Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Yellow Monday

A Monday off from farm labor toil, and I am glad for it. The perps keep me frrazzled by the end of a workday, and two workdays in succession is the maximum so far. No doubt there is plenty of other testing and activity in my absence, not to mention rehearsals, though less so now that they have me controlled down to every thought, save the odd perjorative characterizing aspersion I apply to fuckwits and other blatant theater.

Monday is the day for not taking my yellow colored medication, the day that I "forget" to do so, waking up at my parents place and never taking the medication with me, nor taking it when I get back around noontime.

And so, it was a day for borrowing yellow color rain gear at my parent's place. This is because the farm work might take place in the rain tomorrow, as forecast. And so, my mother "happened" to save a number of outside rain clothes, most of them yellow colored, offering them to me to take along in case daffodil bulb picking got mucky. With my backpack with the two differing yellow garments packed inside, I was highly desireable "yellow bait". And conveniently, my mother needed to go swimming later, so I took the bus after driving her to a nearby shopping plaza where there was more choice in buses.

And the Municipality of Saanich put on a special event for me, running the street sweeper ahead of the bus as it cruised into the bus stop. Have I mentioned how often the street sweepers come out to accompany me, or immediately precede me on my outings onto the streets? At least 10x I suspect.

I got the usual freakshow at the bus stop, and then onboard I got more, and yet more as the bus proceeded into downtown. It was standing room only after a few stops, and that made for more of them to cluster around me and limit my vision, save the odd space to see the freak woman in pink hair. I had the "three amigos" treatment again; three males closely lined up together, this time transverse to the bus direction. Two in one seat, and one in the other, bookended by an Asian male that didn't partake in this faux bonhomie chat. As always, although none of them obese thankfully, they did their long observed routine of sitting half in the seat, and half in the aisle, encroaching on the aisle width from both sides. I cannot get over the number of working age males that "happen" to be out of work on weekdays. Bring on more vagrants, at least they have a cover story. I got plenty of time to look at the floor of the bus and noted that the colors seemed to complement the current perp games of spattering white on black, just like these ersatz birdshit spatter games on the streets.

I was seated in the side seat over the rear wheels where the perps like to keep me, going back decades. There was one seat availible next to me, and the gangstalking males stayed standing instead, likely to block me off from seeing much, what they do all the time with their bus driver "chatty" stalkers. Anyhow, this terse looking brown skinned Asian woman in a brown coat "somehow" knew that this seat was availible and sat beside me for the remainder of the trip, some 10 minutes worth. This is a "brown on brown" gangstalking timed to be later in the bus trip after a suitable "warm up", and suggests the perps are getting into more complex color/substance combinations, that of skin tone and clothing color. It always amazes me how someone could "find" this seat free when there was no way she could see past my gangstalking bodyguard.

But I am used to this, amazing feats of individuals, operatives in fact, who "happen" to sit next to me by finding the last seat in a dark cinema, just before the show begins. It was my landlady upstairs in those days of 2003 to 2004, and I had my daughter sitting to my right, and there was one seat availible to my left, and lo, if she didn't "happen" to be there and "find" a vacant seat next to me. Fucking unbelievable, and just one of many improbabilities that the assholes had pulled on me by then. Even the doctor was blowing me off when I brought all these to his attention to support my claim of being gangstalked. Two years later, he "relented" on our last appointment, and said I was being persecuted. And of course I wasn't allowed to ask him if the entire two visit six month total hospitalization stunt wasn't a fucking mistake and how did he feel about that. No sir, he got off scot free so to speak, as he was from the Faroe Islands, far north of Scotland.

And if you want an update on how things are going, read my reply to the following email;

--- In, ewraven1@... wrote:
Just so others can compare notes and see if any of these recent (2008) repeating perp tricks are familiar:

> Turning my pillow case inside out while I'm out.
My "pillow" is a collection of foam blocks assembled to get my head a good distance up away from the bed. This is because an ordinary low/soft pillow puts too much weight on the shoulder and upper arm against the mattress, resulting in frequent blood flow starvation to that arm. A high, somewhat stiffer pillow is one recommended way to help this condition.

Each time I change the pillow case, which is a bit of a struggle as those foam blocks have to be forced in, and in the right order, a day or two later it has been turned inside out. The perps have to go to considerable trouble to do this.

> Flipping water out of my 1-quart water cup inside the fridge

I keep my drinking water in a 1 liter (~quart) cup inside my fridge, as I like drinking cooler water than that which comes out of the tap. I always keep the level at least 3/4" below the rim, and it's often more than that. I've been doing this for more than a decade now.

I always put the cup into the fridge and remove it carefully, and I do note the condition of the top of the vegetable keeper at the bottom of the fridge. I do not slop water when I put the cup in or take it out.

Yet recently, 2 or 3 times a day, when I open the fridge later on, I find several tablespoons of water splashed on top of the veggie keeper surface, and some below that, inside the door frame.

This happens repeatedly. There has been no earthquake, and I have not bumped the fridge meantime. This is recent, and repetitive.

> This happens when I am home. Each time I stir my hot beans and rice, slowly, I hear a 'blurp' sound and a blob pops up and hits my fingers, painfully burning them.

I've been stirring beans and rice for years, and I do not spin it fast - there is no reason to do so. But quite recently, I get this blob of hot B&R on the back of my hand each time I stir now.

(This is reminiscent of when I moved into an apt with very sharp kitchen cabinet doors. Every time I made a move to get something out of a cabinet, my arm would always get shoved into the sharp corners of the open doors.

When I took a file and rounded off every sharp corner, the arm shoving stopped and my arms never once contacted the cabinet doors after that.)

