Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Yellow Shirt Day

This being a Thursday, makes it the day that both yoga and gym are arranged on the same day, and it is all the more interesting to the perps if I wear garments that are not usually selected. It is a green-yellow shirt, and so far, has been a magnet for gangstalking action, like any other time I wear it.

In yesterday's blog posting I referenced Gina Romano's interview of me that will run 07-03-2008, an hour from now as I write this, and after the fact (as online stored audio file though) when this blog gets posted. I mentioned that I was envious that the perps let her keep her job, and she wrote back to tell me that the circumstances of her employment are extremely adverse, and I thought I would mention what she told me;
Holding down the job has not been easy, they have tried to drive me out of the job... Had I been in another situation I may have been terminated because in 2005 and sometime forward they would stalk a lot at night and of course, I would lose sleep and be late for the job continuously. This put me on the edge, but I managed to salvage it. I moved three or four times and I am not living way out in the country. I travel 40 miles by train a day to my job and it is not easy.
Yes, I wish I was working, but my stated envy was misplaced as the above dire circumstances indicate.

At yoga we have a new instructor, and there was the expectable (read, planned) misunderstandings that go with changing up the routine; she thought the class started at 1130h, and we were told that it started at 1100h. And for the first time ever, I was the first to arrive, at 1054h no less. Then about 1100h another student arrived, and she started a conversation about the current Andy Warhol exhibit at the Art Gallery. I never did see what everyone else does about his work, and I once read the biography of his right hand man, Bob Collacello. I came away with quite a different impression of the effort it took to run his operation, but I never could warm up to Andy, and still never saw what others see in his art. Beyond that, I don't really know what, if any, connection there is between me and Andy Warhol, but I do find it interesting that his art exhibit has come to this city, way off the avant garde radar. And don't forget, in March, there was a locally made film of the residents of this apartment building, the Chelsea, was made in the style of Andy Warhol, a play on one of Andy Warhol's films when he interviewed many of the tenants of the New York City Chelsea apartment building. Regular readers will know that I developed a script in conjunction with the film director, and then half of the film was ruined in a "technical glitch", leaving only the script, the allegorical version, you see in the links to the right, under Essential Introductory Postings. None of this is happenchance, and there must be some deep perp meaning that I am kept ignorant of.

Onto another topic, how I spent my week of offline time. That too was interesting, as I was allowed the first book reading in over two years. I read at least three books, one being Dark Mission by Richard Hoagland, a fascinating book of the intrigues of NASA and their missions to the Moon and Mars. What I did not know was that there are many connections of the Apollo program to Egyptian mythology, motifs, dates and other formal elements of the Great Pyramids' design. This includes having an offering at the 33rd minute of the first moon landing, before Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin exited the craft and stepped upon the moon's surface for the first time.

Hoagland has found many well documented Egyptian mythology references in the NASA naming and mission program symbology. I cannot recall these at present, but it did provide a lesson in that the NASA secret administration that they select names, landing locations, landing craft names and the entire mission nomenclature with these mythological references in mind.

I wasn't too surprised to hear of Egyptian god references on TV, 06-29-2008, within a day of reading Dark Mission. It was the New Tricks show, and lo, if Osiris didn't come up, just as it had in the book. And just to think, the past yoga teacher would exhort us class members on being "too serious". Go figure; I suspect there are far greater numerical, date, name and word "coincidences" than I am aware of in this harassment/life-rape existence I lead, and I rarely note them save a few. I have never been one to examine numerical significances, though Hoagland does a good job of revealing this activity in NASA and related agencies.

After planning to listen to the above mentioned interview, why the perps unscrambled the planted notions, and let me in on that it was at 8:00pm EDT, and that means 5:00pm (1700h) PDT (here). The planted confusion was that Gina Romano is in the Central Time Zone. And as it "so happened" the perps planted confusion over the time zone differences when the interview was conducted in 02-2008. And I should mention that I never made any mistakes about time zone conversions until this harassment started, another clue that the clinical community should be aware of, as they are the most obdurate players in this entire life-rape circumstance.

