Monday, July 21, 2008

Yellow Leather Gloves

The perps had me rage-ified within 5 minutes of getting up; it was either fake touches or finger tip jabbings, zoning me out to stand around, or else being directed to the wrong kitchen cupboard. Ordinarily I would remember, but for "some reason" (read, invasive mind technologies of deleting one's recall), I cannot. [Later; it was a sustained vision assault that went on for a few minutes],

But as noted in yesterday's blog, the perps have me "reacting" immediately and vociferously to nearly all provocations, as this escalation is now the imposed "norm". As it is a Monday, it is the scripted day for a crap, and today was likely the big event of the morning. They timed the crap to be exactly after shaving. dental dental hygeine and pill intake (always a big deal for the assholes), and before the next step of dressing myself to get on with the day. It was such that I was totally naked at that juncture, even without having my eyeglasses or watch on. And lo, if they didn't pull some toilet blocking stunts and plunger games too, all to add to the excitement. Also noticed too, were farm mud splats that "arrived" by themselves on the bathroom counter. I can only assume that the perps were playing brown color reference games, and using the farm soil as the "browning" agent in the vicinity of the toilet. Anyway, enough on this topic.

I also got my laundry done afterward, many of the clothes were dusted with a significant amount of dust from yesterday's farm work, picking daffodil bulbs in the baking sun, and being the gangstalk bait for the day. The perp's obsession over laundry is also being heightened with this farm laborer work as it gets extra attention given the perps' methods of slathering me in dust to a degree no one else does, even if they sit on the ground, which I don't. As the farm work clothing is all quick dry, I hang them up in the bathroom rather than putting the garments in the dryer. This too is exciting news/developments of the perps, and one day, especially with the aid of my brother's commercial laundry business, they might actually figure out what seems to be escaping their timorous minds. I have said it often; they could likely figure out their "research problems" in weeks with my cooperation, but instead, orchestrate a game of pretend for 54 years and counting.

Then it was a sortie to get new leather work gloves, and that too was a gangstalker gauntlet; even some the "regulars", the ones who "happen" to be around at odd hours and location, and who appear to be vagrants, came out again, as it was a 10 block junket to get to this particular store that has plenty of variety of workclothes. All the shiftless males were about, some strangely standing around for no apparent reason, as well as all of them being headed in the same direction as I was; the ones across the street in parallel and the ones on my side of the street, ahead of me and behind. I have never seen so many males on a weekday just "wandering" around, many of them on Coffee Corps duty, holding it out in front for color reference purposes and of no seeming employment.

After some "help" at the store, where the store assistant made sure to touch every pair of gloves that I touched, I purchased a pair of leather gloves for my next round of daffodil bulb picking, should there be one. The last pair of gloves were a light yellow tan color and the perps had punched a half inch hole in one of the left hand fingers. No other finger was worn, it was out and out sabotage. And lo, if the dude at the checkout wasn't wearing a vile yellow shirt to add to the yellowness of the occasion. And there was at least ten dudes "arriving" at the store after I completed my purchase; it is very common I have come to learn that they will send follow-up gangstalkers for at least an hour after I have vacated a location or walked a route. In other words, the "follow up" gangstalkers were arriving before I had departed.

When headed out I got my brown stalking in the elevator; a skinhead dude with a brown cardboard box for chrissakes, and the asshole didn't make the usual move to allow me in, but stayed fixed in the opposite corner from the buttons toconstrict my elevator egress. All my elevator gangstalkers are doing this now. Another wholesale group change in behavior. The brown box act wasn't over by any means, as a UPS delivery truck was buzzing around me when walking to the store and back, making "deliveries". Translated, that means, "showing off the brown"; more cardboard boxes visible when stopped and the tailgate up, the deep dark brown colored van, and the driver in a dark brown outfit, their standard uniform. As the perps had de-pooed me before I set off, they were likely very anxious to get some brown readings off me from a distance by inserting various colors of brown when out and about. I cannot recount how many coffee bearing gangstalkers there were out on the street, probably over 100 on a working weekday.

And somewhere along the way on my outing I did get my "tattoo stalking", this time on someone's lower calf for chrissakes. As before, the perps ensure that I have a near constant exposure to all the things, colors, beings and situations that I don't like, or more specifically, that are Unfavored in my subconscious recall. Before Overt Harassment (BOH, 04-15-2002), I was not aware of these aversions, and now the perps have increased my "reactions" to these Unfavored elements. In another example today, the perps put on a turban act coming off the bus as I was walking toward the sidewalk, essentially repeating a slice of yesterday's crew bus ride back from the farm with some of the turbaned fulltime laboring staff. (And, it was at the exact location where I get off the crew bus). I also got the senseless stare from the turban act; he had no reason to look at me, and every reason to look ahead to where he was going, and did anyway. And yes, turbans, big hats, do-rags and most head adorning millinery are Unfavored.