Anyone else?

Eleanor White
Says me, and no doubt I will be pilloried for some slight, my usual fate on online forums;
I get plenty of water slopping and "leaks" from firmly tightened upright water bottles. The properties of water in relation to the immediate surroundings is of intense perp interest. Today while on the city bus I had a water bottle in a backpack 1' from me from a backpacking shill standing up in the aisle when there were seats availible. I have seen fire hydrant "blowouts", municipal water tank leaks, and other spectacular kinds of water escapes as well. I will refrain from commenting on the increased street sweeping in my proximity and the unusual timing of rainfall.

My bedding had to be tossed out owing to a insect invasion, and the pillows has a yellow stain on them that went through the pillow cases and onto the sheets. I haven't had bedding reversed on me that I was aware of.

Related to this, there is an increasing perp "need" of late on studying garments on their subjects, us TI's being the most aware of this of course. Their activities relate to fabric type, fabric colors, degree of garment coverage, and even appurtenances like bag straps and even seat belts. Some of the coworkers on this farm labor job I am doing have taken to wearing bandanas over their faces for no seeming reason. The perps further this with a strong interest in the cleaning of my eyeglasses with a microfiber cloth, and will arrange the warp and weft in varying orientations in combination with the two sides of each lens. My parents, who are plainly perp abetting shills, will "forgetfully" put some garments on inside out for my benefit when visiting. Anyone notice how many shills are taking off or putting on garments in proximity to TI's?

The perps have intensified the fake touches of late; I usually get over a hundred a day on my lower arms and wrist, as if it were fabric from my shirt when it is not (shirt sleeves are rolled up, or short sleeve shirt). I routinely get at least 20 nipple jabs in a day (I am male, and do not have an oversized chest). And fingertip jabbing too; every plastic bag or square cornered box that I touch, nearly always jabs me in the fingertips upon grasping. My knowledge of these feints is routinely dithered so I am not allowed to recall these jerkarounds in advance to practice "safe functioning".

I don't do much pot cooking, but I can imagine this too is a good excuse to apply some extra finger sensations, burning being another example. Now that blueberry season has started, you wouldn't believe how extra-conventionally kinetic the berries have become, rolling about in the bowl without any applied force, and even wiggling in place. This "blueberry english" has escalated from two years ago when I last had them, mysteriously not in the produce section last year.

Anyhow, you get the idea; constant and unrelenting abuse by remotely applied means, now elevated to be more intrusive and annoying.
The tapping noise has begun while reading Dooce, and I have no idea why certain blogs get more noisestalking than others. When I hear tales of many things going wrong, and especially if they are consistent with things that "happen" to me, it does make me wonder if the perps are surveilling others without their knowledge. Another unprovable to ponder, and the perps like me to do so when my reaction would be that if I cannot possibly know, then why bother "thinking" (read, planted notions) about it? But it seems, I do not have the cognitive freedom to dismiss certain extraneous thoughts that remain oddly persistent.

I had my always-on-Monday shit earlier, and the perps outdid themselves by having the toilet resist plunging, and then flood over the bowl while yet more water was flooding in from the cistern. Translated, 1/2" of standing water in the small bathroom, and four towels later, it was all mopped up. Another "special laundry" moment, a near daily experience for the last two weeks now for various reasons, one being the farm labor work in th fields of daffodil bulbs.

And so, when it came time to retrieve the towels from the dryer, I had my very own male gangstalking troll who filled a number of the Unfavored demographic classes; hunched, bald, male, enfeebled and chinless. And never mind the bullshit loitering act which pisses me off. I was entering the laundry room as he "happened" to be exiting, and he mumbled something as the washing machine had just started up, and I said I was going to the dryer. He then follows me back into the laundry room and stands around while I extract my towels. Then he stayed in the room while I exited. I have had cell phoners outside the room upon exit, the odd other "tenant", but never had someone so blantantly loitering after changing their intent from exiting to staying around for no apparent purpose. Fucking bizarre to say the least.

My father was doing the bullshit gangstalking act last night while watching TV; standing up for no apparent reason, and staying in sentry position. I just about screamed at him. This Alzheimer's act of his has taken an interesting turn; he now babbles with the right emotional tone and interjects at the precise moment while my mother and I are talking. He did not exhibit this level of sophistication in making nonsensical vocalizations before, so how did he attain this "improvement" in the two weeks since I was last there? Like I say, he is the perp's big sleeper; the certifiable fuckwit act doing their bidding in making unusual statements and juxtapositions of objects, clothing, all household cleaners and foods all under the cover of Alzheimers. And he is the scapegoat for a number of things going missing in their household. Fucking bullshit I say.

But does anyone have a useful retort for family gangstalkers or the above laundry room gangstalk troll blatantly doing perverse (in normal behavioral terms) stunts such as standing around for no fucking reason?

I am troving through some saved links intended for later review. It appears that Myspace is getting hacked such that the search box isn't getting displayed, and hence, I cannot search for a particular artist. Just another stunt that may pass in a few weeks. The perps do not want me to go to tonight; they just blank it out so nothing but the page header displays. Fucking outrageous.

I "happened" to read in today's local newspaper that some local farms are bringing in fly-in Mexicans for the harvest season, though they must pay at least the local minimum wage. No wetbacks here; charter flight service no less.

I am going to call this one done for the day, and make sure it is posted instead of being flooded (read, by remotely applied means) with FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) until I get back from slaving in the muddy fields tomorrow. It will be interesting to say the least, all dressed in yellow rain gear and raking daffodil bulbs.

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