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Out And About + minor updates 07-05-2008

I had a busy day attending to my parent's place and "baby sitting" my father with the dementia act. Gardening work there equals digging up plastics of many vintages. Poly plastics hanging out of the ground, styrenes as the plant tag, vinyl buckets that are breaking up and a few more that I cannot categorize. These were mixed in the compost I turned over, and then with the three garbage bags (plastic, note) of pine cones that have dropped in the past week. And my father made sure to flick the plastic bags, grab it at the same time I did, wander through the accumulated pile I had ready for the garbage, and other stunts that had all the markings of being perp directed. As regular readers will know, plastic pollutants of varying kinds give the perps problems in attempting to remotely detect one's bioenergetic fields. They tell me that the plastics don't behave in a predictable way when in a magnetic field as I seem to be, and have differing properties at the quantum level. Hence this treasure trove of buried plastics of varying colors, vintages and types at my parent's place. The perps have me cranked up about them when seen, and collecting them to put away. As there were several buckets of pine cones there beforehand, I can only assume this was another test, as the pine cones seem to be used as some kind of reference marker. For two weeks or so, the perps had pine cones arranged on a stroller that was kept in the hallway near my door. One cannot be pine coned enough it seems.

And continuing the brown color theme today, I later saw my doctor, and East Indian, and had a reasonable chat with him. It was most curious that the perp lugs hauled a 4'x4' exposed side of brown cardboard past his office windows while I was there, keeping up the brown color referencing it would seem. It was a fat woman special today in the waiting room. One lined up behind the other with intervening glass, and at least two more were in place with at least another two doing the back and forth act. A single Caucasian male in a brown shirt filled out the waiting room show, always a freak show it seems. The doctor wants to see me in three weeks which is very odd, as he started with eight week intervals between visits, a reverse situation as to how most doctors would arrange visits by the same patient.

At one point in the conversation with the doctor I asked him if he would notice an anomaly of six red vehicles clustered around him at a stop light, and he said he wouldn't notice. That is the standard test I ask professionals just to make sure my anomalous observation is equivalent to their own. It was in mid-2006 when the perps were able to dynamically dither my sense of detection of public irregularities, and now they can mess with this faculty anytime they want.

The perps then planted the notion this short three week duration meant a cessation of hostilities, but I have been there so many times before, all to no avail, so it isn't worth contemplating if I have a choice in rejecting that belief, which I don't. They could have me imagining endless scenarios based on that faux premise, and they would all be wrong. And that seems to be the perp's need; have me believe in something totally false. I don't know what they get from that, but it is so fucking tiresome to have one's thoughts manipulated for another uninvited party's criminal benefit.

I told the doctor "my" theory of the reason so much of the harassment centers around the Favored and the Unfavored, and that it might relate to subconsciously recalled traumatizations incurred between ages 3 to 5 where I have no conscious recall whatsoever. I have very clear recollection of when I was aged 2 to 3. I also told him about the Indian Lake Project and the photos of young children stuffed into cages with others of varying race and physical inabilities (e.g. blindness). What I find so amazing in hindsight, is that he never digs any deeper on these amazing stories (all true) that I tell him, and nor does he express interest in following up on the details from varying sources. Of course I should not really be suprised, as he is doing the same thing that all his predecessors did; don't want to know, not interested in supporting detail, and aren't interested in updating my world view (because we already know?). That level of incuriousity is astounding (to me) at face value, but makes perfect sense in the larger model of being in orchestrated circumstances. (It is my belief that the Indian Lake Project is one of the most important finds that decidedly proves 1950's military involvement with testing young children under duress. And no one is interested? Donate to get the movie film restored, acting as an agitator here).

Another arrangement I noted at the doctor 's appointment was that he was rubbing his eyelids with his glasses in place, one eyelid at a time. I have long had the impression that there are very strong IR (and other) energy fields coming off one's eyes, hence this bullshit of them (supposed friends, family, shills and operatives) looking away all the time, the ridiculous degree of wearing sunglasses, and other eye contact avoidant measures. So it might have been that the doctor was doing some one brown eyelid/eye energetics variations by placing his finger over his eye. Based on that selective testing, this harassment seems like a long term project to me.

I did another tour on the city bus freak show, and for once, the perps backed off on the number of passengers, getting within 50% of a normal outbound (from downtown) load to the suburbs. Not that I was "freak free"; I got my red shirted male within 5' of me in both directions. And for all you doubters, tell me this; how could it possibly be coincidence that the males around me on the bus on four successive trips (over two bus travel days) are wearing red shirts? Outbound and inbound; if I sit far away from a red shirt when I board the bus, another comes on board. And to nail down the arguement, there was no common affiliative event that would "cause" males (or anyone) to break out in red shirts on the bus and on the street as ambulatory gangstalkers.

I also got plenty of plasma augmentation games today; on the bus I got a bright green spot from the front of the bus for over five seconds, and it even followed in my gaze when I attempted to divert it. While at my parent's place working in their backyard, I got the plasma beams emulating the 15' of hose length; the light green hose was on the ground, and I got a projection of the same shaped hose in green plasma form, displaced from the hose by two feet. And again for the extension cord idiot show at my parent's place (three to get to the back fence). The perps put on some green, and later some red plasma projections of the electrical cord similar to the hose; the plasma exposures were about two feet displaced and in the air, and ran the length of the extension cord I could see in a single view.

Another angle of harassment that has increased is the perps arranging me to read the newspapers without my eyeglasses prescription being filled, and hence, to raise my glasses to my forehead while reading the fine print. And one can be sure that these "special harassment moments" are arranged to have extra coincidence noises, crockery or glassware slamming, itches that "need" to be scratched and a host of other remotely directed adversity. And I wasn't too surprised to also see my doctor reaching behind his glasses and rubbing his eyes. It seems to be an important factor in the harassment fuckery, though it seems that the perps prefer me to wear plastic lens glasses and not ones of glass. (Another countermeasure suggestion).

Time for some more diversions, though I suspect the just-started rumbling noise from above suggests that the perps get more out of this than I do.

Taken 06-25-2008, 1753h. And parked illegally twice over; during the no parking period of 1600 to 1800h on weekdays, and then taking up two stalls. But never mind that when we own the city, but instead, look at how we managed to get the red trim on the boat to line up with the same red colored curb to denote the bus zone. Very clever, and depraved as well.

And one beam wasn't enough to beam into your apartment, so we put on two plasma beams "reflecting" off the opposite tower, both unerringly aimed at you, bringing extra lighting before dusk onset.

Taken 06-25-2008, 1753h. This is the view from my balcony, this monolithic tower (in this town) of some 17 stories to demonstrate how these plasma beams are arranged; anywhere we want, in any color. If you zoom into the lower left of the picture you will see near identical colored parked vehicles as in yesterday's posting; silver-greys, white vans and black colored vehicles on the right (S.) side, and at least two red vehicles parked on the left side of the street in deep shade. Again, if you zoom in, and look at the lower right side, you will see the red trimmed inflatable boat (as shown above), augmented with two "stand there" gangstalkers in matching red clothing!

07-05-2008, 1125h
I got screwed out of posting this last night, so here it is without much editing of the inevitable typos and other imposed grammatical and syntactical "mistakes".

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