lint onto anything. The lint, and lint-like attacks are increasing, along with simulated conditions of birdshit spatter on the streets, and on the odd vehicles. the latter has erupted in the last month, and there is no way any birds would of made the mess in a concentrated 5' diameter patch as there is no overhead wires or other perch. I reckon there are at least 10 such birdshit spattering in the immediate two blocks.

I also notice that more of the laundry gets linted no matter what; out of the washing machine or out of the dryer, the perps are fully into placing lint on my clothes. Upon investigation I find it to be a simulated lint, as the small white pieces break up in my fingernails, the only way I can grasp these very small white spatterings. No fabric lint of any kind has this property. Add another new harassment method; lint-like spattering, though as noted above, it can be scaled up to simulate birdshit.

And I notice that the perps stole one pair of the underwear that they let me wear; this is the black acrylic kind they forced me to get last year when the last three pairs were all self-destructing at the waistband. I ordered five pairs, enough for a week, and with the onset of bulb picking activity, the assholes decided to steal one pair. This is after somehow changing the thread ends to be a brown color; along the waistband there are some loose threads from the stitching, and lo, if the perps didn't convert them to have a singed-like look to them that "somehow" discolored. Some underwear, and some company.

I don't think the underwear battles are by any means over, as the perps are constantly flipping the waistband and the hems on them as I wear them. I do wonder about these trends of underwearless celebrities and that it might be part of the entire remotely applied investigation into human color energetics interaction.

Time to call this one done for the day. I don't think there will be a post tomorrow.

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