Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tactical Creepy Crawlie Sensations

The last time I attempted to start a new posting for today an insect "arrived" on my chair's armrest and was duly dispatched into a bloody mess that required cleanup. It was color sequenced too, first red, then orange over the minute of cleanup. The moment of creating a blog posting is of significant interest to the perps to put on a bug squash event.

An earlier silverfish bug crush event in the bathroom after breakfast begat an instant arrival of a light grey colored dust bunny at the precise moment it was crushed inside of the toilet paper I was grasping it in. Talk about timing and the teleportation of grey scale color dust bunnies. No one could make this up, except those who know how to materialize matter to where and when they want it delivered in place of showing up themselves to explain why I am involved in nonconsensual human experimentation.

Other more unusual jerkarounds this morning have been the creepy crawlies, sudden intense sensations of something crawling on my skin and yet there is nothing there. Or at least, most of the time, above insect arrival events excepted. The perps seem to want me to look at my skin at various pre-planned moments and will even darken down the normal shadows to get more skin tone variations. And if that weren't enough, they then place some lint or creepy crawlie sensations on my shoulders or upper arm such that I look directly at the "object", rather than through my glasses. This seems to be happening more often of late; no glasses at certain junctures to look at their chosen target; me, lint removal, or other immediate incursions.

This is the silly time; post dinner and pre-dusk, along with the beaming games as depicted in yesterday's blog (07-21-2008). I drew the curtains, and now they are strobocopically flashing light on the curtain, same as last night. It is always interesting to note the concurrent activity as this rather esoteric harassment activity and timing occurs. I was replying to this post at On Gangstalking, as it seems that the "Comments" functionality isn't showing up for some TI's. The comments should always be open and I will post any closures in this blog. Which might be why I don't get much comments, though I do get a few.

As it "so happens" I made a comment before dinner and it got blocked and wasn't posted it. This blatant fuckery occured just before dinner, and lo, if they didn't have me repeat the same process afterward. As regular readers will know, the perps are extra beserk following mealtimes, and they don't seem to have an full handle on the energetics of food digestion, especially if it is brown colored food. I have had four intense itches on my lower left lip in the past 10 minutes, and needed to abate them immediately as if a mosquito bite. Then more masers erupted as I typed the foregoing, all to dazzle my vision and obstruct my focus. This is all too exciting for the perps, as it seems to be down to short strokes; noisestalking my thoughts rarely now, perhaps when I shift attention and they didn't control that very neural activity.

Before dinner, the perps also poured on the vision impairment fuckery while I was Bookmarking some sites on gangstalking, the few that I don't know about. And lo, if the assholes haven't started noisestalking me as this is being written. I had best do something else.

The ongoing noise games have continued since dinner, and now a late spell of the church bell practice, always on Tuesdays. Bell ringing and like vibratory sources such as clanging crockery and glassware are big perp moments. This fits with the theories of the ether being filled with torsional energies in constant motion. It would seem that the perps are attempting to create greater interactions and thereby determine more bioenergetic energies (of me). Sometimes they will really go all out and smash some glass; this "happened" at the luncheon some four weeks ago; the ever loitering waiter dude just happened to fumble a wine glass and it broke on the floor some 4' from me. I could never figure out why I seemed to be present in restaurants when someone dumped a plate load of crockery and smashed it on the floor, usually in the kitchen and not in the public area. Now I know; it was staged to create more torsional energies for the perps to utilize.

I did the gym thing today, more out of boredom than anything else, as I am in the "transitional group", which is code for; individual floor exercises in the public area to enable greater close-in gangstalking. True enough, and they even had the tattoos out for me; three differing individuals over the hour that I was working out, two of them on women. It would seem that the perps are attempting to put the Unfavored object (tattoos) on Favored subjects (young attractive women). A constant theme.

The public area gangstalking involved at least 10 women arranged around me on three sides, and they even put an attractive blonde in place for some 30 seconds and then replaced her with a brunette. And 6' beyond them (a total of 10' away from me) were two of my classmates, both male, one being the headcase who is always loitering around me and swinging his arms around, acting like at total loon case. He is known as AA, my gym equivalent to Redshirt on the daffodil bulb crew; the wackaloon in-my-face instignator. And it seems that the perps need to put this type of character with the aid of the encirclement of women gangstalkers, so to differentiate the auric glow between them and the aforementioned male headcases. Nothing new there of course, just more of the same patterns of being gangstalked; constant exposure to subconscious recollections of the Unfavored. Not my problem; why do I have a phalanx of fuckwits choreographed around me all day long who appear to know more about me than I do myself? Presumably, all my conscious recollections have been deleted for the lost years, ages 3 to 5, and yet these assholes know all about my subconscious recall during this period.

I also had a seven count on negro gangstalkers today, one "happening" to be one of the daffodil bulb crew members. One of the negros, with a highly reflective skinhead was teleported ahead of me to then pretend to be one of the male staff at the vehicle dealership I passed by; it was almost like a police line up; five males aligned along the wall, one being the skinhead who then had a cap on as a component of disguise. Only later was I allowed to review that particular stunt and tag negro #2 the same as negro #4, only with an added cap and his glasses removed.

