Monday, July 14, 2008

A Major Monday; the Color of My Money

That cryptic title refers to an almighty gangstalking show today when I was downtown to recieve my earnings from a casual labor job, and then take the monies to the bank for deposit, as well as getting more rolls of quarters for the infernal laundry machines that are 20 years out of date and don't take one or two dollar coins. As mentioned many times, the perps are totally beserk over the color of the contents of my wallet, especially that of the bills, and go to great lengths to set up stunts and feints to have me use some bills, and not others, and then gangstalk my ass after paying cash, attempting to determine the energetic differences of me and before and after tendering the bills of the specific colors that they had in the script.

Today, I had five colors of money, brown, orange, green, purple, and blue, and after the "bread stalk" in the office I was directed to the responsible person who had a native Indian male in her office, and she wanted me to count out the money with him in there. That was all over in no time, and the swarm was all ready for me with some fucking kid blocking my egress in the office, and then three more swarmers were on me once I got out of the building. The money was in a white envelope and I kept it in my vest pocket and did not integrate it with the contents of my wallet, as the intention was to deposit all of it. I had the usual freak/gangstalk show on the streets, and even the yellow and red plastic garbage bins act was out for some curious reason. I had the furniture moving act as well, the time worn event of an operative lugging furniture on the street, and there is even photos in past blog postings of this very stunt. (I suspect it is for brown color calibration, the particleboard being predominantly brown).

I crossed the main downtown street of Victoria, and there was two tractor trailer loads of 8"x8" lumber, side by side, one a green cab, the other a red one. It is very rare to see this size of lumber anywhere, and even more curious as to where they would be taking it, as there are no locations that would be selling it on the route they were taking. I reckon this was a massive case of "wood stalking", something the perps do all the time, and the above mentioned particle board furniture act may have been part of this scene too.

And lo, if there wasn't a long line at the bank, and the ATM's were busy too. I got the "stare at me" negro woman standing around in the bank foyer, putting on the stare as I entered. I also had a negro dude stare at me when I had exited the apartment elevator, as if he was fully prepared to observe me, turning his head 90 degrees to watch me exit. Anyhow, in the bank, and I had to go through the lineup to get more rolls of quarters as ATM's don't dispense them. I had my "plastic bag woman" two people ahead, picking up the three bags and moving them and then placing them on the floor. I had another negro woman 8' ahead with some way fugly hairdo, and then the perps put an East Indian woman behind in a red shirt who kept nattering to her most unlikely "husband", a large gutted Caucasian dude in a mid-brown shirt. Another lighter brown skinned woman/operative kept cycling between the window seats and this fake multi-racial party behind me. It is becoming more common, especially at the gym, that the perps like to keep me going near the windows and then deep into the building again, or have their operatives do the same thing and cruise by me.

Other shiftless males loitered about in the bank; two of them in identical shirt colors to that of the TD bank's corporate colors, and mid-green speckled tone. One of these weirds had an appointment after loitering around me, and then later came out again, and then somehow, delayed his activities to then gangstalk me on the street once I had exited in the arranged swarm that is becoming "normal" everywhere I go. Why he had this dumbshit beat up cowboy hat I don't know, but it looked fucking stupid in this town. Another of his "same shirt mates" was hanging around leasning against a light green painted pillar, not in a queue even, and that seemed to be OK in the bank. I got the dude teller, and he wasn't too interested in looking at me when I spoke, and acted in the usual fashion of looking sideways just when I "happened" to be looking at him. It is fucking weird that eye contact is so highly constrained among the operatives, shills and like quisling fuckers that parade around me on script. Except for those on staring duty of course. My arguement is that so many individuals are acting in the same way, that it cannot be a coincidence.

