Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lets Disable the Router

Another unusual start to today's online activity, as there was a network connectivity "problem", the routers settings "somehow" changed, necessitating a call to the ISP who instructed me to remove the power cord for five seconds and then replace it. Voila, it worked, and I am back online.

This is the interim between yoga and gym classes, and the gangstalkers were all over me afterward. All that spine stretching and twisting makes me supreme bait for the streetside freakshow swarm. And "for some reason" the location of the yoga class room was changed with no notice, not even on the door of the room to redirect me upstairs. It would seem the perps like me to do backing and forthing, and it so happened, another class member joined me on hunt-the-yoga-class. It was upstairs this time, and in an even nicer room, and the perps made sure to put on some inaugural motorcycle noise outside just as the class started. And as part of starting with a new instructor, the perps have slowed down the introduction duration, creating a longer graduated exposure by declaring a summer holiday for the class, reconvening in three weeks. Funny how a new instructor is arranged to have associated class breaks. The last time the new instructor came with a venue change, and then an unannounced three week shutdown over Christmas. And to no surprise, the gangstalkers were all over me after class at that location.

All this seems to be in support of my attempt to try a farmwork job tommorrow, and then having me work on the yoga Thursdays.

I did a towel laundry first thing this morning to get rid of the never-before lint that accompanied my new towel purchase earlier this week. This is the third round of laundry in two days, the latter two to deal with this problem that was created for the same reasons they like to drop lint and dust bunnies all over this place, and on me too. (At least a half dozen dust bunnies arrived on me while at yoga today).

Then it was off to get some UV protective clothing to aid in my work attempt tomorrow. Naturally, I had a freakshow around me for getting there and back; the shiftless males loitering around for no seeming reason, as well as the vagrants pushing shopping carts of plastics, the "workers" taking a break sitting on the sidewalk in their red shirts, other big hat acts, and more red shirted dudes waddling around. I also had at least one wheelchair act, and my lead-ahead gangstalkers wearing the same colors and aligning themselves ahead of me, 10' and 40' in front.

I even got the blonde woman act at the store, posing as a staff member with large fugly tatoos on her arms. I get at least a couple of tatoo acts each time I go out, and she was the first, adding blonde auric goodness to somehow ameliorate that disgusting disfigurement of a tatoo. Again, I have no idea why the perps are beating on this one, though I never found tatoos to be that interesting or desireable. Now, it is in my face all the time. Almost as much as the plasma beams that are flitting about this apartment. Now onto gym and the grand freakshow that is sure to be there.

I am back from the gym, that gangstalk pit, and lo, if the assholes didn't jerk with the router again to have me unplug it for five seconds, re-power it, and then be permitted to network connectivity. Which suggests that the perps must be working on the energetics related to logging into a network, hence forcing me to go through with this bullshit again, when it never happened before. Just like the elevator request light in the hallway; it went out for over four weeks and magically started functioning again this week. The perps like to eliminate any advance clues of any event happening, and will work assiduously to eliminate them one by one.

I got the "tatoo stalk" at the gym; some fuckwit in the class kept loitering around me for no fucking purpose while I was on the Pec Dec machine, and he avoided eye contact all the time. On his arm was a ridiculous track of amateur blue and red tatoos; all five point stars, though varying in size. This was the last exercise before heading to the public workout area instead of the floor exercise room. And lo, if a woman didn't come five minutes later to take my intended location to work out, all to show me her track of tatoos on her arms and shoulder while I was working out on the mat. Fucking absurd; if I don't like tatoos, why is it I have a constant phalanx of fuckwits chasing me all over town and putting their fucking tatoos on display? Not my problem, so why am I involved in this without granting any permission?

And the only answer to that is of course elevated levels of noisestalking; outside beeping and overhead clunking. We had yet another new blonde gym class coordinator; she is to be the Thursday instructor, though I cannot say for sure that she will actually do that as she seemed to be doing her own stretches thing while us two non-class reprobates were working out in the public area. And it would seem, this non-class status to be gangstalkable at close quarters; some shit walked 10' out of his way to pass around behind me when it would of been most efficient for him to walk directly to the intended location. Then another fuck started up his exercising exactly behind me, so I got pissed with that and moved. I also got the jerkaround of having my temporal lobes remotely de-energized, where the perps make me dizzy and is totally defeatable for 20 seconds or so by rubbing my head. The new class coordinator seemed to know enough that she asked if I was OK, and I said I was. I didn't knowingly provide any clue that I wasn't OK, so how did she know to ask the question? Past temporal lobe attacks have been worse, and no one said anything; these latter cases are when I am not sure that I provided any clue, that is how deep they will screw me in this way.

And as part of the perp's introduction to military themes they arranged a male gangstalker on "just stand there" duty, smoking a cigarette beside the sidewalk with a beret on his head, loitering for no seeming purpose. I have mentioned these military dress gangstalkings before as they accompanied my return from the yoga class (Thursdays) back to my place. This is how the perps decompose things; if I have a traumatization related to military personnel in full uniform, they then have their gangstalkers dress up in partial military garb, and in this case, just the beret. To date, the pattern of some of the gangstalking does fit a military theme, and in the case of the Indian Lake Project, it shows young children being attended to by military personnel.

