Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wild Plumbing Noise

As if the ongoing faux neighbor water use noise of water movement in the pipes wasn't enough, I have just had my first instance of groaning and vibrating pipes at this post mealtime juncture, always a high harassment moment. The expectation is that this will become a new member in the noise repetoire of the many hundreds that I currently get as "background" noise. Regular readers will know that I strongly suspect there are very few legitimate residents in this 140 unit building, so who could it be making all this noise?

It is the projected noise capabilities of course, of which I am subject to all day long. Just about all my actions somehow make extra noise, especially if it involves a ringing sound from crockery, glassware or metals.

So far, a double laundry day today, with yesterday's grimy farm work clothing getting dealt with first, and then a towel load. The latter because the new towels have been linting and pilling which does not come off in the washing machine or the dryer. And if the perps need to add new lint onto my clothes, they do it unilaterally, without cover story. Its just that the towels are used as the excuse to spread large quantities of lint onto other clothes. Which is not unlike the numerous invasions of faux birdshit rashes on the sidewalks and streets, especially at intersections, and nearly always without any overhead wire where birds might congregate. Yet another cover story is dispensed with, as the perps need much more of these white splatters around me, lint being the indoor equivalent.

Given the perp's abiding interest in my laundry, I am sure they like it very much that one laundry load immediately follows another, neither being a full load, and both because of specialty considerations; get the farm labor clothes ready for the next day, and a linting towel load to prevent further lint "explosions" on other clothes. It is fucking absurd to be doing so much laundry.

The big question is whether to get new towels, or take these ones back. I am sure the latter option is of significant interest to the perps, as they very like much like to arrange many reprise scenarios (and gangstalkers) as possible. My brother runs a commercial laundry among other businesses, and would be returning laundry all the time; so what is the perp's juvenile fascination with my laundry, including exotic never-before fabric behavior?

I had a 10 hour sleep last night, with no awakenings to hear vapid dude talk like the night before. This time they imposed some strange dreams on me that I was not allowed to bail out of. My normal response to strange dreams is to wake up and get out of them, but now, that isn't allowed, and the perps continue to keep me in these imposed dream state conditions. It is horrifying as to what they can do to one when sleeping.

And one game they have been playing assiduously of late is arranging erections for seeming hours in the night. I won't got into it, but is the only time this happens, and one has to wonder what it is that they are up to?

Next day, 07-28-2008
I spent the evening at my parent's place wondering if this got posted or not. I got a ride with no advance notice and wasn't allowed to recall what I did. Just another FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) jerkaround it would seem.

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