Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Bus Stunt

As I write this, the third garbage truck outside has arrived to make noise and whatever other energetics properties emanate from hydraulic systems and clanging metals.

I have concluded the perps won't let me do bulb picking labor for two days in succession; two "missed" buses last week, and again today. And today, I got up 15 minutes earlier and "somehow" that was insufficient time to get to the bus stop 10 minutes early. But at least I had company at the bus stop. The blood red shirted hippie dude was there again with his black plastic garbage bag, his supposed garments and other items he uses for bulb picking. He claimed that he had been there for 15 minutes but "arrived" from down the street. I learned yesterday to ignore everything he says. This was the same dude who took his red shirt offearly in the day, left it near me for a few hours, and then kept coming around me every hour or so to gangstalk me, while shirtless, but formerly wearing the blood red shirt. As I mentioned, it seemed to be a test of red color energetics that persist after the garment has been taken off. We are at this stage again, where the perps want to know of how the color of garments interact with others, especially me, as there are some deep subconscious associations that the perps are chasing down. Hence the red colors of many gangstalking individuals and vehicles, often arranged in clusters, and even in clusters of red shirted individuals with a same red colored vehicle in the background.

And they are also moving ahead on the garbage bag front; yesterday's lineup of six black garbage bags out side the apartment, after being in the entrance before that, was reduced to a single garbage bag that "somehow" had been "forgotten". And there must of been some more garbage bags on display when I made the futile trip to the crew bus stop for 0650h. It is most odd to allow an extra 15 minutes to one's morning routine and still be "late". The alarm got reset to an earlier time again. Though in fact, I am sure they could mess with my watch directly and "fool me" into getting messed up over the real time. That the above red shirt dude was also packing a garbage bag was no coincidence, as I have been bagging gardening clippings at my parent's place for the last few weeks, once per week. The endless faux vagrant parade is also deep into delivering garbage bags in my proximity.

At the crew bus stop the perps put on an additional fuckwit who was loitering around, extra obviously, and with his mouth hanging open the entire time. He was entirely dressed in navy blue, which "happens" to be the same color of the matress I sleep on. Once I decided it was another fuckover stunt, Mr. Red Shirt agreed with me in some bizarre manner, and lo, if the Brown Corps wasn't on me for my return to my apartment. And all black dressed woman was on Coffee Corps duty, holding her coffee in front of her for the entire block and a brown shirted fuck was on my tail, only 20' away, having materialized from nowhere it seemed. Other shiftless males were loitering around at 0650h, and there were others on Coffee Corps duty as well.

The street cleaner was also out for me, doing a 180 degree turn in mid-street in front of my apartment block and then following me down the street after another 180 degree turn and carrening from the N. side of the street to the S. side. I have never seen such idiotic street cleaner driving. And in true harassment fashion, it leaves only narrow trails of water behind, not the full 4' brush width.

A pre-dinner time noise run up is in progress; three separate sirens, overhead rumbling, and outside banter along with faint faux neighbor water use noise. And lets not forget the third round of loud motorcycle noise in the last four minutes. The perps have been keeping me just above sleepy for whatever reason, and it is not like I didn't have enough. They laid on an hours nap from 0800h to 0900h this morning. I almost think it is time to have dinner to put an end to the absurd levels of outside noise, as if a freeway were outside.

And more shopping confusion games are being planted; the power bar running this PC is on the fritz, likely by sabotage. It is one of those expensive Isobars I acquired a long time ago. Do I need to spend over $100 to replace it or get a $10 one? When one is broke the answer is real easy, the latter of course. But instead, the perps have me obsessed over the Isobar and where to get it for the best price. That was at least an hour's worth of mind controlled dorking around, all for a pointless objective that isn't my own.

Then ditto on tan through clothing, a shirt. Why am I obsessed over this? Could it be that same agency that once promoted tanning booths for me and then when they decided it wasn't to be done, would zap me with punishing head pain beams to my head while in the booth in 2002? At the tail end of that event I found some of the perp's optical fiber and specialized dust fluff in the lamp housing and put then in an annotated envelope in my briefcase. I didn't tell anyone about it, and yet the envelope disappeared within a week. Ms. C of the story had very specific information about the envelope and what I wrote on it, but had the basic facts wrong as to where it was. Funny how she knew about it when I hadn't told her; I suspect this was a "gimme", declaring her loyalty to another party and not to me. I have never known the perps to screw up their current scripts, though there are a litany of fuckups going back to my early developmental years they are still attempting to untangle. Hence this six year long life rape and counting, day by day.

