Friday, July 11, 2008

A Hectic Harassment

There were too many activities going on today, and the perps made sure they all neatly interlocked and managed all the contingencies to have one event feed into another. Today's major activity was starting as a farm laborer, pulling daffodil bulbs all day long in the fields. And of course it was near a road with countless vehicular gangstalking action. One I noted was a white Japanese LH drive vehicle with a green canoe on top, and then a same green sedan behind it, and then a white colored sedan. Back to the nonsense of LH vehicles imported used from Japan, a seeming vital component of the perp's objectives.

Then parked vehicles "joined in" the reflectance games, beaming directly on me of course, some 300' away. It belonged to an native Indian woman who lept the sliding door of the minivan open all day long and faced in my direction, and all the bulb pickers by extension.

My place was pulled apart still when I got back, as today's inauguarl farm labor job "happened" the same day the infernally delayed pest control technicians came to re-spray as they do for bedbugs.
After the gross-out two days ago of bedbugs in my office chair, they "suddenly" got onto the job after the story changing all the time as to what the fucking delay was about.

I was totally bushed from being in the sun all day, and was totally dirty from working in the fields. This necessitated a shower and then laundry. Then the perps struck for another lint attack "from" the new towels, even if all of them have been laundered once to prevent a reoccurance. Then this has caused the working clothes to be laundered twice, and I have yet to finish that. Of course the washing machine had someone else's clothes in it, and I was obliged to unload it, and then that party scooped the dryer ahead of me.

Then the perps jerked me around, or perhaps even stole the sunscreen I intended to use today. Another of those situations they manage for by reducing the number of variables, and in their small minds, adding sunscreen on a first full day activity in the sunshine was too much. So they stole my Ombrelle, and I was obliged to get a new bottle from the local LD store. And to no surprise, at least three of the gangstalkers out there looked like my bulb picking pals, though differed in facial appearences. Possible morphovers, and sending me out later in the evening had been planned for a long time it would seem.

The last round of laundering "somehow" did not nix the lint attack on the one pair of pants that I have that are most suitable for field work. Imagine, one pair the assholes don't want me to wear tomorrow it would seem. It is fucking depraved that I cannot be left alone to launder my clothes without being fucked with. I didn't sign up for this harassment, so why am I in the middle of the most outrageous nonconsensual experiment going on in at least Canda?

All day out in the field there were aircraft overhead, making plenty of noise. I wasn't too surprised to see blackish beams emanating from the military aircraft's radar dome. As the airport in nearby, there are also plenty of radar domes and communications devices which also spat out beams of blackish wavefronts. Even the farm buildings have the typical "fuck me" aerial set ups, and they likely contribute to the entire harassment scene, especially with me on the property. Even some intersections have a small aerial setup, likely because the perps need to collect more detailed energetic data at that location. Road intersections of of boundless fascination, and the perps make sure they have all bases covered with their color arranged vehicles as well as plenty of concurrent turning vehicles.

There is a whole lot more I could get into today; my bus ride into downtown at the end of work had one of the most organized vehicular gangstalking formations I have ever seen. Endless rounds of white vehicles, silver grey vehicles, then an embedded red colored vehicle in the two mentioned colors, and then black colored vehicles, then mid-grey vehicles with more insertions of reds, some yellows, and blue colored vehicles. It was totally astounding. And there was the almost-traditional petroleum products tractor trailer with a pup trailer that "happened" to be around us in the many traffic tie ups. And I suppose it was no coincidence that they had to refuel the bus before we went into downtown.

Another forced "forget", this time going back to the laundry room for the plastic peaked hat that I bought yesterday, and lo, if some asshole didn't step out of the elevators in front of me, leading with his plastic wrapped drycleaning.

A gruelling day made worse by lint inundation fuckery that is straight from the sickos' list of planted color contrast games, always too cowardly to show their face to account for this ongoing psychopathic depravity. And time to post this, lest it be an opportunity for the abundant typo sabotage.

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