Then, to add insult to injury, The Edge radio feed was "unavailible" when I wanted to listen to it. Two days of being cranked up to listen to myself being interviewed and then it comes down to obstructed internet access. I call these stunts "dashed expectations", where I get set up for something and the event turns out totally different or is blatant blocked. I haven't quite figured out why this is important for the perps, but it certainly doesn't entail mind-control research.

The motorcycle noises have been playing heavily tonight; I also noted on my outings today that they are putting 1950's style motorcycles to gangstalk me, and have the rider in the garb and helmet of that era. Could this be more subconscious recall evocation attempts? As always, I am the last to know.

Two days ago I helped my in-town brother sort through his purchased trove of metals, part of his garage sale activities. There were scrap metals (copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel) to be separated from steel, and I am sure that the five hours it took to sort them and truck them off in his van was an interesting avenue for the perps. They like me to have metal dust on me in selective ways, and that I stood among the rust, as well as crouched down to sort them into boxes (read, brown colored item) and buckets (read, another perp obsession, plastics) was of great remote analytical interest as the metals would interact with the densified magnetic field that they keep me in. (Measured over 200 Gauss in late 2002). And also of interest is that one uses a magnet to separate the metals, as the stainless steel varies by grade, and some of the stock was thick with a steel-like roughed surface.

And I wasn't too surprised to be heavily gangstalked on the street today; even the obvious lout brigade was on me, normally used for sentry purposes more than active ambulatory gangstalking. I had one of the most blatant "stand there" sentry gangstalkers on my way to the gym. At least 150' in front of me a navy blue dressed native Indian dude was standing at the corner of the sidewalk and the parking lot exit. He was under a tree with sunglasses on and a ball cap, he was at least 6'1", and was standing directly over a piece of the sidewalk that had lifted from seeming root action, and the lifted concrete edges were painted with 2' of white spray paint, a seeming marker for later maintainance crews to attend to. He he was doing absolutely nothing, and not even putting on the appearence of waiting for a ride, or anything else. There were a number of intervening vehicles exiting the parking lot, and I suppose the perps were doing some color testing based on distance dependence, skin browness (his), respective clothing colors (mine, yellow, black and blue; his, all navy blue, the colors I wore yesterday). I looked back after 40' of passing him standing there, and he was stock still like a good sentry should be. More of the blatantly obvious, and there aren't many native Indians around of that height.

On the tall side too is the new and very attractive yoga instructor. She gave a "restorative" class, but it was interesting that other class members gave her guidance afterward to having a more vigorous yoga practice, something I also told her. The other class members beetled off quickly after the class, leaving her alone to talk with me. She seemed positively glowing close up, and has the grace and movement of a ballet dancer that she was. Needless to say, I was taken with her, and I am sure that is part of the plan, though I do not know why. The last instructor was 5'2" or so, and I am sure the height difference has something to do with the perp's plans, though again, I don't know the specifics. When I was talking to her I had my shoes back on, and perhaps all the metallic energies from two days ago was used as some kind of remote assay enhancement method. I am sure there is more to unfold on this front, all platonic of course.

It was another hot day today, and yet there were at least a dozen ambulatory gangstalkers wearing winter clothing. My elevator pal was dressed in a grey touque, a black hoodie and skirt, and black nylon stockings. I also notice that the elevator pals are taking the same route as I am out of the building, tailing me at least 100' to the intersection where they also follow me across the road. And on the elevator etiquette side, I had another barging incident where the asshole was coming in and not letting me out like everywhere else on the planet. This time is was a large blonde woman in a mid-brown top, and I am sure the color had something to do with it as that is of high perp interest as regular readers will know. I wasn't allowed to yell at her or ask which side of the barn she was from, or otherwise vent my vexation as to this orchestrated impositional public fuckery.