The gym was nearly skinhead free today, the major game was parading the yellow shirted male fuckwits past me as much as possible. For one of their gangstalking routines they had two yellowshirt nearly back to back, and then they split by walking in opposite directions at he same time with the third yellowshirt arriving and then walking between the first two departing yellow shirts. A precise choreography to say the least.

Though I did get a few other freaks at the gym; the loathesome sight of Ethnic Gut was there, made worse by his new skinhead look, and Grotesque Granny was at it again, hobbling to each gangstalking assignment to be in my purview more often than random chance. They were around often enough, but not to the intense levels of parading themselves as was the case before. As this was the first gym class in 10 days, I thought they would be all over me, but apart from the yellowstalking as mentioned above, they weren't seriously harassing me today.

But the on street ambulatory gangstalkers are walking closer to me, occupying the center of the sidewalk to leave me on the edge. Another case of wholesale public behavior change, yet again.

At the gym there was this setup in the public area where I was doing exercises on a floor mat. A woman came in close to me and started her exercises on a floor mat and was getting annoyingly close. Then she upped the ante and changed her routine to move her arms wider to get even closer. At that point, I had enough and I got up to leave and undertake another exercise elsewhere and then she went into a routine of saying she was sorry, she didn't realize how close she was etc. and departed and sat somewhere else. Which of course begs the question, how on earth did she know what my actions were about? I did not telegraph my intent in any way, she was not even looking at me to see how close she was, and I could of been getting up for any other reason than her incursion on my private space. Even more weirder was that I wasn't allowed to even look at her while she was apologizing to me; totally bizarre behavior that has never happened before. Which means, mind control, as I never ever do this; I always look at the person who is talking to me. Fucking outrageous.

That wasn't the only incursion of private space today; there was a crowd of about 15 young teens with an adult leading them on the sidewalk and they were coming toward me. Not a fucking one of them made any room for me and all were acting with the same level of total rudeness. It just doesn't happen that way in real life. They were all Caucasian and speaking in some kind of European language, all to add to the mystery of who they really were, and why didn't they have European manners instead of like rabble from an overpopulated third world refugee camp? Yet again, wholesale public behaviors uniformly changed for the worse.

Time to add more pictures, and lighten up on the details of today's gangstalk grief.

Taken 07-05-2008, 1621h. Three same silver grey parked vehicles, almost in file, with the one parking stall behind the tree with a black colored vehicle cleverly disguised by the foliage. And then note a similar grey toned white colored vehicle in motion. I don't think I need to repeat how often these two colors occur together, and that I once owned a silver-grey Volvo 245 for 14 years.

Taken 07-05-2008, 1621h. Around the corner, we can see four more silver-grey vehicles parked in a 90 degree offset to the three above, two on the left side facing W. and one on the right side facing E. On the left side, the colors of the parked vehicles are; mid red, blood red, silver-grey, dark something, silver-grey, blood red all in file, and then further upstreet are black, silver-grey and a blue-green. On the right side the vehicle colors are a mid-blue, silver-grey, white and silver grey, all in file. Out of 17 vehicles I count 8 are silver-grey, 3 are red, 2 are white, 2 are black with one indeterminate dark color, and a mid-blue and a blue-green. There is enough arrangements here to wonder what it is that the perps are doing besides covering two orthogonal angles with the near same vehicle colors with an additional red color on one side only.

Taken 07-09-2008, 1504h. The next day, on the same street, there is a near repeat of the above symetry of vehicle colors, this time with an emphasis on black as the baseline greytone color. On the left, a black pickup in motion and about to cross the intersection, then a red vehicle parked on the street, leading a file of a black vehicle (with a very odd red faux reflection on the hood), and another red colored vehicle. A white vehicle is in motion, following the black vehicle. On the right side of the street is a little more variety; a black pickup, a dark green SUV, and what I take to be a mid-grey metallic finish sedan. Certainly an odd color collection, especially in consideration of the above arrangements the day before.

Taken 07-13-2008, 1032h 49 sec. A seeming symmetry of the parked vehicles again, with the rooftops being of opposite ends of the greyscale; on the leftmost parked vehicle a silver-grey convertible with its black fabric roof up, a red colored vehicle behind it with a white colored "pouffy" fabric covered hardtop, an a near same red vehicle behind it.

Taken 07-13-2008, 1032h 54 sec. Five seconds later, the white vehicle has passed by, and the mobile color test vehicle seems to be blue. Not just one blue vehicle, but two headed in opposite directions; a blue SUV on the left, and behind the tree foliage, a second blue vehicle in motion.

Enough for a posting, and I will call it a day. I am thinking about doing hard labor tomorrow, though I am tenuous owing to the blatant gangstalking and harassment fuckery that will doubtless continue. A tedious consideration, also weighed by the inevitable laundry that will follow, along with the lint and accelerated garment "wear" games that go with it.

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