Sunday, July 20, 2008

Left Side, Then Right Side Noisestalking

The perps have me in the beam, the faux "reflectance" off the neighboring tower's windows; this time three windows on four floors are trained on me with stroboscopic flickering. (As depicted in past blogs with pictures- no link as I am being prevented from searching). Along with this game, they are putting on the faux neighbor water usage noise, at least 10 minutes worth from the left side, and have now moved it to the right side. And that wasn't enough, as they gave me the creepy crawly sensations on my back and had me rant at the assholes for doing this. Now the ear ringing has been amped up.

All of the above is taking place 30 minutes after dinner, always a primetime for noise and other phenomenon stalking, if not outright harassment. The perps seem to be still working on the assay of energetics of food digestion, using their remote methods, the cringing cowards.

I did another day of toil in the sun all day long and I am totally bushed. I think I will back off tomorrow. It is tempting to use the phrase "I am not as young as I used to be", but that is trumped by the fact that the perps can remotely manipulate all manner of ailments, and routinely do so.

I am getting more of the knee torquing torture where the perps spin my lower leg some and apply torquing pain at the knee. As always, it is instantly relievable when I lift my foot, but who wants to be doing that every 20 seconds or so. More itches and creepy crawlie sensations and of course, noises, plasma light flashes and other disruption is applied the very same instant I am touching my self to relieve the itch. It is fucking horrid tonight, as bagged as I am from a full day in the sun.

I am not too dedicated of a blogger tonight while still recovering from a day in the sun, picking daffodil bulbs.

It was a Sunday crew, much smaller, some eight of us, plus the disruptive "rude dude" Redshirt, came at 1100h to rub me the wrong way, especially with his dreadlock hair. Fugly beyond compare, and he hung around me like a bad smell. On the breaks in the crew bus he loitered on the floor behind me, showing off his red shirt it seemed, and did the same when inbound, lying on the floor when there were seats availible. Two days ago, he was parading himself in front of me after the bus had to turn around and get him, again putting on the red shirt show with his plastic gargbage bags as his "gear". There is at least one disruptive vacuous weird in the crowd, and he is it, straight from the Unfavored demographic group list. He asked me how much I was getting, and I told him it was the same as anyone else, which prompted a question from me, was there a possibility of getting a raise? He didn't know; so why did he ask the question if there is no variability of pay for the job? All to rile me with his bullshit it would seem. He is getting to be featured more often of late, even at the morning bus stop when the bus did not come at all.

I am getting more extra-conventional gravitic harassment when picking the daffodil bulbs; the assholes are pulling them out of my fingers before they are placed in the tray, having the bulbs miss the tray when thrown only 2' or less, having bulbs magically "arrive" when I have just finished raking an area, having clods of soil fall immediately into the just raked area where I found bulbs, jabbing my fingertips, spraying me with soil "from" my feet, planting soil in my gloves, giving me extra knee and back pain, slowly pulling my read pants down to expose my underwear, and a few other treats that I cannot recall at this moment. Also note that a single pair of underwear was stolen from my dresser before this bulb picking activity started, so it maybe for a baseline purposes, wherever it may be. The harassment is getting to the point it is very frustrating and that this gig may not last much longer, though I am sure the perps have it all worked out as to the details.

While waiting for the crew bus this morning at 0650h on a Sunday (note) I get this weird dude making a straight beeline for me from 30' away carrying a pair of shoes. He asked me for a light, and I said what makes you think that I have one? He then took off saying something about not getting into an arguement. Then only a few minutes later a woman asks me for a spare quarter and I said I don't have one. She then went on to ask me if I was OK because I looked cold. I didn't of course, and told her I was waiting for a crew bus. Freaking bizarre bullshit to say the least.

Has anyone seen a security guard wearing headphones and listening to music while on the job, (supposedly)? This weird who hangs around the bank only 10' away, while I am waiting on a bench at streetside, later purports to be a security guard. The first time he was standing around at the corner like an open mouthed sentry, like he didn't have a clue as to what he was doing. The next day, (a weekday) I am there, and lo, if he isn't uniformed and in a security guard outfit, seeming to know the bank's employees as they arrive for work at that time. He has headphones on, a silver grey color, which just "happens" to be the same color as my own. (A long story, my headphone wars with the perps). Very strange; a gangstalker sentry dude becomes a security guard at the same location at the same early morning time the next day. OK, he is really an unabashed gangstalker on sentry duty with the headphones (read, magnets) as remote energetics assay enablers. Then today, a Sunday, when there are no bank employees arriving, he is there with his headphones on again, putting on the security guard schtick, moth still agape. Anyhow, I find the entire scenario too strange for words, and that the role changing was a deliberately obvious stunt for whatever reason.

The perps have me on a short fuse of late; the above extra-conventional gravitic fuckery was pissing me off, and immediately so. They also had me reaming out the operative putting on the klutz act who knocked me in the ear with the handle of his rake when in the bus. My usual reticence about creating a public scene has now been wiped out, and I am on instant hair trigger annoyance. In the past, the perps let me keep separate levels of tolerance between private and public locations, but it seems that they are making the more volatile private response more public. I don't have a choice in how I "react", and there have been many times in the past when the assholes had me overreact for their own sick minded agenda. I wonder where this one is going. It just might make any kind of work with others impossible, keeping my provocation intolerance level so high. The frazzle factor is all theirs; from provocation to scripting my "reaction".

Time to call this posting done for the day, and ponder the reality of continued toiling in the fields with the sickos on my back.

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