A tea and chocolate break earlier, and then more online surfing along with a "torpor attack", where they had me in a near nap state while seated at this desk, and then pulled me out of it when viewing a blog posting on Mike Tyson's former abandoned house, now owned by someone who is likely in jail after being sucked into a FBI sting operation. That site even got me a two siren cascade. A first overlapping series of loud sirens, followed by a fainter series. The long familiar gambit of loud noise, then a following softer noise variant/harmonic. Been there, done that so often I am tired of it.

I am in the beam again, starting earlier today at about 1615h, and still directed at me, some 600' away. All from the the supposed tenants of a condo building who have all jointly pulled their venetian blinds down and turned them the same way to reflect the maximum abount of light. This stunt plays out over four stories and at least three apartments wide. Hard to beat that kind of orchestration.

On any given sunny day at these late summer afternoons/evenings I get three sources of faux reflectance beamed at me from these three sources, all E. of my apartment. Did this happen last year in this residence? No, it is a 2008 phenomenon, meaning it is a method to get more light in my apartment at this time of day, as well as a source of stroboscopic games that can be very perturbing, even with the curtains closed.

Beam Source #1. Taken today, 07-21-2008 at 1506h. 24 minutes ago. I know, you have seen this many times before, and I assume this was put on for picture bait; to draw me to the balcony and take a picture while a highly orchestrated parade of gangstalking vehicles and operatives swirled below. Would someone confirm how incredibly odd this is, to have the entire apartment block W. side to have all the blinds pulled down and turned in the same way? I once worked on the top floor when this was an office building, no coincidence I am sure.

Beam Source #2. Taken 07-18-2008 at 1739h. This is called View Towers and it about 120' away, and is 17 stories tall. It was built as a "social housing" initiative, but that is no longer the case. This is beaming as I write this, even at 1928h, though now dimming after a prior run for the last 60 minutes as the "source" of the strobing games and illuminating this apartment. There are at least two windows beaming at me, and at least one that has this decidedly artifical sheen to it which is not a window covering. The above picture also has some windows with the artificial sheen which is most odd at all the windows have their venetian blinds closed.

Beam Source #3. Taken 07-08-2008 at 1929h and will play later tonight, as it does every sunny summer night this year. I find it impossible that the reflected sun would be that strong, and two vertical surfaces would simutaneously reflect exactly into my apartment. Especially when I have been assiduously hounded with pit-lamping vehicles and other faux reflectances over the past six years.

And before I went to go do daffodil bulb picking the perps made sure to do two things; steal one pair of black acrylic underwear of the set of five pairs that I routinely use, and then mark up my elbows with scars from their remotely applied fuckery. In the case of the underwear it is no surprise that the assholes are incrementally pulling down my pants and exposing it out in the farm field all day long, so it would seem that they "need" a color reference somewhere else too, other than the remaining my dresser. As to who specifically might have the missing pair of the collected operatives, quislings, shills and fuckwits, I won't even guess. The elbow scars were put in place "from" leaning on some carpet at the gym while doing exercises. I did not drag my elbows on the carpet, so it cannot be carpet burn, one of the perps' favorite stunts to create skin reference points/color differences for themselves.

Anothe game of the perps is to play "hide the cursor" and not show me where it is until I have made a keystroke and potentially inserted something where I had no intention to do so. This is core level operating system manipulation it would seem, meaning that they can access all the Windows code and recompile a special version for me. Or, hack it in real time in some way using a graphical manipulation spoofing hack.

More screaming at the perps for hiding the vertical scroll bar and then proceeding to freeze its action to keep me looking at their chosen image for a few seconds longer. And that they like to rile me up all the time. The current background noise is street hollaring; this is an example of them arranging for me to hear voice, but no actual words. For some reason this is very important at certain junctures, keeping the bioenergetics role of the amygdala part of the brain which processes voice content separate from the language center of the brain, the right temporal lobe.

The perps are now pissing me off with the creepy crawlies, as if some bead of sweat somehow "erupted" on me when it is a cool evening tonight, and no direct sun, and the Beam Show, per above pictures, is over.

The hallway sourced clicking is matching the clicking of these keys as I type this. I just finished my first pee of the day, so I am sure there was some relevance in this all encompassing bioenergetic and behavior controlled net I am kept in. Now, some strange tapping has started up. As well, a micro-drop of pee lept from the surface of the water in the toilet and cleared the rim to land on the floor some 12" away. A perfect arc of unconventionally caused means, and the unusual usual around here. When haven't the perps messed with me taking a pee. Other likely remotely applied assay methods while urinating were to force me to yawn while peeing. Another was to snag one of my fingernails while in there, to force me to trim the offending fingernail afterward. The timing of fingernail trimming is highly tactical, but I have not yet figured out what the perps' associated objectives are.

Time to call this one done for the day, and dispense with the typo sabotage and vision impairments that are begining to increase. The perps have me demotivated about picking daffodil bulbs, and likely want some more "settle in" time for those yellow gloves I bought today. There was way too much invested gangstalking this morning for them not to optimize their deployment and replicate what I did with the old pair. Plus, the perps have an obsession with leather, as it seems to be a fabric that confers substantial benefits to the harassment games. Even the faux vagrants get dressed up in leather to improve some kind of energetic interaction with me.

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