Anyhow, I don't need a tan through shirt, though I am very aware that the perps have a major investigational priority as to what energetic changes the sun brings about. That includes vitamin D, something my mother has been namedropping of late. And it would include skin browness as well as race. Hence these one day working outside in the sun, and then two following shut-in days in this apartment like last week. I wonder what will be the excuse tomorrow for the crew bus not coming? Perhaps they will allow working on alternate days, one on, one off. Who is to know.

And on the topic of suntanning, the perps had me go to the local naturist lake for a visit in late summer in 2004, and then stopped it. I just "didn't feel like" going, read, mind controlled. I was always too self-conscious about such circumstances my entire adulthood, and yet "somehow", I felt relaxed about them. In 2005 and 2006 my outdoor assignments had me hiking in the forest, save the last most leg of the destination. The perps still have an ongoing intensified harassment/gangstalking anytime I pass under trees, even city landscape trees.

The suntan booth/bed activity was stopped in 2003 when they set me up to visit one, and had the door locked during business hours, and had turned off the lights. I suspect this was their scripted way of saying "don't bother with tanning beds/booths anymore". And so it seems in 2008 that they are allowing only a very incremental introduction to being out in the sun, one day on, two off, though the schedule has yet to be fully revealed. Last year I was rarely out in the summertime sunshine, and the summer weather was rather poor as I recollect, which could of been by design.

A train of noise for the past two hours, and at the same time I was rendered into a near sleepy state. Perhaps a second nap of the day is due, as uncharacteristic as it is.

A second nap of the day just ended, and again, I am racked by tiredness; imposed that is, as apart from a first time last week, otherwise I have never had two naps in one day.

And I see my pals are busy in Vancouver, taking out a the electrical power in downtown for the third consecutive day. Of course I cannot prove it, but there has been a long history of power outages in this harassment and with important timing to key events. But as they cannot beat up on Victoria all the time as everyone knows who is really behind all local events, they inflict Vancouver with some of the harassment supportive action, like turning off the power to businesses, hotels and the like, creating unplanned vacancies and changed use patterns. The perps are forever attempting to sort out the energetics of building usage, and gangstalk my egress all the time. The roadway blockages also seem to fit this pattern, as does the temporary building abandonment in the face of the current California wildfires. Nothing is too trivial to sabotage, especially around human energetics interaction with buildings, roads and public venues.

After the above debilitating tiredness, I was allowed to become more alert after having tea and chocolate; the second tea today and the third chocolate. And still the assholes won't let me earn extra money to afford the mind-fuck chocolate addiction they have planted on me. And now so absurd tapping noise in various pitches has erupted after an evening of loud mufflered vehicles outside, with the customary extended sound decay duration.

Two more bed bug incursions tonight, after not seeing any since 07-11-2008. This is a total piss off as they should be all gone after two sprayings. I call it "taking away the excuses", or cover story, but in this case the perps have decided to keep pumping on this annoyance, especially when they want a blood burst from one, and have me go to the bathroom to clean it up. As before, I have no idea whose blood it is as I seem to have no bites on me.

And to heighten the fuckery, the perps are also planting faked creepie crawlie sensations on my arms, ears and neck, as if an insect was there, but nothing is found. Then about 5% of the time, they add a real insect to keep the story going. Another variation on this is to manipulate my vision, or else create a maser equivalent, but plant something moving in my peripherial vision field, and when I look in my central vision, the animated black colored movement turns out to be nothing at all, just a visual aberration jerkaround. The perps aren't going to give up on this game, even if the insects might be dead and gone. If I get to go out tomorrow I might respary with the partial aerosol can the pest control technician left behind, likely as part of the perp's script of continuing games on this front.

I was given my daily dose of tattoos again, this time online and courtesy of a picture of Amy Winehouse and her antics that might get her a ticket to an early grave if the perps get mixed up in this drama. They like to take out someone popular and invoke large amounts of public grief, even for weeks. This was especially so in India after Benizar Bhutto's assasination last year. I remarked on some oddities at the time in a blog posting, and will leave it at that for now.

Time to call this dull day done, especially after the imposed lethargy and now, late evening insect fuckery.

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