The ongoing serial noise assault continues; at least 20 motorbikes in succession, usually starting the instant I take my fingers off my ears. Then the fake bus noise emulates the motorcycle noise for a deeper base note version. I have more bedbugs crawling around tonight, the last night this will be so, as the insect control techinician is due tomorrow. That will be another wrenching of my furniture like last time, causing some breakage and extra knockdown. The perps had me rage-ified last time when doing this, having me move the furniture without making adequate preparations. All my usual prudence and care was fucked with, and I was controlled to do a "Rambo like" job, all to make the situation highly stressing. I am not allowed to be my normal prudent self, and nor am I allowed access to my own knowlege of undertaking an activity in accordance with my own experiences. It is fucking outrageous to say the least, and I am sure that is only a small part of the ongoing fuckery that is the new "norm"; harassment hell.

Now the hallway voices has started up, and some plasma flashes in fron of this LCD display as well. I am also getting the creepy crawlies tonight, fake insect attacks all for the perps to have me vocalize and touch or look at body areas that I normally don't touch, like anyone else seated at a desk.

And it will be a busy day tomorrow, getting up around 0500h to have breakfast, do my normal routine, and then expend considerable effort to pull furniture off the wall, disconnect the PC, and much other furniture disruption in preparation for the spraying, the second round. I have as suspicion that the perps haven't finished this one yet, creating bedbug invasions in my apartment. It must be an entire scenario of merriment for the sick assholes who have planted this one on me, and it has too much momentum to be stopped by mere pesticide application. I cannot believe that the bugs would nest in my office chair, as what is stopping them from infesting the futon mattress? Given that the perps like to change up the colors of things like bedsheets, towels, of late, perhaps this is the start of a campaign to change up my matress. Given that I spend 8 hours a night on it, it is a considerable source of energetic color, and as the perps are creating more complex color games around me, perhaps they have deemed the bed gets a change up. Which begs the obvious question, why don't they change the bedding themselves through dematerialization games they normally do? I don't know, perhaps they want more duress out of every situation, and put me through the gauntlet of senseless stunts.

It must be strange being a perp operative; adhering to the constructs of the conventional physics/material world, and then conducting themselves with their greater powers of materialization, remote manipulation of the omniplasma continuum (the ether), and other teleportation games that I have seen. Meanwhile, they put certain victims through fucking hell because they deem them to be important, even if they fucked up totally over 50 years ago, creating the very problems (subconscious traumatization associations) they are attempting to resolve in my subconscious memory, something they couldn't access until the past year. They may still be another year from total control of this kind of recall, as it seems that one of the side goals, total mind control, is relatively close to completion. (As I typed that the noises started up and the blue light on the PC started flashing in my peripherial vision.)

I had a minor panic yesterday when seated at the retaurant; after being seated for some 10 minutes there was a shift in my vision; it suddenly became more shaded and contrasted and I felt a panicked situation come on, as if my vision was being totally sabotaged. More like, my vision became totally subsumed by the assholes operating remotely, and that they needed some "settle in time", as I had never been to that location before. Or, the perps may have played up that transient anxiousness, something that they have been known to do very often, like all my life, to the extent of making me chronically overanxious to the level of a clinical condition. Needless to say, they have exploited this, setting up uncountable scripted scenarios to up my angst. The history of that depravity needs to be told someday, by them of course.

I am listening to The Sadies tonight; a little more rock music than my usual fare, but a captivating electric surf sound that carries their songs.

I have been getting the creepy crawlie sensations all evening; mock bedbugs on me every five minutes or so. No doubt all this self touching and scratching is about remote energetics assay, getting a reading on my left side from my right hand, vice versa and all permutations. It is a "big gig" tomorrow, trying my hand at being a field laboror, picking through daffidol bulbs, a big agricultural industry here. When stopping at the farm two days ago I noticed they were "ready for me" by having the seeming cell phone aerials up as well as parabolic dishes and other "communications" transmission hardware. This city is going to all digital TV at the end of this year, and yet there is no end of analog-like aerials going up, almost at every intersection for a better reading. I noticed the perps put five dudes on me at Fort and Richmond today, supposedly pub patrons that didn't park at the pub when there was plenty of availible parking, both packing styrene food containers. Regular readers will know that the perps are chasing me down will all manner of plastic types in all locations, and in various colors. Having these blatant criminal fuckwits hanging around me at 1430h packing their styrene foam "doggie bag" and walking an extra block for parking to loiter around me at an intersection just doesn't add up.

Last week's "stand there" male native Indian sentry in mid block standing for no apparent reason at the exit of a parking lot and in the shade of a tree was back again, only 20' from where he was before. He was back in his navy blue outfit, but the kicker is that he changed race! I kid you not, he was a native Indian last week and Caucasian this week. Regular readers will know this is not the first time that a gangstalker has changed skin tone on me, but is always a big source of merriment and derision. One of those extra stupid perp stunts.

They had about 20 ambulatory gangstalkers on me at the first intersection I walked through on the way back from gym. This tells me that there are certain kinds of properties about me that they can quantify in the gym building, and cannot one block away. Hence the extra gangstalkers at the intersection, a reasonable cover story for them.

Time to call this one done for today and make preparations for tomorrow's undertaking, a considerable change up in my routine. I wonder how long it will last; weeks, months or what? Yet another example of wishing the assholes would just give me the script instead of this over-elaborate game of pretend. Onto field work in the omniplasmic field, in the crosshairs of the special beams they supply from the aerials they have readied for me in the heart of farm country.

More perp excitement; overhead pounding noise and outside vehicle with a rough muffler at the same time they arranged two songs to be playing at the same time. The senseless inanity and mindless abuse never ends.

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