I also had my hurl-worthy tatoo gangstalk case while in the bank lineup; one disgusting long haired dude with bare arms was putting on a show beside me, standing around for no fucking reason except for me to see them. As before. if I don't like the sight of tatoos, why am I subjected to this ongoing parade of them arranged everywhere I go? I fucking hate tatoos, and don't want to see another, and this relentless inanity goes on everytime I am in public, and very often when I am online. If I fucking hate tatoos, why is a covert agency parading them all around me to witness them?

And it was no coincidence when driving into downtown from my parent's place, with my mother in the front passenger seat. They had the main thoroughfare dug up, and had it down to one single shared and controlled lane. Back to these games of driving on the opposite side of the road, something they did at least once per week when I owned my vehicle. And I suppose the recent influx of the left-hand drive used Japanese vehicles in this city is all part of these directionality games, seeming to fit the concept that there are certain energetic properties that are different in different directions, the anisotropy of the omniplasma continuum.

And I see that some of what I put in this posting earlier was deleted by the assholes, all to have me do this again for their benefit. Doing something once, no matter how rote or pedantic it may be, is not always allowed and must be disrupted by the assholes who have jumped on me, presumably to repair the psychic damage they inflicted at an earlier time, and which defies their current abilities to be deleted from my subconscious recall.

Here is an excerpt from a post on a TI Harassment forum;
Then a question arises as to why the patterns of electronic
harassment are virtually identical on a global basis.

This includes the perps' routine practice of intensifying harassment
during the roughly ten days preceding the full moon -- at the same
time, globally, in the case of virtually ALL TIs -- and backing down
on a gradual basis following the full moon, again on a global basis.
Same global pattern over and over and over.
An interesting observation, and one that I wasn't allowed to determine as the perps keep me totally clueless as to what the moon is doing at any given calendar day. Now, it would seem, they want me to know, and I suppose if I was eager, I could go through these postings and check on the harassment level and attempt to correlate it to the moon cycles. I would not be surprised if this were true, as I have noted that they also lay on extra gangstalking and inane stunts on solstices as well.

This being a Monday, it is the day that I wake up from an overnight stay at my parent's place, and when I usually attend to some garden maintenance. Today, it was clipping the Mugo Pine that grew too large, and then onto chasing down the blackberry and morning glory weeds with Roundup. Not that I am a "nozzlehead" about herbicides, but the judicious and specific use can save a lot of later grief. I noted the "neighbor noise" started up when I was spraying the herbicide, and then backed off after I finished a particular plant. And I suppose the two garden maintenance activities were also linked in that I was inflicting "damage", from the plant's perspective in the course of clipping the pine, as well as doing the same when applying herbicide to the unwanted weeds.

I noticed that today's drive into downtown was enhanced with very peculiar reflections off vehicles that were nearly always aimed at me. I have been complaining about the late afternoon "beaming" games from neigboring residential towers that "find" their way into my apartment, and even have some posted photos of this outrageous silly stunt. As intimated three days ago, it seems that isn't enough of an opportunity to direct white light at me, so now, as a faux reflectance stunt, there are these spot beams "coming off" no end of surrounding vehicles or windows, whether in motion or when stopped. Another supporting curiousity is that the beams don't change much as the vehicles travel in shaded conditions; the beams keep "happening" and targeted at me. Even while in transit with a gangstalk vehicle ahead, the beam remains unerringly focussed on me and is irrespective of other light phenomenon, such as having a putative conventional source.

I also notice that there is an increased amount of "stray reflective" flashes that now occur in my apartment, and when at my parent's place this morning. In both cases this has never happened before, and yet "somehow" these flashes are now able to reach deeper into these locations with a sharp image that is placed on the wall or ceiling. The image is one of a rectangle bisected into many more rectangles, and often skewed to be nonorthogonal.

Another bogus phone call; the wrong number act again, meticulously timed for a high perp harassment moment, clicking between web pages, leaving one site for another.

Time to call this one done, and ponder how many hours it will be before I get to sleep. Nearly all Mondays, the day I return from my parent's place, are fraught with an imposed wakefulness, sometimes going through the whole night, often being kept in a light REM sleep.

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