After gym, and the ususal gangstalking scene it was there, I stopped by the local grocery store before heading into my apartment. This was a consequence of a forced "forget" yesterday to get tea and coffee. As the peanut butter and jam are both running low, it seemed to be a "brown moment" in my shopping bag. I was skunked on getting more chocolate today as the perps had another posse in front of it, the ever Cheersing gangstalkers who "happen" to find each other there and begin a conversation in front of the location I wanted to go. This has to be at least the fourth time in sucession that they put on a 2+ member gangstalking party at the chocolate section. They started with a blonde woman in conversation with someone else, and she had nearly backed her ass into the chocolate, seeming to allow me to reach in and get closer to her than I normally would. I have not yet figured out what is so neccessary about the gangstalkers backing their ass into things, and I see plenty of them going through a public door backwards as part of this ongoing fuckery.

Onto some visual diversion, more pictures taken from my apartment and the interesting configurations of road traffic. Taken 06-22-2008, 1338h, 51sec. The topmost file of vehicles are parked on the street; two silver-grey vehicles of a slightly differing grey tone, a crimson red vehicle lined up behind the sparsely foliated tree crown, and a lead navy blue colored vehicle. The similar blue, but a green-blue vehicle is in transit, and will pass them all by, and then lining up with the similar navy blue vehicle in the frame below this one.

Taken 06-22-2008, 1339h, 03sec. The two near same blue vehicles are lined up together, the lowest one waiting at the traffic control light and parked over top of the stop line, the single biggest change in driving behavior of all time, beginning back in the early days of 2002. Two white colored vehicles are parked on the same N. side of the crossing street, and an additional mid-grey vehicle is parked at the corner, seeming to be an intermediate grey scale tone reference.

Taken 06-24-2008, 1736h, 38sec. Another two silver-grey vehicles parked in file in the same stalls as above, an gap in the sequence (behind the tree), and then a mid-grey pickup, again seeming to serve as a mid grey scale reference. All three of the vehicles are in the shadow of the apartment building that I live in, but I cannot understand how the shadow is partly illuminated, seen adjacent to the lead silver grey vehicle, on the street. I can only assume this is perp plasma fuckery dedicated to creating more illuminative variance, especially over ashphalt (and petroeum products), one of their most studied substances. To my eye, the silver-grey vehicles have too much reflection off them for being in a shadow.

Taken 06-24-2008, 1737h, 03sec. A red vehicle joins the grey group; passing red vehicles past the seeming more "dependable colors", aka reference grey toned vehicles is very common. Note that there is an additional mid-grey vehicle parked on the crossing street, similar to the above sequence of 06-22-2008.

Taken 06-24-2008, 1737h, 08sec. A light metallic brown colored vehicle joins the group, the red lead vehicle is stopped at the traffic light, in the now mandatory configuration over the stop line.

Taken 06-24-2008, 1737h, 15sec. The brown vehicle parks itself exactly behind the sparsely foliated tree. This picture is more interesting for the addition vehicles shown on the crossing street on the left, and one should zoom in if they can. A red vehicle is in motion, passing by a parked red vehicle. There are three same mid-grey vehicles parked on the right side of the crossing street, including the above mentioned one nearest the corner. In that same sun-lit file, there is an additional white vehicle among the three same mid-grey vehicles. On the leftmost side of the crossing street on the left of the parked vehicles, there is two navy blue vehicles, two same mid-grey colored vehicles, two red colored vehicles (one the aforementioned one adjacent to the transiting red vehicle). To summarize all the parked vehicles on the crossing street from both sides, there are five mid-greys, two reds, two navy blues and one white. It doesn't get more ordered than this, in both directions. Again, more silly extra plasmic reflection is evident, this time on the lead red vehicle waiting at the traffic light; its rear window is reflecting something when in a shadow. Go figure.

Time to call this one done for the day, as it has been a busy one, though I haven't divulged all the trivia as it cannot be recalled, and perhaps it is too dull. I do not know if I get a TI audience, a mixed audience, regular readers or if anyone at all reads this blog. The Google Analytics "failed to work", (read, were obstructed), hence I am working in a total vacuum, just where my keepers like to have me; cognitively disconnected.

It is not quite over; while listening to music with the headphones on, I noticed that my new quiet PC has gained a few decibels since an hour ago. I am fucking pissed that someone has created yet more noise in my environment when I specifically did not have as much from the same sources. Outrageous.

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