Sunday, July 13, 2008

Repeat Skullduggery as Needed

Today is a repeat of yesterday; get up a 0515h, make breakfast, do bathroom hygeine routine, dress for outside farm work, get lunch together and head to the bus stop at 0650h. This time I was early, and still no pickup bus and no sign of one as I was monitoring the intersection one block ahead while approaching it. No other bulb pickers waiting either. So I waited some 10 minutes and watched the communal gangstalking show go on, even at that time on a Sunday morning. Even the same police vehicle as yesterday came by at the same time, and did a 270 degree turn in mid intersection, rather than loop the city block that he did yesterday for reprise gangstalking. The weirds were out in force, four males in one pass even, all the more improbable, and plenty of mid-street jaywalking as well, which is more doable at that time of day.

The same outside parked vehicles were re-arranged outside this apartment building, this time on the N. side in the sunlight, instead of the S. side yesterday which was in the shade. The three identical red colored sedans parked in file of yesterday were reduced to two on the N. side of the street as I exited the building. At least five navy blue colored vehicles were arranged at varying distances as I exited the building, just like yesterday, and even the same vehicles and orientations.

I was screwed again to also go through yesterday's activities of changing back into regular clothes, unpacking my pack of its food and contents, and otherwise readjusting to an online-at-home day, essentially the same as yesterday.

The perps are very cautious about how much direct sunshine falls upon me, and of what intensity and the time of day. At 0650h there isn't much irradiative energy to the sun, and the 20 minute turnaround at that time of day wasn't much sun exposure. It would seem that a whole day in direct sun, three days ago (07-11-2008), "needs" more study time, hence this shut in time created by two successive stunts in the bus not arriving. As part of their "sunshine studies" I sense they are also interested in Vitamin D generation, and there are some critical energetic pathways they do not fully understand, hence the fuckery in negating two possible sunlit working days after one in the sun. And tomorrow, I won't go bulb picking as I will be dealing with some banking that requires in-person presence.

So it would seem, the real script was for me to spend one day in the sun (working with sun blocking clothing on), and a following three days in some kind of evaluative state for them to attempt remote detection of my bioenergetic differences. And two false starts in meeting the fictional bus at 0650h probably helps the cause in some way. As it "so happens", this kind of on/off schedule of unannounced working days suits the employer just fine; they make do with who they get on any given day. The foreman called it "flexible" working conditions, and so it must be to fit the harassment script that is driven my creating optimum conditions for their various remotely applied studies that they are conducting on me.

More light flashes, usually red, are "happening" just as a noise has erupted. It the fake noise of water running in the neighbor's adjacent pipes, one of the most used noises. These will run from 5 to 20 minutes or so, and have even been used in a on/off manner one or two second cycle times, as if somehone would ever use water in that manner, especially in the furtive manner it has.

I sense that another forced nap will be coming on today; the wilting has already begun, and it may "happen" after lunch. And no ordinary lunch either, as it was placed in a plastic container to take to the bulb picking job that did not materialize today. Disrupting the normal order of things, is a near giveaway to the perp's malicious hand. They get extra remotely detected data from the interaction of foods, objects, colors, material types, matter types etc. that they could not obtain otherwise. Not my problem, so why am I getting harassed all the time over the most basic of activities, eating and digesting food?

Lunch was finished and then a round of toilet travails' plunging twice, shit flicking twice, plunger cleaning and then a shower to clean up. That is the short story, and I will keep it brief.

The sound of chopped Harley Davidson motorcycles has erupted for the first time today, and three or so in the last 10 minutes have erupted for my sonic benefit. As always, these are sounds only, and rarely do I actually see a real motorcycle. I suspect they are ramping up the fugly noises for me following lunch, as the bioenergetics of food digestion still continues to elude the assholes who are remotely monitoring me. Now the siren cascade to apply some high frequency noise with variable volume. Again, the noise is faked as I have rarely seen a siren sounding vehicle traverse by, and when I do, the siren noise does not match that of the vehicle's speed and direction.

More creepy crawlie skin sensations are erupting in concert with overhead rumbling and squeaking alon with outside motorcycle noise. So far, no insects from the 20x so far today, and one being only a blood deposition, no insect delivery. They like putting these highly invasive sensations on the side of my neck and on my arms. And to add to the noisescape, the second bus in five minutes "passed by", an incredible level of service for a Sunday. (Regular readers will know most noise is delivered by some projected means and are not caused by the thought to be source).

A one hour nap just completed, awakening to the long familar noisescape. This is an First Feral Family visitation day, and I will be heading out soon. Hence, posting this forwith, and no more harassment details, as dull as they are.

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